Today I Give Up Trying 217-219

 Chapter 217


        The words caused Zhou Xian's body to stiffen, and the look on his face instantly changed from resentment to horror.

        Lin Fan?

        Lin ...... Lin Dong!

        How the hell is that possible?

        Zhou Xian was completely confused.

        And when he carefully recalled everything that had happened before, he was even more numb.

        So that was it!

        Lin Fan's appearance in the super VIP ward is real, just not a complaint, but because he, the mysterious and terrifying ...... Lin Dong!

        Thinking of the fact that he had been humiliating his own boss, had been calling out his own boss, and had even tried to assassinate Lin Fan, Zhou Xian almost peed.

        But, still, it wasn't over.

        Gao Lao faintly shook his head and whispered.

        "In addition to that, I have to tell you that Fei's previous cooperation with the Shen family was because of Lin Fan! Because Lin Fan, who saved Fei's life, is the ...... God Doctor Lin!"

        A word that made Zhou Xian's body, even more dumbfounded.

        No wonder!

        No wonder the Fei Group, which had always despised the Shen family, took the initiative to propose a super contract of 100 million US dollars, but it was also because of Lin Fan.

        What made it even more unimaginable to him was that the mighty Doctor Lin who had shaken Huaxia and become a hero in the hearts of all Jiang City people would also be him!


        As soon as Kong's palm loosened, Zhou Xian's entire body fell to the ground as if it were a puddle of mud.

        His entire body went completely limp.

        Cold sweat flowed thickly down from Zhou Xian's forehead.

        This scene, in the eyes of the surrounding crowd, made everyone confused.

        In particular, Gao Lao and Zhou Xian were talking in such a low voice that they could not hear what they were saying.


        All of us clearly saw Zhou Xian's look, from resentment and resignation at the beginning, to dazed and confused, and now to cold sweat and panic.

        What exactly happened at .......

        The crowd was full of fog, however, the thing that made them even more incredible, happened.

        As if reacting from the shock, Zhou Xian crawled to Lin Fan's body and kowtowed unceasingly as if pounding garlic.

        "Lin ...... Lin Fan, yes, I'm sorry, I was wrong before, please forgive me!"

        "Please be magnanimous and don't ever get on my bad side ......"


        At this moment, looking at Zhou Xian's frightened appearance as he kneeled down to Lin Fan and begged for mercy, Shen Taigong, Shen Ling and all the others, it was as if they were clay statues, completely petrified.

        How is it possible!

        Just for a moment!

        How could there be such a reversal in Zhou Xian's attitude?

        Not only the crowd, even Bai Yi was completely confused.

        She was dumbfounded, looking at her husband, and once again felt that Lin Fan seemed to be getting more and more mysterious and elusive.

        "You really know you're wrong?"

        At this moment, Lin Fan did not care about the shocked gazes of the surrounding crowd, he smiled coldly and looked at Zhou Xian.

        "Mr. Lin ...... Lin, I really know I was wrong, please, give me one more chance before!" In Zhou Xian's gaze at Lin Fan at this moment, there was no longer any resentment or contempt, but instead, a strong sense of excitement, remorse, and panic.

        Seeing this scene!

        Lin Fan nodded his head, and then turned around straight away to leave.

        Just as he was leaving, one sentence rang out.

        "I don't want to see you again, leave Jiang City!"

        Leave the city!

        Hoo ......

        Hearing this, Zhou Xian was not only not dissatisfied, but also relieved.

        He knew that when Lin Fan let himself go, he was saying that he would not pursue him any further.

        Otherwise, with just a word from the other party, there would be no place for him in Jiang City, or even in the entire Jiangnan.

        "Thank you Mr. Lin, thank you Mr. Lin for your forgiving grace!"

        Zhou Xian was kowtowing and thanking Lin Fan and the others for their departure at this moment.

Chapter 218


        Seeing this scene, especially when Lin Fan and Bai Yi, embraced by Fei Lao and others, were about to leave, all the guests were completely stirred up.

        One by one, they came up with burning faces.

        "Mr. Lin, I'm Yihang Zhang from Zhang's Jewelry Company, here's my business card, can I take you to dinner some day?"

        "Miss Bai, my surname is Zhou, I am from Rongmao Group, and I hope to have further cooperation with your Bai Group!"


        The stammering voices of these guests were noisy.

        Almost like a tidal wave, they swarmed to escort Lin Fan and Bai Yi and the others away.

        Until everyone left!

        The Shen family's banquet hall became empty once again.


        All gone!

        Not only their most distinguished guest, Fei Changqing, but even the guests, none of them remained.

        At this moment, Duke Shen only felt as if he was having a dream.

        A nightmare that he couldn't believe.

        "How could this happen! Our Shen family's astronomical contract is over. ......"

        A hint of ashes, floating on the face of Shen Taigong.


        If he had known about this situation, then he wouldn't have let Bai Yi bring that bastard Lin Fan to ask for forgiveness.

        Now, instead of asking for a crime, he made a fool of the Shen family, and even the Shen family's priceless order was snatched away.

        This made Shen Taigong repent to his guts.

        It was just at this time.

        The second aunt Cui Ping and Shen Ling on the side quickly ran over to Zhou Xian.

        The mother and daughter's faces were filled with intense anger, and they shouted at Zhou Xian in a sharp voice when they came forward.

        "Choo Hyun, what are you doing! You even kneel down and kowtow to that useless son-in-law, you're shameless, our Shen family is still shameless."

        "That's right, honey, what exactly did that Gao Zhiyuan say to you, why are you like a different person! Also, what is that Lin Fan and why do you ......"

        The mother and daughter were asking questions.

        Only, Shen Ling's words, not yet finished!


        A slap on the face slapped her hard, and a bright red slap mark appeared on Shen Ling's pretty little face.


        After Zhou Xian finished beating Shen Ling, his whole body seemed to explode and instantly jumped up from the ground.

        "It's still not because of your Shen family! You're all a bunch of people with no eyes to see! You have no idea how terrifying Lin Fan really is!"


        Lin Fan's Terror?

        Shen Ling, and all the Shen family members were confused.

        They couldn't see any terror in Lin Fan at all. In the eyes of the Shen family, Lin Fan was a liar and a villain.

        He cheated Fei Changqing, and that's why he used despicable means to get Fei Changqing to transfer the sky-high contract to the Bai Group.


        Without waiting for Shen Ling's reply, Zhou Xian said resentfully.

        "Shen Ling, I want to divorce you! I want to cut off all ties with your Shen family!"

        "Wait and see! Sooner or later, you Shen family members will pay a painful price for your blindness."


        As if looking at an idiot, Zhou Xian swept a glance at the Shen family, and then brushed off his sleeves.

        Jing ......

        After Zhou Xian left, the entire Shen family fell deathly silent.

        They didn't understand what was happening to the world.

        How could something that was obviously a small door-to-door son-in-law, a dog, be so important to Fei Changqing, and how could it make Zhou Xian so afraid.

        "Dad, what should we do now?" Shen Jian's face was pale.

        The whole person was struck by Lin Fan and was completely bad.

        Hearing this, the rest of the Shen family members also looked at Grand Duke Shen.

        Only at this moment, Grand Duke Shen's face was so gloomy that it almost dripped out water.

        "Hmph! It's just a liar and a son-in-law! See, I don't believe he can cheat for much longer!"


        He seemed to have seen, soon after, Lin Fan's miserable appearance as if he were a rat crossing the street, everyone shouting for a beating.

Chapter 219

The Mercedes Benz sedan, slowly moving on the road.

        The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services, including a wide range of products and services, including a wide range of products and services.

        It was so dense that it was probably nearly a hundred cards.


        The owner of each business card was a famous and high-ranking figure in Jiang City.

        Bai Yi's heart was complicated to the extreme.

        She never dreamed that she would just take Lin Fan to the Shen family to ask forgiveness, but in the end, not only did she not ask forgiveness, but she was beaten up by Lin Fan.

        That's not all.

        Even the Shen family's astronomical contract was dug into the Bai group in the blink of an eye.

        "This guy ......"

        Bai Yi couldn't even say whether she was happy or angry at the moment, after all, she had mixed feelings about getting an astronomical contract worth 100 million US dollars, but she had offended her grandfather's family to death.

        "Lin Fan, what exactly did you used to do for a living?"

        Baii turned to Lin Fan, who was driving, and asked a complicated question.

        After all!

        A button, millions of dollars, a shirt, hundreds of millions of dollars.

        How could this be an ordinary person.

        Hearing this, Lin Fan instantly knew what Bai Yi wanted to ask, so he shrugged his shoulders and said with a light smile.

        "Honey, I used to hang around overseas for a few years, but I don't have a regular job, so I'm kind of a ...... um, hobo."

        It is true that he has no job abroad.

        Because his job is to kill, to kill all the international oligarchs and megalomaniacal kingpins who threaten the Blood Prison.


        Ordinary people didn't even have the qualifications to die at Lin Fan's hands.

        Only, after Bai Yi heard the four words 'jobless', the corner of her mouth couldn't help but slightly pull out.

        You're fucking lying, right?

        Who's got a homeless person walking around in a billion dollar leisure suit?

        Bai Yi bit her teeth at Lin Fan's carefree and cheap look, and finally could only act like a deflated ball and stopped asking questions.

        Because she knew that even if she broke the pot and asked to the end, the bastard would still play dumb.


        The Mercedes Benz has returned to the Liyuan Mansion.

        At this moment, Shen Yumei had been checked by Madman Mike, and was confirmed to be fine, and was now taken home by Baisan early in the morning.

        When Lin Fan and Bai Yi just entered the door, they saw Shen Yumei and Bai Shan cheerfully welcoming them.

        "Bey, look who's here."


        Hearing this, Bai Yi and Lin Fan were stunned, and they realized that there were two more guests in the house.

        A tall, handsome young man.

        His features were sharp and angular, his skin was fair and smooth, and he was definitely a handsome man.

        Especially, all over his body, just brand-name clothes, I'm afraid it was more than 100,000 yuan.

        He looked like a successful man.

        And next to him, there was a young girl, 18 or 19 years old, with a young face bag full of pride and complacency.

        When the man and woman saw Bai Yi, they stood up in surprise.

        "Baii, long time no see!"

        The eyes of the tall and handsome young man, who was looking at Bai Yi at this moment, burst with a scorching luster.

        It was as if he was looking at a goddess he had been secretly in love with for many years, and the look was extremely hot.

        And the girl next to her, even more excitedly jumped forward and grabbed Bai Yi's neck.

        "Sister Baiy, I've missed you so much!"

        These two people seemed to be extremely familiar with Bai Yi.

        As for Bai Yi, first she was startled, and then an intense joy appeared on her pretty face.

        "Brother Boyu! Sister Chloe! What are you guys doing here?"

        This man and woman are brother and sister!

        The man's name is Boyu Zhang, and the girl's name is Cai'er Zhang.

        These two, former neighbors of Bai Yi's family, were extremely close in their daily lives and could be considered childhood friends.


        Since Zhang Boyu's family moved to the capital of Jiangnan Province five or six years ago, they have had little contact with each other.

        Bai Yi, however, did not expect that Zhang Boyu and his siblings would come today.