Today I Give Up Trying 214-216

 Chapter 214

On Bai Yi's pretty face, a deep astonishment and disbelief also appeared.

        She stood up quickly and said respectfully.

        "Mr. Fei, please sit down ...... you gentlemen!"


        After Bai Yi finished speaking, she was shocked to find that Fei and the others still didn't take their seats, but instead, they looked at Lin Fan with eyes full of expectation and longing.

        It was as if Lin Fan didn't say anything and they didn't dare to take their seats.

        "No ...... it can't be, I must be mistaken!"

        Bai rubbed his eyes.

        And just like that!

        Lin Fan nodded inscrutably, and Fei and the others let out a long sigh of relief, and then they all took their seats.


        "Surely I was wrong about that!"

        When Bai Yi finished rubbing her eyes and saw that Fei had already taken his seat, she smiled and muttered bitterly.

        At this moment, in the midst of the stunned Shen family and all the guests, Fei Lao sat down beside Lin Fan and his wife.

        Fei Lao sat beside Lin Fan and his wife, and talked with Bai Yi and Lin Fan as if no one else was there.

        As for Duke Shen and the others, they didn't even look at them anymore.

        This ......

        Shen Taigong, Shen Jian and the others on the side were embarrassed to the extreme.

        They were standing next to Lin Fan's table as if they were followers.

        There was no place to take a seat!

        I wouldn't dare to leave like that!

        He could only stand awkwardly, listening to Lin Fan and others talk and laugh freely.

        It was only when Shen Taigong's back ached from standing and he couldn't hold it any longer that he sat back down on the throne with the help of Shen Jian.

        However, he did not dare to neglect Fei Changqing.

        He hurriedly asked people to send all the meals and fruits on the main seat to Bai Yi's table.

        For a while, the atmosphere in the entire banquet hall was weird to the extreme.

        The table of Bai Yi, who was in the worst position, became the main table, and the table of the Shen family, who was the main table, became the most embarrassing table.


        When the food and wine were served, the many guests in the banquet hall ate without tasting anything, while listening to Fei Changqing and the others' laughter.

        The entire banquet hall seemed to be most lively with only Fei Changqing and others at the table.

        This made the Shen family more and more embarrassed and tormented.

        "Dad, what should we do now?" Shen Jian was simply going crazy at this moment.

        Especially the strange gazes of the surrounding guests towards his family made him restless.

        As for Shen Taigong, his heart was bitter.


        This moment reminded him of the last engagement banquet, when the Shen family arranged the Bai Yi family at the worst possible door.

        And it was the same Shen family who had watched Bai Yi's family chatting with Province No. 1 and others.

        And now!

        It was still the worst doorway, but the person who was talking happily with Bai Yi and her husband was the Shen family's God of Wealth, Fei Changqing.

        It was nearly an hour!

        When everyone in the tormented Shen family was sweating and could barely hold on, they saw Bai Yi at the table.

        Only then did they see that at Bai Yi's table, everyone was eating and drinking and wiping the corners of their mouths.

        This scene!

        He quickly stood up, carefully walked forward, and said to Fei Changqing.

        "Mr. Fei, have you eaten?"

        "You see, it's late, and many guests are waiting! Should we start with the contract and sign it?"

        The most important thing for the Shen family today is naturally the 100 million dollar super contract.

        As long as the contract goes well, then the previous ordeal is nothing!

        Hear this!

        Fei Changqing nodded his head.

        "Exactly! It's time to sign!"

        This one sentence made Grand Duke Shen and all the Shen family members ecstatic, and their hearts were completely put into the bottom of their hearts.

        But then, Fei Changqing's words struck everyone like a thunderbolt.

        "On behalf of the Fei Group, I would like to announce that an order for eight businesses within our group, worth a total of $100 million, will be signed with Ms. Bai'i ......!"

Chapter 215

Signing with White's!

        Jing ......

        At this moment, after Fei Changqing's announcement, all the voices in the entire banquet hall came to an abrupt halt.

        Especially on the faces of the Shen family, their brilliant smiles were completely frozen.

        Hearing, mishearing?

        Shen Taigong, Shen Jian and the others, a bad premonition appeared in their hearts, and they quickly asked in a trembling voice.

        "Fei ...... Fei Lao, you must be wrong, we are the Shen Group, not the Bai Group!"

        Hearing this, everyone brushed their eyes at Fei Lao!

        After all!

        With whom the contract is signed, it's not only about the Shen family, but also about the immediate interests of all the surrounding guests.



        However, just when the crowd was most uneasy, Fei Changqing gave a faint glance at Grand Duke Shen and said with a playful face.

        "Sorry, your Shen family's threshold is too high for us Fei's Group!"

        "So, I've made a temporary decision to change the partnership to the White Group!"


        When Fei Changqing's sentence fell, the surrounding guests were in an uproar.

        How could it be true?

        The contract was changed from the Shen Group to the Bai Group, in other words, the Shen family's $100 million contract flew off in vain.

        In an instant, all the surrounding guests, in looking at the Shen family's appearance changed.

        The contract had flown, the Shen family was no longer of much use to them, and now everyone was looking at Bai Yi and Lin Fan with fiery eyes.

        Because in the eyes of these guests, the Bai family had now become their god of wealth!


        Shen Taigong could no longer bear the blow, and his whole body seemed to have lost its strength, falling to the ground.

        "The door ...... threshold is high? How can my Shen family have a high threshold for the Fei Group?"

        Shen Taigong's head was buzzing.

        He could clearly hear the sarcastic meaning in Fei Changqing's words.

        He was saying that the attitude of their Shen family was arrogant and indifferent, and that was what made Fei Changqing change his mind.


        The arrogance and indifference of your own family is directed only at Bai and Lin Fan, especially Lin Fan!


        After thinking of Lin Fan, Grand Duke Shen's body trembled.

        "Exactly! Lin Fan, it must be Lin Fan, the little bastard!"

        Fei Changqing knows Lin Fan.

        If the Shen family despises Lin Fan, there is only one possibility that caused Fei to change his decision at the last minute, and that is Lin Fan's trickery.

        Think of this!

        The look that Duke Shen gave to Lin Fan was as if he wanted to eat him.

        "Lin Fan, you ...... are doing great! You're fine ......"

        He was so angry that his body trembled with rage.

        Seeing this scene, the rest of the Shen family did not understand that the culprit of all this was this little superfluous son-in-law whom they despised and disdained.

        In between, the Shen family couldn't stop yelling at Lin Fan.


        Zhou Xian popped out once again at this moment, his face, still bruised and swollen, looked at Lin Fan with hatred and madness.

        "Lin Fan, you are simply not human, you caused me to be fired by Lin Dong, and now you are here to harm the Shen family!"

        "I'm going to fight you today!!!"


        Out of nowhere, Zhou Xian pulled out a fruit knife, and then he went crazy and rushed towards Lin Fan!



        At this moment, Zhou Xian completely lost his mind.

        He was victimized by Lin Fan and lost his good future.

        When he tried to take action, he was beaten by Lin Fan and lost his dignity.

        And now, the Shen family, which he relied on, has lost a super contract because of Lin Fan.

        This caused Zhou Xian's hatred for Lin Fan to reach its peak!

        "Die for me!!!"

        Zhou Xian's eyes turned red and he went crazy, scampering to Lin Fan's front, then raising his fruit knife, he was about to stab Lin Fan down.

Chapter 216


        At this moment, the surrounding area was in a state of shock.

        All of them did not expect that such a crazy scene would occur, and it was simply a bloodbath.

        But what startled them even more was.

        When Lin Fan faced the incoming Zhou Xian, he didn't even flinch or dodge, just watched quietly.

        That look was as if a dragon was watching an ant struggle for its life.

        Sarcastic and disdainful!


        When Zhou Xian felt the disdain in Lin Fan's eyes, the anger in his heart grew stronger and the fruit knife plunged down on Lin Fan's body.

        "Lin Fan, be careful!"

        Bai Yi was shocked and instinctively jumped in front of Lin Fan to help him resist.

        But at that moment!

        "Trying to hurt Mr. Lin is simply ...... looking for death!"

        With a thunderous roar, everyone was shocked to see a gray-robed old man beside Fei Changqing.

        Then everyone was shocked to see a gray-robed old man beside Fei Changqing, who sprang out like lightning.

        His iron fist made a roaring sound that smashed the air.

        Almost instantly, it struck Zhou Xian's falling palm hard!


        A brittle sound was heard, and everyone saw that Zhou Xian's wrist, under the gray-robed old man's punch, was like rotten wood, instantly snapped and deformed.

        The fruit knife, too, fell to the ground with a 'ding' sound.

        That's not all!

        Zhou Xian only felt a sharp pain in his wrist, and was so terrified that he wanted to retreat.

        However, as soon as he took a step back, the gray-robed old man appeared in front of him like a shadow.

        With a big hand, he grabbed Zhou Xian's neck and lifted it up into the air as if it were a chicken cub.


        From Zhou Xian tried to attack Lin Fan, but the gray-robed old man stepped in, broke his wrist, grabbed him by the neck and lifted him into the air!

        It was only about ten seconds before and after.

        After seeing this scene, the crowd reacted and was horrified.


        The eyes of everyone looking at the gray-robed old man were filled with fear and dread, and to be able to write so casually, intending a person's wrist, in capturing the other party into the air, this is definitely a master.

        As for Zhou Xian, at this moment, he was also shocked and confused.

        He only felt the old man's large hands, as if they were as hard as iron pincers, even if he exerted all his strength, it was difficult to break free in the slightest.

        "Hohohoho ......"

        His breathing, began to stagnate, and his whole face turned red with suffocation.

        That's not all!


        Under Zhou Xian's resentful gaze, Lin Fan walked over as if he were looking at an ant.

        "Mr. Lin, do you want my husband to help you and do away with this guy?" When the gray-robed old man Kong Sheng saw Lin Fan, he immediately said respectfully.

        And this sentence shocked everyone.

        Get rid of it?

        The surrounding crowd could clearly sense that the gray-robed old man Kong Sheng had murderous intent toward Zhou Xian.

        It was as if, with just one word from Lin Fan, then Zhou Xian would die.

        But Lin Fan faintly shook his head, the corner of his mouth slightly curled, and smiled.

        "What's the point of squeezing an ant!"


        He stared straight at Zhou Xian.

        "You're hating me and telling on Lin Dong?"

        "No ...... right ......" Zhou Xian almost suffocated, his face full of red, but at this moment still nodded his head resentfully.

        When he heard this, Lin Fan shook his head and laughed as if he was looking at an idiot, took a deep look at Zhou Xian, and then turned straight to leave.

        On the contrary!

        Gao Lao, on the other hand, approached Zhou Xian with a sigh on his face, and a complex look appeared in his eyes as he whispered.

        "Zhou Xian, you've messed with the wrong person!"

        "Actually, Lin Fan didn't sue you!"


        When Zhou Xian heard this, his eyes widened and he could hardly believe his ears.

        No complaint?

        How is this ...... possible.

        That's not all!

        Gao's next words struck Zhou Xian as a thunderbolt.

        "Because Lin Fan, the owner of Ivan Chinese Hospital, is Lin Dong!"