Today I Give Up Trying 211-213

 Chapter 211

"It's ...... it's him!"

        When she saw the old man in the Tang suit who came in, Bai Yi's beautiful eyes stared round, almost unable to believe her own eyes.

        In particular, when she heard that Grand Duke Shen respectfully addressed the old man in the Tang suit as 'Old Mr. Fei', Bai Yi was confused.

        "Fei Changqing! I, I remember, he is the richest man in Yunhai City - Fei Changqing!"

        "It is rumored that back then, he started from nothing, starting from a street stall, and built up a huge Fei family in his lifetime! The industry under the name is not only in Yunhai City, but also in Jiang City and even the entire Jiangnan Province!"

        "No wonder, he looked so familiar to me before!"

        Bai Yi's heart beat wildly.

        And then her beautiful eyes turned and she couldn't help but look at Lin Fan next to her.

        "Lin Fan, tell me the truth, how do you know Fei Changqing?"

        "What is the relationship between you and him, exactly?"

        Bai looked at her husband and felt more and more incredulous.

        After all!

        In everyone's eyes, Lin Fan is just a door-to-door son-in-law who has no job, no ability, and is just waiting to die.

        But now, one of his clothes is equivalent to the assets of a tycoon, and one of his acquaintances is at the helm of a gigantic family.

        This simply overturned Bai Yi's perception.

        And to hear this!

        Lin Fan just shrugged his shoulders and told the truth.

        "Actually, I've only met him once before, and I was introduced by Gao Zhiyuan!"


        One Face!

        Bai Yi stared at Lin Fan, and found that the other party's manner of speaking was unruffled, and obviously did not seem to be lying.

        Hoo ......

        At that moment, Bai was relieved and his eyes were slightly lost.

        "All right! It's not the kind of person you can get to know and befriend."

        "In the future, it would be better to have less contact with Fei Changqing, after all, he is a big brother existence on par with Xu Tianlong! If you are not careful, it will be a disaster for us!"

        Bai Yi's heart was complicated.

        She wanted her husband to have strong connections, but was afraid that Lin Fan's personality would clash with those big shots.

        When he heard Bai Yi's instructions, Lin Fan just nodded faintly.

        He naturally didn't bother to get to know Fei Changqing and these people!

        Because in his eyes, these people had no qualifications to know themselves.

        But at this moment, Lin Fan's look at the Shen family was playful and odd.

        It was as if he wanted to watch a good show.


        "Hahahaha ...... Mr. Fei, I didn't expect that you would come in person!"

        At this moment, that old face of Grand Duke Shen was almost blossoming with a smile that was so flattering and flattering.

        It was not only him!

        Behind him, my brother-in-law Shen Jian, my second aunt, and others, were also all full of pleasing and awe-inspiring faces.

        Seeing this!

        Fei Changqing could not help but smile slightly and said enthusiastically.

        "Shen Lao, don't be too polite! In fact, I would like to thank one of your relatives in the Shen family. If it wasn't for him, I'm afraid my granddaughter and my life would have been in jeopardy."

        "I have to say, that relative of yours is really a great man, a great talent."


        When they heard Fei Changqing's words, both Grand Duke Shen and Shen Jian and the others were shocked.

        Thanking a relative of the Shen family?

        And from this meaning, this relative of his even saved the lives of Fei Changqing and his granddaughter.

        In particular, he was able to receive the praise of Fei Changqing's 'exceptional talent among men'!

        This ...... is unimaginable.

Chapter 212

At this moment, Grand Duke Shen and the others were completely confused.

        They couldn't think of who their relative was.

        "Old Mr. Fei, I don't know who this relative of our Shen family is ...... that you are talking about," Shen Taigong asked curiously.

        And hearing this!

        All the Shen family members and many guests looked at Fei Changqing, obviously, they also wanted to know what kind of person was able to get such high esteem from a big shot like Fei Changqing.

        Sensing the gazes of the crowd, Fei Changqing smiled slightly and was about to say the name 'Lin Fan'!

        But right then and there!

        Fei Xiaoying, on the other hand, pulled her grandfather's clothes, and then pointed to the back of the crowd and said in surprise.

        "Grandpa, look at ......."


        Fei was startled. He followed his granddaughter's finger and looked towards the back of the crowd.

        When he saw the figure at the back of the crowd, in that position, Fei Changqing's body trembled, and a hint of excitement and ecstasy appeared on his face.

        "I didn't expect that Mr. Little would be here!"

        Fei Changqing was filled with surprise.

        After all, he and Lin Fan had just parted, and to meet again in the blink of an eye, this was an unimaginably wonderful fate.

        Mr. Little?

        Hearing this, Grand Duke Shen and all the Shen family members were slightly stunned.

        Then they followed each other's line of sight and looked towards the back of the crowd, but they didn't find any special characters at the back of the crowd.

        "Huh? Could it be that the little gentleman Fei was talking about is that punk Lin Fan?"

        "No way! Lin Fan, a son-in-law who has no friends, how could he know Fei!"

        "Exactly! That loser is in the very corner, and Fei is obviously watching the others!"


        Shen Jian and others at this moment, whispering [Doudou Novel].


        When the sound of their discussion reached Fei Changqing's ears, it instantly made him change color.

        Lin Fan waste?


        At this moment, Fei Changqing, after looking at the Shen family members pointing in Lin Fan's direction, with looks of contempt and disgust, instantly understood something.

        At that moment, he pointed to Bai Yi's table, and then asked to the Shen Tai Gong.

        "Old Shen, the lady and gentleman at that table look extraordinary! I wonder who your Shen family is?"


        At this moment, Fei Changqing was deliberately testing the Shen family's attitude towards Lin Fan.

        Then, he saw a look of disdain and disgust appear on Grand Duke Shen's face after he realized that he was referring to Bai and Lin Fan.

        "Mr. Fei, that lady is my granddaughter, and that young man next to her is my grandson-in-law!"

        "Alas ...... doesn't hide from Mr. Fei that my grandson-in-law is too weak, has no job, has no ability, waits for death at home all day, and relies on his wife to support him! What kind of man is this!"


        As soon as he said this, no one in the Shen family noticed that Fei Changqing's face had changed.

        His eyelids jumped wildly, and he looked at Grand Duke Shen and the Shen family as if he were looking at a group of idiots.


        Just as Grand Duke Shen continued to try to voice his discontent with Lin Fan!


        Fei gave a cold snort, and then, under the stunned eyes of all the Shen family members, led Fei lightly, Kong Lao, and Gao Lao, straight through the crowd, towards Lin Fan's location!

        "Fei ...... Fei Lao, you ......"

        Shen Taigong was caught off guard by Fei's instantaneous change of attitude.

        It wasn't just him!

        The rest of the Shen family, and all the guests, were even more dumbfounded.

        What ...... happened?

        What's happening!

        Shen Jian and the others, one by one, looked at me and me at you, all dumbfounded.

        The next scene, in particular, made it even more difficult for all of them to believe their own eyes.

        Only to see!

        Fei Changqing and the three men behind him walked straight through the crowd of guests, and then hailed them to Lin Fan and Bai Yi's table.

        Under everyone's horrified and incredulous gaze!

        All bow together.

        "Mr. Little, here we are again!"

Chapter 213

Mr. Little!

        Here we are again!

        When Fei's words resounded, all the voices in the entire Shen banquet hall disappeared, and almost all the guests could not believe their eyes at this moment.

        My God, what did they see!

        The famous Fei Changqing, the richest man in Yunhai City, brought a group of people to bow to Lin Fan's son-in-law.

        How is this possible?

        In particular, Grand Duke Shen and the others, at this moment, their eyes almost dropped out of their heads, as if they had seen a ghost!

        "No ...... Impossible, Lin Fan he ......"

        Shen Taigong's breathing began to quicken, and his heart was pounding wildly.

        As for Shen Jian and the others, they all looked at each other in disbelief.

        Not only them!

        Even Bai Yi, who was next to Lin Fan, was dumbfounded.

        "Little ...... Mr. Little?" At this moment, Bai Yi was looking at Fei Changqing and the others who bowed and greeted her, while looking at Lin Fan beside her.

        She only felt as if she was dreaming.

        Didn't Lin Fan only meet Fei Changqing once?

        How could he let Fei Changqing pay attention to him, let alone bow and greet him?

        Seemingly discovering Bai Yi's doubts, Fei Changqing quickly smiled and said.

        "If it weren't for his guidance, my granddaughter would have walked into a fork in the road of her Chinese art!"

        Kung Fu techniques?

        Fei did not say that Lin Fan had saved his and his granddaughter's lives, instead he only said that Lin Fan had instructed him in the arts.

        And hearing this!

        Whether it was Bai Yi or Shen Taigong, they were all relieved.

        So that's it!

        They thought that Lin Fan had some kind of horrible identity that made Fei Changqing fear him so much, but now it seems that Lin Fan just helped Fei Changqing a little, that's all.

        Just ......

        How could Lin Fan instruct in Chinese arts?

        They only knew that Lin Fan was a trash without the slightest ability, and if they said he knew the national arts and was an expert in it, they would not believe it.

        "Dad, could Lin Fan be a liar, spouting nonsense and deceiving Fei Lao and the others!" At this moment, Shen Jian said cautiously to Shen Taigong.


        And when he heard this, the more he thought about it, the more likely it was that his old face was instantly gloomy.

        "This little bastard, if he really cheated Mr. Fei, then once the matter is exposed, he will definitely drag our Shen family down with him!"

        Think about it!

        Shen Taigong hurriedly trotted to Fei Changqing and others, and then said anxiously.

        "Fei, you must be mistaken. Lin Fan is just a useless son-in-law, what does he know about Chinese arts?"

        "Don't believe him, just ignore his nonsense!"

        Say it!

        Grand Duke Shen pointed to the main table in the banquet hall and respectfully invited.

        "Mr. Fei, the throne is ready for you! Please bar ......"


        Fei Changqing was stunned, and now he looked at the luxurious table and chairs in the main seat, at the dazzling array of precious snacks and fruits, and then turned to look at Lin Fan's uneven, swaying table and chairs, and the empty space on it.

        Fei Changqing's face instantly turned ugly.

        "Grand Duke Shen, don't bother!"


        Fei faces Bai Yi and asks respectfully.

        "Miss Bailey, I wonder if my husband and his wife would be honored to sit down with you and your wife?"


        The whole room was in an uproar at these words.

        Whether it was the Shen family, or the many guests, they couldn't believe their ears.

        One must know that the main seat is the most honorable seat in the banquet hall, while Lin Fan's seat is the most trashy one.

        Now, Fei Changqing even gave up the best seat and asked to sit with Bai Yi and Lin Fan instead. ...... How the hell is this possible?