Today I Give Up Trying 206-210

 Chapter 206


        Lin Fan's words instantly stunned everyone.

        Whether it was the Shen family, or the surrounding guests, they couldn't believe their ears.

        One button!

        It is a gift!


        When the reaction came to light, all the Shen family members and guests exploded, with noisy and boisterous comments.

        "This kid has a brain problem, right? He even pulled off his own button and gave it as a gift to Grand Duke Shen?"

        "Humiliation! I see this as his humiliation of the Shen family! What an idiot!"

        "Hahaha ...... live long enough to see it! I've lived most of my life, but this is the first time I've seen someone give a gift like this!"


        A sound of ridicule and contempt was heard all around.

        And the faces of Grand Duke Shen and all the Shen family members instantly changed.

        "Lin ...... Lin Fan, are you humiliating old man?"

        Grand Duke Shen's cloudy eyes stared at Lin Fan with flames of boundless anger.

        The rest of the Shen family also looked at Lin Fan as if they were looking at a madman.

        They just heard the questioning voice.

        Lin Fan's face was still extremely calm, and he said to Shen Tai Gong with deep meaning.

        "You'd better find an appraiser who specializes in appraisals before making conclusions! This button is much, much more valuable than you think!"


        As soon as Lin Fan said this, the entire banquet hall was in an uproar once again.

        Crazy ......

        Nima, how valuable can a button that you take off your shirt be?

        And an appraiser, a specialist appraiser?

        What else is this kid if not crazy!

        "Bastard! Take your buttons away! Do you want to kill me?"

        Duke Shen felt more and more that this was Lin Fan's way of humiliating himself.

        After all, if he really found an appraiser to appraise a button that he took off, he and the entire Shen family would become the laughing stock of everyone.

        Only, Lin Fan was not angry at all!

        He said with a playful [interesting novel] face.

        "Are you sure you don't want this button gift?"

        "No!" Shen Taigong was so furious that he picked up the buttons from the table, and then threw them at the side.

        "What kind of trash is this that you dare to use to humiliate my husband!"

        Tinkerbell ......

        The button was thrown three or four meters away by the old man, and fell to the ground with a crunching sound.

        The button was thrown by the old man three or four meters away, and fell to the ground with a crunch.

        Just after hearing the crunching sound, an old man with a belt on a seat next to the button let out a surprised sound.

        This old man, who looked to be 50 or 60 years old, wore a pair of old flowery glasses.

        At this moment, he bent down and picked up the button on the ground.

        Blowing on the button!

        A buzzing sound like the sound of wind came from the button.

        When he heard this sound, the old man's body shook as if he had seen a ghost, and he kept carefully examining the material of the button.


        The more I looked at him, the more beads of sweat appeared on the old man's forehead.

        The more I looked, the more sweat appeared on the old man's forehead.

        This scene caused everyone in the banquet hall to be stunned.

        "Zhang Lao, why are you studying this button? You're in the jewelry business. Is this button made of diamonds? Hahaha ......"

        "Yes, Zhang! You didn't really believe that kid's nonsense, did you? Who would make buttons out of precious gems?"


        The surrounding guests were laughing.

        Naturally, they knew the identity of this old man.

        He was one of the most famous jewelers in Jiang City, and this time he had come to seek to join forces with the Shen family to do jewelry business.

        Just at the moment!

        Faced with the ridicule of the people around him, the old man, called 'Zhang Lao', not only didn't pay any attention, but shook his head.

        "No! It's not a diamond, and it's not jewelry!"

        Sure enough!

        Hearing Zhang Lao's firm result, not only the surrounding crowd felt no surprise.

        Even the mockery and ridicule on the faces of Grand Duke Shen and all the Shen family members grew stronger and stronger.

        But at this moment!

        Zhang's trembling voice, once again, came out.

        "Exactly! This is indeed, not jewelry and diamonds! But the value of this button is a hundred times more expensive than a diamond!"

Chapter 207

Hundred times more expensive than diamonds!

        When Zhang Lao's words came, the laughter of everyone in the entire banquet hall came to an abrupt halt.

        The smiles on their faces were completely frozen.

        Every one of them stared, almost unable to believe what they were hearing.

        Especially Grand Duke Shen!

        He had just lifted his teacup, and when he heard the words, his palm shook abruptly.


        The cups instantly fell to the ground, and he looked towards Zhang Lao incredulously as if he hadn't noticed.

        He only felt as if his breathing had quickened.

        "Zhang Lao, what ...... did you just say?"

        "These buttons are a hundred times more expensive than diamonds, are you kidding me?"

        The eyes of the surrounding guests were all staring at Zhang Lao, and each of them had a look that was filled with doubt and incredulity.

        After all, the price of diamonds, as we all know, is extremely expensive!

        Although this button is small, if it were replaced with a diamond, it would start at least a hundred thousand dollars!


        Listen to Zhang Lao, this button is a hundred times more expensive than a diamond, so does that mean that this small button, it is worth more than ten million?

        This fucking ...... is like a fantasy.


        The cold sweat on his forehead flowed continuously, and even the hot air covered the mirror with a layer of hazy fog.

        Now, as he wiped his eyes, he said.

        "Exactly what this one button is made of, not any jewelry, but a ...... tooth!"



        This was even more unacceptable to the surrounding crowd.

        What kind of teeth could be worth more than 10 million, this is not a fucking joke!

        "I don't know if you've ever heard of a nearly extinct sea creature, the deep-sea dragon shark!" Zhang Lao said to the crowd with an excited face.

        Deep Sea Dragon Shark!

        Upon hearing these four words, there were a number of guests, who screamed.

        "Zhang, are you talking about the most ferocious kind of shark in the ocean? It is said that this shark lives in the deep sea and belongs to the king of sharks!"

        "Each dragon shark is as big as a huge ship, especially the missing USS Dave, which shook the world! It is said that it was the encounter with a terrifying dragon shark that wiped out all the MiG soldiers on board the warship!"


        At this moment, as the guest explained, everyone around him felt numb.

        The Shark King, whose body was as big as a giant wheel.

        The king of the sea that can make the rice warship, wiped out the whole army.


        What does all this have to do with the buttons in front of him?

        Zhang Lao wiped the sweat from his forehead at this moment, and then said excitedly.

        "Exactly! It was the Dragon Shark of the Deep Sea that destroyed the USS Dave, after which the Mickey went to salvage the ship's wreckage and found a tooth on top of a piece of the ship's hull that had been torn to pieces!

        "The tooth, which belonged to a dragon shark, was eventually auctioned off by a collector in China for ten million dollars.

        Ten million dollars!

        A tooth!

        Hearing this, all the guests, all confused.

        Did ......

        Swish, swish, swish!

        A single gaze, brushing against the button, and an incredible thought, floating in everyone's mind.

        No, it couldn't be!

        How could this button be made from the teeth of the king of the sea?

        This fucking ......

        Everyone's heart was convulsing, and their breathing began to quicken.

        And just when everyone was most nervous, Zhang Lao exhaled a long breath, as if to suppress all the excitement and excitement in his heart.

        "In the beginning, I was in Mi, I saw that tooth with my own eyes, and even witnessed the whole auction!

        "The teeth of the dragon shark, just a gentle blow and the sound of a whistling sea breeze! In addition, its texture is transparent, with a deep blue color, and in the deep blue, but with a hint of bloodline!"

Chapter 208

"The material of this button is 100% Dragon Shark's tooth! Although the buttons are small, just a small part of the Dragon Shark's tooth, but with the craftsmanship and material, they are definitely worth nearly two to three million dollars!"

        Two or three million!

        Hearing this number, looking at this button as big as a fingernail, everyone around only felt their hearts thumping wildly.

        Oh my God!

        It's true, the Dragon Shark's tooth, worth millions!

        The impact on all the surrounding guests was absolutely fierce.

        Especially the Shen family!


        My brother-in-law Shen Jian, my second aunt, Shen Ling and others swallowed a mouthful of spittle one by one.

        Naturally, they would not suspect that Zhang was lying, after all, the other party was very knowledgeable, but one of the most famous jewelers in Jiang City.

        The eyesight was extremely poisonous!

        In other words, Lin Fan's buttons were really worth millions, which was unimaginable.

        As for Shen Taigong, at this moment he only felt his heart, almost jumping into his throat, as if he would have a heart attack at any moment.

        His palms, trembling, hurriedly pulled out a bottle of medicine from his bosom, poured out a few pills, and swallowed them down.

        Only then was he able to breathe a sigh of relief.

        "Dragon Shark's Teeth! Dragon Shark's Teeth!"

        His eyes were filled with remorse.

        The value of two or three million dollars would not form much of an impact on him.

        But that was the Dragon Shark's tooth!

        There is only one in the world.

        Its collection value is simply unimaginable, and it is absolutely possible that it will be worth tens of millions, or even thousands of years, in a few years' time.

        At this moment, Grand Duke Shen could not wait to slap himself hard.

        Who let his hands cheap, throw away the button, who let his mouth cheap, do not want this gift.

        Just this moment!

        No amount of remorse is going to help!


        Under the shocked eyes of the crowd, Zhang Lao held the button in both hands, as if holding a holy object, and walked toward Lin Fan.

        Only when he arrived in front of Lin Fan did he carefully handed over the button.

        And then, with a curious glance at Lin Fan's clothes, he asked with his eyes burning hot.

        "Little sir, can I confirm with you again that the button on your shirt is also the same Dragon Shark's tooth that was auctioned off back then?"


        Hear that!

        The hearts of the surrounding crowd were lifted once again.

        Yes, one of the buttons Lin Fan broke off was the Dragon Shark's tooth, but what about the other buttons on his clothes?


        The buttons on his body, but more than a dozen, are they all?

        Hear that!

        Lin Fan nodded, but then shook his head.

        He nodded his head because the buttons of his clothes were made of Dragon Shark's teeth.

        The reason for shaking his head is that his Dragon Shark's teeth are not the ones the MiG got.

        The reason is that he got them from a deep-sea dragon shark that he personally slayed in the Caribbean.

        At first, Catherine, the top Italian designer, though she designed an emperor's costume worth hundreds of millions of dollars, she suffered from the lack of a matching button material.


        Lin Fan then gave all the Dragon Shark's teeth to Catherine.

        There was one more thing that perhaps Zhang Lao and everyone else could not imagine.

        Each of his buttons, although it looked small, was not a part of the Dragon Shark's tooth at all, but a whole Dragon Shark's tooth.

        It was a button formed by taking a dozen Dragon Shark Teeth and polishing them for a long time!

        In other words!

        If the tooth of the dragon shark in the rice country is worth ten million dollars, then the button on Lin Fan's emperor's suit alone is worth more than one hundred million dollars.

Chapter 209


        At this moment, everyone in the entire banquet hall looked at Lin Fan in disbelief.

        Looking at his slightly tattered casual dress and the buttons on it, many of the guests had a numb feeling.

        Howe ......

        What do you mean by dirt?

        That's fucking right!

        On this guy's body, a single button is worth two to three million dollars, and a dozen or so buttons are worth thirty to forty million dollars!

        It's like carrying a vault on your back, on your body, and it's just dumbfoundingly heroic.

        Only they didn't know it!

        In addition to the buttons, Lin Fan's clothes alone were worth more than 100 million dollars, and the dozens of buttons were even more expensive than the emperor's suit, worth more than 100 million dollars, equivalent to nearly one billion Chinese dollars!

        If only they knew!

        Lin Fan's clothes alone were already more than most of their possessions and assets, and I was afraid that everyone would go crazy.

        At this moment, it wasn't just them!

        Even Bai Yi's scalp was numb.

        Although Yang Lao had said that Lin Fan's emperor's clothes were worth hundreds of millions of dollars, Bai Yi had been skeptical and didn't look into it too much.

        Now, after Zhang Lao, a senior jeweler, personally appraised that a single button was worth millions of dollars, Bai Yi has been convinced that Lin Fan's clothes, worth hundreds of millions of dollars, were worth 80 percent.

        "This bastard ......"

        A bead of sweat flowed down from Bai Yi's forehead.

        She couldn't even imagine how much of a loser it was to be able to wear such an unimaginably valuable piece of clothing to buy food and cook, mop the floor and wash clothes every day.

        It was just different from Bai Yi.

        On the other hand, on the throne of the Shen family, there was dead silence.

        All the Shen family members could only feel their hearts pounding and beating wildly.

        "Dad ......"

        Shen Jian trembled and called out to Grand Duke Shen.

        Just this one sentence suddenly made Shen Taigong explode.

        "Scream what scream! Shen Jian, you little son of a bitch, what are you waiting for? Go and seat the guests! The VIP will be here soon!"

        Shen Taigong was furious, and now he deliberately changed the subject.

        He didn't want to think about it anymore, after all, what he had missed out on was the Dragon Shark's tooth, and his heart was bleeding just thinking about it.

        "It's ...... dad!"

        Shen Jian could only scalp himself and began to stand up, helping the many guests to take their seats.


        When Shen Jian finished arranging everyone, he went straight to Bai Yi and Lin Fan and said.

        "You two come with me!"

        Brother-in-law Shen Jian's attitude was extremely indifferent, looking at the two of them as if they were looking at strangers.

        Especially in the face of Lin Fan, Shen Jian only hated him with an itch.

        This bastard, simply made his family lose face.

        Not only did he beat up his son-in-law Zhou Xian, but he even disgraced the entire Shen family with a single button, which is simply abominable.

        Think of this!

        Shen Jian brought Bai Yi and Lin Fan to the most remote table at that moment.

        "All right! You guys can just sit here!"

        "We don't have time to greet you, so help yourselves!"


        Shen Jian didn't bother to look at Bai Yi and Lin Fan and left straight away.

        This scene made Bai Yi's and Lin Fan's faces look slightly ugly.

        Their position was arguably one of the worst.

        Half of the table was in the banquet hall, while the other side was exposed and obviously placed temporarily.

        Not only that!

        Especially with the unevenness of the banquet hall and the ground outside, the whole table was shaking.

        And sitting here, it was even less like a guest coming, and more like a janitor helping someone.

        "For the second time!" Lin Fan's eyes were gloomy.

        He remembered that at the last engagement banquet of the Shen family, the Shen family had placed their family in the worst place at the entrance.

        And now!

        It is the second time.

Chapter 210

On the side of Bai Yi, her face was also livid, but she still took Lin Fan and sat down.

        "Lin Fan, just bear with me! After all, you've just offended them, and they're excusable for being a little harsher!"

        Bai Yi didn't want to be completely torn apart from the Shen family.

        And when he heard this, Lin Fan could only sit down in silence.

        However, in his heart, he had already blacklisted the Shen family, completely.

        "Lin Fan, where exactly did you get your clothes?"

        At this moment, Bai Yi was more concerned about Lin Fan's clothes.

        Her gaze towards Lin Fan became more and more complicated.


        Recently, she felt more and more that Lin Fan was mysterious and unpredictable.

        It was as if he possessed a kind of magic power that turned decay into magic, and every time either the Bai family or her encountered a dangerous or ugly situation, Lin Fan would turn them into glory.

        Hear this!

        Lin Fan smiles slightly.

        "A friend gave it to me! I didn't know it was worth so much!"


        Bai Yi was stunned. She had been married to Lin Fan for three years, but she had never known that he had any friends.

        Moreover, a woman's intuition told her that this dress had quite a history.

        "That friend of yours, she's a woman, right?"

        After saying this, Bai Yi's eyes stared at Lin Fan's look.

        Somehow, she actually had a strange feeling in her heart, as if she was jealous, angry, jealous ......

        "Ahem ......"

        When Lin Fan heard this, he coughed, especially when Bai Yi's hot scrutinizing gaze made his old face blush slightly, so he could only scalp and nod his head.

        It really is a woman!

        After seeing Lin Fan's acknowledgement, Bai Yi's pretty face went slightly white.

        What kind of woman would give such a valuable dress to Lin Fan?

        Think about it!

        The jealousy in Bai Yi's heart surged uncontrollably.

        When she was about to get to the bottom of it and investigate who the woman who delivered the clothes was.


        Only outside the courtyard, a braking sound rang out, and then the entire Shen family was completely stirred up.

        "Here we go! Here it comes! Here comes the VIP!"

        Swish, swish, swish!

        With this shout, the eyes of everyone in the Shen family brushed against the door.

        The surrounding guests and Shen family members stood up one by one, walked out of the door in a swarm, and went to greet them.


        It's hot!



        Whether it was Shen Taigong, Shen Jian, or one of the guests, their faces were all filled with awe and admiration, as if they were welcoming a god of wealth.

        And this scene also diverted Bai Yi's attention, she looked at the crowd of people swarming to greet her, and on her pretty face could not help but emerge a dense envy and sigh.

        "Alas ...... I heard that the one who came to sign this time is the giant family next to it in Yunhai City, the Fei family!"

        "It's a super contract for hundreds of millions of dollars, truly worthy of being the number one giants of the Cloud Sea!"



        When he heard Bai Yi's envious words, Lin Fan was startled and his expression became odd.

        He also didn't expect that the person who came to sign a contract with the Shen family this time would be Fei Changqing's Fei family.

        That's not all!


        In the midst of everyone's expectant and burning eyes, the sound of footsteps sounded, and then a figure was seen walking in through the Shen family gate.


        After seeing the old man at the head of the group, Bai Yi was slightly startled, and then could hardly believe his eyes.

        "It's ...... it's him!"

        Bai remembers that she had seen this person with her own eyes just before she came here.

        And the other party, at that time, sent ...... Lin Fan!


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