Today I Give Up Trying 201-205

 Chapter 201

This moment!

        Almost everyone noticed that when the phone call came, the look on Gao's face immediately changed.

        When the phone hung up, Fei Lao and the others asked in confusion.

        "Gao, what's wrong?"

        Hear that!

        The old man's gaze could not help but look at Lin Fan and quickly said.

        "Mr. Lin, it's Miss Bai called, she's looking for you, and from her tone, she seems to be in a hurry! I've told her the address here and she's coming to pick you up!"


        Lin Fan's eyebrows furrowed slightly, and in his heart, he had already guessed something, and now said to Fei Lao and the others.

        "Gentlemen, I'll be off then! I'll see you again in the future!"

        After saying that, Lin Fan turned around and left straight away.

        Seeing this, the crowd didn't stay and could only get up to see him off.

        When the crowd arrived at the entrance, they saw Bai Yi's Mercedes Benz, which was already slowly driving over.


        Bai Yi's pretty face, at this moment, was extremely ugly, and faintly, the color of anger.

        When Lin Fan got into the car, he directly pulled him along and walked away.

        This scene caused Fei and the others to be slightly stunned, but they didn't think much of it.

        "Grandpa, it's time for you to get ready, the Shen family's signing banquet will be starting soon!" Fei lightly said to Fei Lao, "The Shen family?

        The Shen family?

        Hearing these two words, Gao Zhiyuan was slightly stunned.

        "Fei, is the Shen family you're talking about the Shen family of Old Grandfather Shen and Shen Jian's father and son?"


        Fei said smilingly.

        "This Shen family belongs to a first-class family in Jiang City, and on top of business, it has a lot of interoperability with our Fei family's industry!"

        "Previously, the Shen family had been asking for our cooperation, but they were not qualified enough and I refused all of them! And this time, Mr. Lin saved my life. According to my investigation, the Shen family is Mrs. Lin's maternal grandfather's family! That's why I'm going to give them one, a $100 million contract!"

        Sure enough!

        A bitter smile appeared at the corner of Gao's mouth.

        Fei Changqing might not know, but he, Gao Zhiyuan, was well aware that although the Shen family was the grandfather's family of Lin Fan and his wife, the other party simply didn't think highly of Lin Fan and his wife.


        After Lin Fan fired Zhou Xian, the Shen family's granddaughter-in-law, I'm afraid that the relationship between the Shen family and Lin Fan's husband and wife has reached a feverish pitch.

        "Old Fei, may I accompany you to this banquet?" Gao Zhiyuan asked.

        And Fei was slightly stunned, and now nodded and smiled.

        "Hahahaha ...... Old Gao, it would be perfect for you to go along, naturally!"

        Gao Zhiyuan's face was also full of smiles.

        But in his heart, he was not only mourning for the Shen family.

        If the Shen family was ungrateful and provoked Mr. Lin, then what awaited them would be a ...... tragedy!



        On the Mercedes-Benz, Bai Yi's pretty face was so gloomy that it almost dripped out water.

        The entire journey, not a word was said, the atmosphere was dull and depressing.

        Not only that, Lin Fan found that on the back seat, there were some precious gifts that Bai Yi had bought, as if she was going to give them away.

        "Old ...... wife, are you okay?" Lin Fan smiled dryly and opened his mouth to ask.

        And hearing this!

        Baek, who has endured a lot, is completely blown up.

        "All right? Lin Fan, would you please stop causing trouble!"

        "You know what? Just now, my grandfather called me personally, he said that you complained to Lin Dong of Evans Chinese and Western Hospital, causing Shen Ling's husband, Zhou Xian, to lose his job and the family to be kicked out of the hospital."

        Say it!

        A hint of mist was in Bai's beautiful eyes.

        "Lin Fan, our family and the Shen family didn't get along! When you did it again, did you ever think of our mother? Have you ever thought of me?"

        "How are you going to let our family meet Grandpa and the others?"

        The more Bai Yi spoke, the angrier he became, and the more Lin Fan listened, the weirder he looked.

        He just knew.

        It turned out that Bai Yi still didn't know that Lin Dong was him, and that the Ivan Chinese and Western Hospital was their hospital.


        Lin Fan didn't bother to explain, he just kept silent.

Chapter 202

And see this!

        Bai Yi immediately thought that she had overreacted, and a trace of guilt appeared in her heart, changing the subject and asking.

        "By the way, whose house did you just go to? Why do I feel familiar with the old man next to Gao, but I can't remember where I've seen him before?"

        Bai Yi knew that this family was extremely unusual just by looking at the villa outside.

        He just didn't understand why Gao Lao brought Lin Fan to such a prestigious house.

        "It's nothing, I just had a one-sided encounter with the owner of that house!" Lin Fan faintly replied.

        Hear this!

        Bai Yi didn't care too much about it; after all, she knew very well that Lin Fan didn't have any social circle in his daily life.

        Apart from his family of three, he didn't even have any friends around him.

        "Lin Fan, it's kind of me begging you, when we get to the Shen family later, you must never control your temper!"

        "If Grandpa and the others talk nasty, I hope you'll put up with it too!"

        At this moment, Bai Yi turned to look at Lin Fan, and her beautiful eyes were filled with intense pleading.

        Lin Fan was about to retort right away.

        However, when he saw Bai Yi's beautiful eyes that were filled with water mist, he could only swallow the hard words that came to his lips.

        "Honey, don't worry! If they don't go too far, I won't bother with them!"

        Lin Fan's words only made Bai Yi feel a little more at ease.

        Except that Bai Yi didn't know!

        Lin Fan has one more sentence, and it's not coming out!

        If they go too far, Lin Fan will make the Shen family pay an unbearably painful price!



        The Mercedes-Benz car drove up to the entrance of the Shen family.

        At this moment, the parking lot in front of the entrance was already densely packed with luxury cars.

        Some of these luxury cars belonged to members of the Shen clan, and many more were high-ranking people who had close business dealings with the Shen family.

        Almost everyone knew!

        The Shen family was awarded a super contract!

        Those business partners, at this moment, came to flatter, to see if they could get a piece of the pie.

        "The Shen family is hosting a signing dinner today! I heard that they got a $100 million super contract!"

        A hint of envy appeared on Bai Yi's pretty face.

        One hundred million dollars!

        It is equivalent to 700 million Huaxia dollars, a contract that only some giant conglomerates would be able to offer.

        The Shen family can absolutely rely on this contract to rise to the top.

        But when Lin Fan heard this, he smiled slightly.

        One hundred million US dollars?

        What may seem like a super contract to others, in his eyes, is nothing more than a pile of scrap paper.


        The two of them followed a group of Jiang City's celebrities and entered the Shen family.

        It must be said that the Shen family was worthy of being the first-class gentry in Jiang City, with luxurious halls, spacious and bright.

        Especially the banquet hall!

        Adequate to accommodate a hundred people seated, and not at all crowded.

        Exquisite floor tiles, expensive furniture furnishings imported from abroad and crafted by master artists, diamond-edged luxury chandeliers!

        Everything shows the great financial power of the Shen family.

        This is also the reason why the Shen family didn't put the signing dinner in the hotel, they held it in their own home, firstly, to show their partners their extraordinary financial strength, and secondly, to make the Fei family, the giant family of Yunhai City, feel at home.

        Along the way!

        Bai Yi led Lin Fan through the crowd and quickly found the throne where Old Grand Duke Shen was.


        When not waiting for Lin Fan to finish!

        The moment Old Grandpa Shen saw Lin Fan, his old eyes instantly glazed over.

        "What are you doing here? Get out!!!"

Chapter 203


        At this moment, Bai Yi never thought that even her own grandfather would just tell Lin Fan to get lost without giving her time to speak.

        It wasn't just Grandpa Shen!

        At this moment, the rest of the Shen family on the throne also instantly saw Lin Fan.

        Shen Jian, his second aunt Cuiping, and others also discovered Lin Fan, and their eyes turned red as if they were about to eat someone.

        "Lin Fan, you have the nerve to come? Do you want to die?"

        "Bastard! It's all you! You made my son-in-law lose his job, and I'll tear your face off today!"


        On the throne of the Shen family, there was instant chaos.

        Shouting, clamoring, and humiliation!

        It was as if these people and Lin Fan had a mortal grudge against each other.

        See this scene!

        Bai Yi's pretty face, which was gloomy and almost dripping with water, clenched her fist, which was the only way to suppress her anger and said to Shen Tai Gong.

        "Grandpa, did you ask me to bring Lin Fan here to listen to your insults?"

        With Bai Yi's words, the abusive voices around him gradually dissipated.

        Everyone's gaze could not help but look at Grand Duke Shen.


        Shen Taigong's eyelids rolled over, glared at Bai Yi, and asked in dissatisfaction.

        "Your father-in-law caused Zhou Xian to lose his job and was shut down by the city's medical community, shouldn't he be scolded for a few words?"

        In his eyes, it was as if Lin Fan, a loser, had been scolded by the Shen family, which was justifiable and righteous.

        It was not only him!


        Zhou Xian instantly popped out at this moment.

        With Grand Duke Shen's words, he had his backing and strength.

        He stared at Lin Fan with a pair of eyes, as if he was looking at his most hated enemy.

        "Lin Fan, you're so damn despicable and shameless that you complained to our Lin Dong, causing me to lose my job and be shut down!"

        "I'm not only going to yell at you today, but I'm also going to beat you, you son of a bitch!"

        Say it!

        Zhou Xian took a step forward, waved his fist, and smashed it at Lin Fan.


        The guests were in an uproar at this sight!

        They did not expect that the Shen family's banquet would begin with a martial arts demonstration before it even began.

        What especially startled them was!

        The people next to him seemed to have no intention of stopping them, and they all looked as if they were watching a show.

        Even Bai Yi wanted to stop it, but thinking that this was the Shen family, he couldn't help but stop moving!


        A loud slap suddenly resounded in the banquet hall, and everyone was shocked to see a figure being flung out of the room.

        It was ...... Zhou Xian!

        Not only that!

        Everyone saw a bright red slap mark on Zhou Xian's face, and a trace of blood flowed down from the corner of his mouth.

        Bewildered ......

        At this moment, not only was Zhou Xian confused, but all the Shen family members and Bai Yi were also stunned.

        This kid, how dare he fight back?

        Zhou Xian and the Shen family were all incredulous. After all, this is the Shen family, and Lin Fan simply had the guts to beat his son-in-law in the Shen family.

        As for Bai Yi, her face was white as a sheet.

        She had advised Lin Fan to endure, and Lin Fan had agreed to do so.

        She thought that if Lin Fan was beaten by Zhou Xian to take out his anger, the matter would be over.

        But never in her wildest dreams did she think that Lin Fan would do it!

        Only, to everyone's horror, has it just begun!


        After slapping Zhou Xian, Lin Fan stepped forward.

        His eyes, cold as a hungry wolf, grabbed Zhou Xian, who was still confused.

        "I said I could put up with the Shen family today! But you, what are you!"

        Words fall away!


        Another slap on Zhou Xian's face.

        "By you, hitting me?"


        Another slap in the face.

Chapter 204


        At this moment, the Shen family, Bai Yi, and the surrounding guests were all stunned by the scene in front of them.

        They saw that Zhou Xian, who was originally raging, was caught in Lin Fan's hands like a little chicken.

        The large palm of his hand slapped down on Zhou Xian's delicate cheek, slap after slap after slap.

        Zhou Xian was as if he had been blindsided and completely lost his resistance.

        A trace of blood flowed from his mouth.

        A single tooth fell from the corner of his mouth.

        Until the last slap on Zhou Xian's face, a mist of blood was splattered.

        It was only then that Lin Fan threw Zhou Xian to the ground as if he were a dead dog.

        He turned his head to sweep the rest of the Shen family, his gaze cold and chilly.

        "Who else? To hit me!"


        As soon as the words came out, whether it was Duke Shen or Shen Jian and his wife, they all felt as if they were being stalked by a hungry wolf, causing their backs to turn cold.

        In particular, when they saw Zhou Xian's face, flesh and blood blurred and completely changed shape, everyone felt numb.


        This man is a fucking lunatic.

        The Shen family simply could not connect the ferocious and ruthless Lin Fan with the old, obedient and bullying son-in-law of a loser.


        Originally, Shen Jian and the others wanted to accuse Lin Fan, but when they saw the blood trickling down Lin Fan's palm, they swallowed a mouthful of spittle and were completely silent.

        "Alright! Since none of you want to hit me? So let's just forget about it!"


        Lin Fan shrugged his shoulders and went straight back behind Bai Yi.

        His face was always as calm as before, as if nothing had happened.

        The atmosphere in the hall was silent for several minutes.

        A long time later!

        Only then did Shen Taigong react from the shock of what he had just seen, and suddenly an old face, completely blackened.

        "Useless trash! Cuiping, help Zhou Xian down quickly and let him sober up!"

        When Duke Shen saw that Zhou Xian was still in a state of confusion, his nose was almost out of breath.

        The original!

        He also wanted Zhou Xian to take out his anger on Lin Fan by beating him up.

        But he never imagined that Zhou Xian would be so useless as to be beaten to a pulp by Lin Fan in public and disgrace the Shen family.

        Think of this!

        Shen Taigong couldn't help but stare at Lin Fan with a vicious glare and said coldly.

        "Lin Fan, you don't need to be proud, this matter is not over!"

        "I'll make you look good after the signing banquet is over!"


        Grand Duke Shen didn't bother to look at Lin Fan anymore, but stood up and said to the surrounding guests.

        "Hahahaha ...... A little something at home, I made you all laugh! Let's get on with it!"

        Hear this!

        One by one, the guests breathed a sigh of relief.

        Suddenly, one by one, the celebrities, carrying a gift, came to the main table.

        "Old Grandfather, congratulations on signing such a super order! This is a golden horse that I have prepared to symbolize prosperity and success! No Respect!"

        "Old Grandfather, I spent a million dollars on this painting and calligraphy, and I got it from overseas! It's for you!"

        "And I, Grandfather, this tea set was used by a nobleman during the Qing Dynasty! I hope you will take care of our future cooperation."


        At this moment, many guests sent an expensive gift to the throne.

        Each one, the cheapest one was five or six hundred thousand dollars.

        The value was extraordinary.

        And seeing this scene!

        The brother-in-law, Shen Jian, who was on the throne, involuntarily turned his gaze to Lin Fan and Bai Yi, his eyes filled with resentment and sarcasm.

        "Bai Yi, I heard that your Bai Group is booming! I wonder what gift you have for your grandfather this time?"

        One sentence made Bai Yi's pretty face instantly turn white.

Chapter 205

When Bai Yi heard her uncle Shen Jian's question, her pretty face was ugly to the extreme.

        She came in a hurry this time, mainly to bring Lin Fan and apologize to the Shen family.

        Before coming, she specially went out to buy some gifts!

        But now it seems!

        These gifts are too shabby.

        "Whew? Cousin, you didn't prepare a gift, did you? You're disrespecting your grandfather by coming to the door empty-handed." Shen Ling also opened her mouth to ridicule.

        She was going to make Bai Yi lose face, and if Bai Yi lost face, that would be Lin Fan losing face.

        "Alas ...... Maybe people Bai Yi, now that she's in the limelight, don't even look at us poor relatives anymore!"

        "Yes, after all, her last name is Bai, not Shen! Just now, that trash husband of hers, attacked our Shen family, and she didn't even stand up!"


        At this moment, the ridicule of one Shen family member swept overwhelmingly towards Bai Yi.

        At once, Bai Yi's pretty face was so gloomy that it almost dripped out water.

        She could only scalp and said to Shen Tai Gong.

        "Grandpa, this time I ...... came in a hurry and didn't prepare beforehand, so I could only go to the mall and buy some supplements for your old man!"

        Say it!

        Bai placed the gifts on the table, which he carried in his hands.

        Ginseng, deer antler, wormwood ......

        It's all supplements, but while not overly expensive, it adds up to nearly $100,000.


        These tonic items were extremely shabby and pitiful compared to the one precious item sent by the rest of the guests.

        Instantly, the disgust and ridicule on the faces of Grand Duke Shen and all the Shen family members became more and more intense.

        "Cut! As expected of the president of the Bai Group, his hand is generous! Ginseng again, deer antler again, do you think that the Shen family has never seen anything good?"

        "Yes! This is really treating our Shen family like beggars! Alas, it's true that girls are outgoing!"

        "If it were me, I wouldn't have the face to fight with this stuff! Nice of you to bring it out ......"

        Not only did the dense mockery not diminish at all as Bai took out his gift, but it grew noisier and noisier.

        On the contrary, it grew noisier and noisier.

        The mocking words were like a slap in the face, causing Bai Yi's pretty face to shake with shame and anger, and her delicate body to tremble.

        Just at that moment!

        A big hand, suddenly embraced her.


        Bai Yi only felt a warmth that reached her heart, coming from her large hand.

        Turning his head to look, it was Lin Fan.

        "Lin Fan, you ......"

        Bai Yi looked at Lin Fan in amazement, she didn't know what her husband, again, was going to do.

        Hear that!

        Lin Fan could not help but smile slightly.

        "They like to compare, they like money! So, I'll do it!"


        Lin Fan's words not only stunned Bai Yi, but also the Shen family, who were all confused.

        You come?

        This guy is a son-in-law who doesn't even have a job and is dependent on his wife for support, so what precious gift can he present?

        Isn't this a joke?

        Now, one by one, the surrounding Shen family members were about to open their mouths to laugh again.

        But, before they could say anything, they saw a startling scene.

        Lin Fan stretched out one of his sleeves, and then pointed at a button at the cuff of his sleeve and gave it a flick!


        The sound of a thread snapping was heard, and the button was tugged off by Lin Fan.

        After that, he placed the button on the throne and looked at Grand Duke Shen with a calm face.

        "This, is a gift to your Shen family!"