Today I Give Up Trying 197-198

 Chapter 197

The richest man in Yun Hai City!

        The Fei family is at the helm!

        When he heard Gao Zhiyuan's introduction, Lin Fan remembered that he often heard Bai Yi talk about the most famous people in the surrounding cities.

        For example, Xu Tianlong in Jiang City and Fei Changqing in Yunhai.

        Xu Tianlong had a deep and unpredictable background!

        Fei Changqing, on the other hand, has a great variety of industries, not only in Yunhai City, but also in Jiangxi City and the provincial capital Jiangnan City.

        It was just that Lin Fan had never expected that he had coincidentally saved such a person.

        "I'm ashamed to say it!"

        At this moment, Fei's face was filled with shame.

        "At that time, I thought I was old enough to come to Jiang City by myself to inspect the Fei family's property, but I never expected that I would suddenly fall seriously ill and die."

        "In particular, it was a rare case of Phlebotomy! If it wasn't for Doctor Lin's help, my life would have been lost!"

        Saying the words!

        Fei's face was filled with deep sigh and gratitude.

        Only, Lin Fan shook his head faintly.

        "It's just a show of hands, no need to take it to heart!"


        Lin Fan's eyebrows furrowed slightly, and he couldn't help but look at the gray-robed old man and the beautiful young girl beside him, before hesitating and continuing.

        "However, if you don't want your Fei family to have another funeral, I advise your granddaughter to suspend her practice of the Eight Extremes Fist!"


        When he heard that Lin Fan had even brought the topic back to the Eight Extremes Fist, the gray-robed old man, Kong Lao, was gloomy to the extreme.

        "Kid, I remembered that you saved Brother Fei, so I forgave your disrespectful words just now! Don't you dare make a toast without a forfeit!"

        Say it!

        Kong Lao's fury reproduced, as if he would hit Lin Fan if he didn't agree.

        And this scene made Lin Fan's eyes, slightly narrowed, a trace of cold mane, suddenly flashed.

        "I'm saving her, and I'm saving you!"

        "And, forfeit wine? Just you?"


        Lin Fan's attitude, penetrating a strong disdain, the kind of look at Kong Lao, as if looking at an ant crawling insect, suddenly made Kong Lao instantly angry lungs.

        "Good! Very good! You're definitely the most arrogant junior I've seen since I started walking around."

        Kong Lao was completely enraged by Lin Fan.

        At this moment, after glaring at Lin Fan, he turned around and said to Fei and Gao.

        "Brother Fei! Brother Gao! This time, I, Confucius, am sorry to you both."

        "Today, I don't care if he is a healer or not, if he is your benefactor or not! I'll teach this arrogant kid a lesson and make my Eight Extremes Fist famous!"

        Kong Lao was like a furious lion.

        He was completely red-eyed.

        This scene made the faces of Fei Lao and Gao Lao, as well as the beautiful maiden on the side, instantly become extremely difficult to see.

        "Divine Doctor Lin, this Kong Lao can [PEN] be one of our Jiangnan Province's most famous national arts masters!"

        "The number one expert in Yun Hai City is his disciple! Not only is he good at the Eight Extremes Fist, but he is also good at all the other Tongbei Fist, Iron Sand Palm, and Luohan Fist."

        "You ......"

        At this moment, Fei Lao and the others looked at Lin Fan with worried faces.

        They really wanted to persuade Lin Fan to apologize to Kong Lao, so that they could turn the dust into jade.


        "Sculpting! That's it!"


        When Lin Fan's words fell, the surrounding Fei Lao, Gao Lao, and the beautiful girls all had a numb scalp.

        Rampant! Bully!

        They could never have imagined that not only did Lin Fan not soften in the slightest, but he was so disdainful of Kong's force.

Chapter 198

This ......


        Whether it was Fei, Gao, or the beautiful girl, they all panicked at this moment.

        They knew that there was no more room for persuasion in this matter.

        Only Kong Lao could convince Lin Fan, or Lin Fan could defeat Kong Lao!

        There was no other choice.

        "Hahahaha ...... "At this moment, Kong Lao was so angry that his face turned red.

        A trace of faint white mist escaped from his body, causing the open space to become cold once again.

        He stared at Lin Fan and said in a deep voice.

        "What an overbearing and arrogant kid! In that case, I'll put my words here today! If you defeat me, then I will worship you as my master!"

        "If I win against you, I will not only make you swallow your words, but also suffer an iron fist from me!!!"


        But when he heard these harsh words, not only did Lin Fan not panic in the slightest, but he shook it and said with a light smile.

        "I'm sorry, but even if I had won over you, I wouldn't have let you worship me!"

        "Because, you're not qualified!"


        This fucking ......

        Fei Lao, Gao Lao, and the beautiful girl's hearts had the feeling of having been killed by a dog.

        They had never seen someone so arrogant, especially when they were dealing with the famous master of national arts in Jiangnan Province - Kong Lao!

        Is this kind of person not qualified to be your master?

        This is simply insane.

        At this moment, the three people beside him were looking at Lin Fan as if they were crazy.

        Unfortunately, they didn't know!

        What Lin Fan said was all true.

        Back then, whether it was the 3,000 Blood Prison Iron Army he trained in the Caribbean, or the 5,000 Dark Legion he cultivated in the Amazon jungle!

        One of them, picked out at random, could defeat this Kong Lao with a single move.

        How could he put such a mole in his eyes?

        "How arrogant! How rampant!"

        "Kid, in that case, you ...... die!"

        Kong Lao went completely crazy.

        His whole body shook, and then his hand was clenched into a fist, and with a violent whistling wind-breaking sound, he smashed hard at Lin Fan in front of him.

        The momentum was frenzied!

        Powerful fist!

        Exactly, the Chinese Eight Extremes!

        "Dr. Lin Beware ......"

        Fei Lao, Gao Lao, and the beautiful girl beside them all turned pale and quickly warned.

        Only, the scene that scared the living daylights out of them appeared.

        Lin Fan didn't even flinch or dodge in the face of the incoming fist, but remained motionless.

        That appearance was as if he was scared out of his wits.

        Not only that!

        Under the astonished eyes of the three, he slowly bent down and plucked a leaf from a nearby green plant.

        To the incoming fist, he flicked the leaf at it!


        Fei's eyes almost fell out of their mouths at this scene.

        What the hell is this?

        They are about to punch you, and you are still messing around with the grass, throwing a leaf at them?

        Isn't this a death wish?

        In an instant, the three Fei men seemed to have seen the wretched state of Lin Fan when he was knocked to the ground by Kong Lao's punch.

        One by one, their faces were as pale as dirt.

        Just at that moment!

        The scene that made the three of them unbelievable appeared.

        They were shocked to discover that the leaf that Lin Fan threw out didn't even float down, but instead, the instant it was thrown out, it was suddenly straight as a blade, like a bolt of lightning that suddenly flew forward!


        After a dull sound, it rang out.

        The whole world seemed to be quiet.

        Fei Lao, Gao Lao, and Mei Yan stared at the three women, and they saw the leaf that flew past Kong Lao's neck and pierced into a nearby ...... acacia!

        It's not just them!

        Confucius' figure, too, was completely rigid.

        His eyes stared round, as if he had discovered something incredible.



        A trace of cool breath came from his neck, accompanied by a scarlet bead of blood, slowly dripping down.