Today I Give Up Trying 194-196

 Chapter 194

Advanced Care Unit!

        Her mother-in-law, Cuiping, was happily talking to her daughter.

        "Oh Shen Ling, you have a good life! Zhou Xian, a young boy, has a bright future as the chief physician of Evans Chinese Hospital."

        "Also, their boss came today, and if Zhou Xian performs well, then maybe he will become one of the dean candidates later."

        My mother-in-law Cuiping was so excited at this moment that she simply couldn't close her mouth.


        She glanced at the corner of her mouth and covered her mouth with laughter.

        "Now that I think about it, the way Shen Yumei and Lin Fan were so angry with us just now, I want to laugh! Those who can't afford it, wait in line, and those who can, move right in! Hahaha ...... who let Shen Yumei find such an incompetent and useless son-in-law!"

        Her mother-in-law, Cuiping, simply despised Lin Fan a hundred times.

        Especially when she thought of how Shen Yumei was mocked and beaten by herself because Lin Fan was such a loser, she became more and more happy.

        It wasn't just her!

        Shen Ling, who was next to him, also said with a scowl on her face.

        "That's right! That Lin Fan is such a wimp, how can he be compared to our Zhou Xian!"

        "Ugh, I have to say, what a person! It's a shame that Cousin Bai is so beautiful and has found such a loser."

        This mother and daughter, while mocking Lin Fan and bragging about Zhou Xian, are in a frenzy!

        Just right then and there!


        The door to the ward was kicked open with a strong, hard kick.


        This scene shocked Cuiping and Shen Ling.

        In particular, when they saw that the person who kicked in the door was actually Zhou Xian, they were filled with astonishment and bewilderment.

        "Zhou Xian, what happened to you? Is your face so ugly?"

        "Yes, aren't you too tired, sit down and rest!"

        Cuiping's mother and daughter were shocked at Zhou Xian's ugly face and quickly advised him.

        Only their words had just left their mouths!


        When Zhou Xian slapped Shen Ling, he slapped him in the face.

        As if he had gone mad, his eyes flushed red and he shouted.

        "It's all because of your family! Because of that bullshit waste Lin Fan, I lost my job, lost my future, and was personally fired by our Lin Dong!"


        This shriek, like a thunderbolt, made Cui Ping and Shen Ling completely confused.

        Shen Ling covered her hot cheeks, not only did not have the slightest bit of annoyance, but was incredibly concerned and asked.

        "Zhou Xian, what are you talking about? You are the chief physician of this hospital, and one of the youngest, how could Lin Dong fire you!"

        Hear this!

        Zhou Xian also calmed down completely.

        He sat down on the edge of the bed, gripped his hair, and went crazy with hatred.

        "It was Lin Fan who did it! He found and complained to our Lin Dong, and that's how I was fired!"


        This sentence caused the anger in the hearts of Cuiping and Shen Ling to instantly rage.

        "Lin Fan, this bastard!" Shen Ling hated it so much that she gnashed her teeth.

        On the other hand, Cuiping, on the other hand, screamed even more.

        "Son of a bitch! No way! This must not go away! Go! You come with me back to the Shen family, I will let the Old Grandfather administer justice, and I will rip that Lin Fan alive!"


        Regardless of the circumstances, Cuiping took Shen Ling and Zhou Xian and left the room in a hurry!

        They want to sue!

        Complain to the Old Duke of Shen and use the power of the Shen family to make Lin Fan pay the heaviest price!

Chapter 195

For Zhou Xian, Lin Fan didn't care at all.

        In his eyes, it was just a creeper, that's all.

        This moment!

        Lin Fan has left Evans Chinese and Western Medicine Hospital together with Zhiyuan Gao under the respectful escort of Director Mike and others.

        Shen Yumei was taken care of by Mike and others, so Lin Fan naturally wouldn't worry, but what he was confused about now was Gao Zhiyuan.

        "Gao Lao, who exactly are you taking me to?"

        Just now!

        Gao Zhiyuan mysteriously found himself, saying that there was someone who wanted to see him.

        However, he did not identify the other person.

        "Mr. Lin, this man's identity is not ordinary, and you have saved his life!"

        "Originally, he wanted to come and thank you personally, but things were too hectic for him, so he had to ask you to come with me."

        The look of the old man was mysterious.

        And seeing that the other party still hadn't told the identity of that person, when Lin Fan didn't bother to ask further questions, he just sat in the back row and quietly closed his eyes.


        The car stopped in front of a mansion in the West Lake Mansion in Jiang City.

        It was a single-family villa with an exclusive courtyard, rockery, and garden!

        Covering an area of dozens of kilometers, even in a small city like Jiang City, the market value of this compound is feared to be in the hundreds of millions of dollars.

        Especially the decoration style.

        It's clearly Chinese garden style, ancient, giving people a sense of tranquility and then luxury.

        As soon as Gao Zhiyuan and Lin Fan entered the courtyard, they saw a gray-robed old man teaching a young girl boxing techniques on a patch of grass in the courtyard.


        The young girl looks only eighteen or nineteen years old, that pretty face, extremely beautiful, especially the beautiful eyes flow between, giving people a sense of cold beauty.

        It was definitely a voluptuous beauty.


        Her body style, between the flashes and moves, was fierce and swift.

        A pair of pink fists, when waved, was very domineering and powerful.

        Looking at the girl's fist technique, Lin Fan was slightly startled.

        "The Eight Ultimate Fists of the National Arts!"

        Lin Fan is most familiar with the Eight Extremes Fist, which emphasizes flexibility and strength, and is the best way to train one's muscles and bones.

        When he was training the members of the Blood Prison, his entry-level technique was the Eight Extremes Fist of the National Arts.

        It can be said!

        Lin Fan dares to claim second place for his knowledge of the national art of Ba Ji Quan, and no one else in the world dares to claim first place.

        Just at this moment!


        Lin Fan's eyebrows furrowed, and he discovered that the Eight Extremes Fist that this young girl was practicing, although it looked majestic and mighty, the route of qi and blood circulation was completely contradictory!

        If you continue to cultivate, you will not be able to say that you have achieved anything, for fear that you will not live to be twenty years old, and then your qi and blood will go against you, your five organs will be dislodged, and the immortals will be hopeless.


        At that moment, the girl finished her set of Eight Extremes Fist, and then exhaled her breath and closed her fist.

        It seemed to be in good shape.

        Seeing this, the gray-robed old man on the other side of the scene, suddenly stroked his beard and smiled.

        "Hahahaha ...... Yan'er, your Eight Extremes Fist is progressing so fast that I'm afraid it won't be long before it catches up with your brother!"

        Seeing the old man's praise, a wink of joy appeared on the pretty face of the beautiful girl.

        "It's all due to the good teaching of Master!"


        These four words were extremely useful to the gray-robed old man.

        Only, just as he was about to say something, a cold voice suddenly came from the door.

        "It was well taught! Right now, it's going to teach you all about your little life!"


        As soon as the words were spoken, the gray-robed old man's and the beautiful young girl's faces changed.

        They realized that two figures, one old and one young, walked in through the door.

Chapter 196

"Gao Lao!"

        When he saw Gao Zhiyuan, the gray-robed old man looked slightly relieved, but when he saw Lin Fan, his eyebrows knitted together instantly.

        "Boy, what are you babbling about?"


        The corner of Lin Fan's mouth was smiling coldly as he swept a glance at the gray-robed old man, not shaking his head and smiling faintly.

        "May I ask, how many years have you been practicing Bajiquan?"

        How many years?

        The gray-robed old man was slightly stunned.

        This set of eight levels of national arts was bought by him three years ago at an astronomical price from a Jiang Hu master, and three years of practice had caused his strength to skyrocket.

        Just what did it have to do with Lin Fan!

        "Three years, what?" The gray-robed old man's gaze toward Lin Fan was filled with hostility.

        And hearing this!

        Lin Fan laughed with increasing disdain.

        "Then do you know that eight years is not enough to teach the Eight Extremes, it takes eight years to teach them!"

        "You are harming people's lives by coming out to teach people after only three years of practice!"


        Lin Fan's words caused the gray-robed old man's and the beautiful girl's faces to change.

        Harming people's lives?

        This hat was so big that it made the gray-robed old man's face drip with gloom.

        "What nonsense! I've never heard that it takes eight years to teach someone if you don't teach them for eight years!"

        "Kid, I don't care who you are? If you're talking nonsense here, I'll be careful not to be rude to you!"

        Say it!

        Hoo ......

        A layer of white mist appeared on the body of the gray-robed old man, as if it were a fury, causing Gao Zhiyuan and the beautiful girl to instantly fall into the ice cellar, feeling as if the temperature had dropped a few points.

        Seeing this scene!

        Gao Zhiyuan was shocked and quickly stopped Lin Fan and explained to the gray-robed old man.

        "Confucius, calm down! This young gentleman is Fei's savior, so don't be unreasonable!"


        A lifesaver?

        This sentence instantly caused the gray-robed old man's complexion to change, and his gloom and doom changed, which then suppressed the slightest bit of coldness in his body.

        After all, he had also heard that there was a Divine Doctor Lin who had saved Fei Lao.

        Even though he was extremely annoyed with Lin Fan, he was unable to act out at the moment.

        "Little brother, are you my grandfather's savior, Divine Doctor Lin?" At this moment, the beautiful girl next to her ran up with a grateful face and asked curiously.

        She originally thought that the person who saved her grandfather should be an old Chinese doctor.

        But she never expected that Lin Fan would be so young.

        Just at this moment!

        Don't wait for Lin Fan's answer!

        Then I heard a bright laugh coming from a distance in the next hallway.

        "Hahaha ...... That's right! This little gentleman is the Doctor Lin who saved my life!"

        Hearing these words, the crowd turned to look, and saw an old man in a tang suit with a red face, walking over from the inner courtyard.

        His air, majestic and extraordinary, was calm and strong as he stepped forward!

        At first glance, it was a superior person.

        It was just that Lin Fan was slightly stunned when he saw this old man.

        Because this person was the same Fei Lao who was suffering from the 'Filinock' disease that he had saved with the Sanjiu White Bone Needle Method during the broadcast!

        "Is that you?"

        It was only then that Lin Fan suddenly realized why Gao Zhiyuan and the young girl, both said they had saved each other.


        At this moment, I saw Fei Lao, in a tang suit, trot over, and when he arrived in front of Lin Fan, he was full of respect and gratitude, and bowed deeply to Lin Fan.

        "Old man Fei Changqing, thank you for saving Dr. Lin's life!"

        Fei Changqing!

        For some reason, this name, however, was somewhat familiar to Lin Fan.

        See this scene!

        The old man, who was next to him, quickly explained.

        "Mr. Lin, you don't know, do you? This is Fei Changqing Fei, the uncle of Fei Yong of the Jiang City Yong Sheng Group! He is also the richest man in Yunhai City next to us, and the head of the largest family in Yunhai, the Fei family!"