Today I Give Up Trying 191-193

 Chapter 191

Is it true?

        When she heard Lin Fan's admission, Shen Yumei, who was next to him, still felt as if she were dreaming, incredulous.

        This is the hottest Chinese and Western hospital in Jiang City.

        Numerous people in Jiang City, all want to come to the medical treatment of the Holy Land, but now, it is their own?

        This made Shen Yumei's mood, simply mixed feelings.

        Not only her!

        The families of the patients and the little nurses next to him looked at Lin Fan with a burning and shocking luster.

        It was as if they were looking at an idol.

        They finally understood Lin Fan's words to Zhou Xian.

        "It has nothing to do with me, but it has to do with my assets!"

        It turned out that this really was his property.

        "Lin Dong, please! We've prepared a super VIP nursing ward for your mother!" Gao Zhiyuan greeted Lin Fan and Shen Yumei.

        Super VIP ward!

        In the entire Evans Hospital, there is only one!

        The daily base cost was tens of thousands of dollars.

        At that moment, the many big shots of the hospital crowded around Lin Fan and Shen Yumei and headed upstairs.

        Until Lin Fan and the others left!


        The crowd in the hospital lobby completely exploded, and all of them had intense excitement and horror on their faces.

        "My God, so this is the real big brother, low-key and unassuming!"

        "Yeah, it's obviously someone's own private hospital here, but they still took the initiative to get in line! This kind of character is truly admirable!"

        "The funny thing is that Dr. Zhou is so proud and arrogant and domineering! This is going to be fun!"


        All the family members and patients in the lobby, as well as the nurses, all looked gloomy, as if they had predicted the sad end of Dr. Zhou Xian!

        And meanwhile!

        Inside the senior nursing ward.

        Zhou Xian had just examined his mother-in-law Cuiping, but at that moment, he heard a loud noise coming from outside.


        Zhou Xian was stunned, and then quickly called out to a nurse manager who was in a hurry, and then asked.

        "Nurse Li, what's wrong? Seeing you in such a hurry, is something wrong?"

        The head nurse obviously did not know about Zhou Xian and Lin Fan.

        She was now full of excitement and said to Zhou Xian.

        "Dr. Zhou, you don't know, do you? The super VIP room upstairs just admitted its first patient, and now all of us nurses are ready to take care of it."


        This sentence shocked Zhou Xian.

        They knew that the super VIP ward was one of the best in the hospital, extravagant and expensive.

        Ordinary people, even with the strongest relationships, would not be able to open it.

        But now, ......

        "Nurse Li, who on earth is able to stay in a super VIP room?" Zhou Xian became more and more curious.

        His mother-in-law, Cuiping, and his wife, Shen Ling, also straightened their ears one by one, wondering what kind of big man could have such power and relationship.

        "It's the owner of our hospital, Lin Dong!" Nurse Li smiled slightly, full of reverence.

        "This time when Lin Dong's mother-in-law came to the hospital, the president, vice president and several chief physicians were all there to greet her."

        "Alas ...... just didn't expect that our Lin Dong would be so young, in his early twenties! If I were ten years younger, I would have chased him down! It's simply awesome!"

        Lin Dong!


        These two words startled Zhou Xian.

        He had heard that the owner of this hospital was the Lin Dong, a mysterious and terrifying big shot.

        Even the director and vice director were full of admiration when they mentioned that person.

        Zhou Xian could never have imagined that it would be the boss's mother-in-law living in the hospital.

Chapter 192

In the present!

        On Zhou Xian's face, an intense excitement appeared and he turned to his mother-in-law Cuiping and his wife Shen Ling and said.

        "Mom! The owner of our hospital is here and I have to get to know him!"

        Zhou Xian is among the youngest chief physicians at this hospital.

        The future is bright!

        If he can get Lin Dong's attention, then he will certainly soar to great heights in the future.

        And hearing this!

        The mother-in-law, Cuiping, and his wife, Shen Ling, were also delighted, and hurriedly and excitedly urged.

        "Go on! Be sure to perform well in front of your boss!"

        "Yes, honey, he's a big shot, so you must be sure of what you say and do!"

        The two of them gave a painstaking explanation.

        And when Zhou Xian answered, he ran upstairs in great excitement.

        And when he had just arrived at the top floor!

        I saw the end of the corridor on the top floor, already crowded with people, any one of them, is the director of the hospital's major departments of physicians level.

        When they saw Zhou Xian running over, they greeted one by one.

        "Everyone, is the boss in there?" Zhou Xian ran out of breath and asked excitedly.

        Hearing this, an old physician said at once.

        "It's in there! Accompanied by the dean and vice president, they are helping the boss's mother-in-law and doing a checkup."

        Hoo ......

        A boss is a boss!

        The president of the hospital, a leading Western doctor, and the vice president, the first person in traditional Chinese medicine, are personally responsible for the examination.

        This treatment was simply unimaginable.

        At that moment, Zhou Xian looked inside the ward through the dense silhouettes of the people.

        Only, when he saw a slightly blurred silhouette inside the ward, Zhou Xian's body, ruthlessly shook.

        "How does that person's back look so much like ...... Lin Fan?"

        At this moment, Zhou Xian could hardly believe his eyes.

        He quickly rubbed his eyes, and then looked inside the hospital room once again.

        Only then did he find it!

        In the ward, the figure of Lin Fan seems to be gone?


        Zhou Xian's brow furrowed into a tight frown, and he shook his head.

        "I must have been blind, this super VIP ward, how does that poor door-to-door son-in-law have the right to come in!"

        Think about it!

        Zhou Xian then followed the crowd and slowly pushed his way inside to get a glimpse of his boss's dignity.


        Just before Zhou Xian squeezed to the door, a sudden noise and congestion came from in front of him, but he found that the dean and vice dean actually came out with gloomy faces.

        Not only that!

        The two greats had just come out and closed the door to the super VIP room.

        "Zhou Xian!!!"

        With a shout from Gao Zhiyuan, the surrounding chief physicians made way for Zhou Xian!

        "Vice President, here I come!" Zhou Xian was shocked, but his heart was even more ecstatic.

        He hurriedly ran to Gao Zhiyuan's face, and then said excitedly.

        "Vice President, you wanted to see me? Could it be Lin Dong ......"

        Zhou Xian instantly thought that it was Lin Dong who wanted to summon him, which made him tremble with excitement.


        "You're fired! In addition, I have contacted all of my colleagues in the medical community in Jiang City, in light of your selfishness, enrichment, and poor medical ethics! The medical community in Jiang City has decided to ban you completely from this day forward! Never hired!"


        Gao Zhiyuan's words fell on Zhou Xian's ears, making him feel as if he had been struck by five thunderbolts and could hardly believe his own ears.

Chapter 193

No ...... not possible!

        Wrong, I must have heard wrong!

        Zhou Xian was confused.

        Not only him, but also the chief physicians around him were all incredulous.

        After all, in the eyes of the people around him, Zhou Xian was the youngest and most promising one, and would definitely be used in the future.

        And now ......

        How could they be fired?

        "No ...... Vice President Gao, this is not true, you must be joking with me, right?"

        On Zhou Xian's face, a strong stiff smile appeared, and he asked Gao Zhiyuan with astonishment on his face.


        He stared at Zhou Xian with a pair of cloudy eyes and said in a cold tone.

        "We have just learned that you have ignored the law and regulations of the hospital and opened a green channel for your own relatives, and even occupied the public resources of the hospital to open the advanced care ward and all treatment free of charge!"

        "Is it and isn't it?"


        The words were like a thunderbolt that caused Zhou Xian to stumble for a moment.

        How could it be!

        Zhou Xian was full of astonishment and disbelief.

        He was opening the green channel and treating his own relatives for free, but except for today, when he humiliated Lin Fan by saying these words, he was doing it in a very low-key manner in ordinary times.

        Only a handful of medical personnel who are acquainted with him know about it.

        But now ......

        That's not all!

        "In light of your egregious behavior, which has caused significant damage to the hospital, as of today, you and your loved ones' families will be blacklisted as members of the hospital, and the hospital will not provide any further medical treatment to you!"

        Gao Zhiyuan's words once again made Zhou Xian turn pale.




        At this moment, Zhou Xian's mind could not help but echo Lin Fan's words.

        'You will be fired today, and you will be completely shut down by the medical community in Jiang City.'


        Thinking of Lin Fan's words, Zhou Xian's body trembled once again.

        It was fulfilled. ......

        Originally, in his eyes, Lin Fan's words were just like the words of an idiot, how could he be fired from the hospital, much less be completely shut down, as a dignified chief physician.

        But now, all of this has come true.

        Could it be ...... Lin Fan?

        At this moment, Zhou Xian couldn't help but remember that he had just seen a similar backdrop to Lin Fan in the hospital room, and he couldn't help but feel more and more certain.

        It was Lin Fan who was harming himself, and he must have been the one who tipped off the dean and others about it!

        This damned bastard.

        At this moment, Zhou Xian simply hated Lin Fan to the bone, and his eyes turned red as he asked.

        "Vice President Gao, can I ask who really snitched? Is it Lin Fan? Is this son of a bitch in the hospital room?"

        Zhou Xian was completely anxious.

        Just hear that!

        Gao Zhiyuan's look, however, was a bit odd.

        He looked at Zhou Xian as if he were an idiot.

        "To tell you the truth, it was Lin Dong himself who gave the order to issue the closure order on you!"


        Not only was Zhou Xian shocked by these words, but all the medical staff nearby were also in an uproar.

        They all knew that Lin Dong was a big man with a clear vision, a super being who had the admiration of Dean Mike and Vice Dean Gao Zhiyuan.

        Such a person personally gave the order of closure!

        This ...... is unimaginable.

        "I ...... I understand ......"

        Zhou Xian's entire body, as if he had been drained of all his strength, was completely desperate.

        Only, in this despair, there was a strong resentment.

        "It turns out that Lin Fan, the bastard, didn't rat on you guys, but found Lin Dong directly and ratted on him personally!"

        "This scoundrel, I, Zhou Xian, am in a quarrel with him!"


        Zhou Xian knew that if he continued to stay here, he would only be a laughing stock.

        After all, he could not afford to provoke such a figure as Lin Dong.

        He could only, turn around and leave.

        But he just didn't know it!

        Looking at his back, Gao Zhiyuan is more like looking at an idiot.

        This guy has quite a vivid imagination, but his idiocy lies in the fact that he probably never imagined that the Lin Fan he resented was the ...... Lin Dong he feared!