Today I Give Up Trying 189-190

 Chapter 189

"O Second Sister! I urge your family to be more careful in the future!"

        "Don't use that Mr. Lin and Province No. 1 to pull a tiger's skin off, he's not someone you can get to know!"

        "If one day, if it gets to the ears of those others, I'm afraid that your family will really be in trouble!"

        At this moment, the color of sarcasm on Second Aunt's face became more and more intense.

        Her words, on the other hand, made Shen Yumei's face even more livid.

        Just do not wait for her to say anything yet!

        But then I saw a doctor in a white lab coat, walking quickly from inside the hospital.

        "Mom! Shen Ling! What are you guys doing here? I've got the advanced care unit ready to go!"

        This doctor came quickly in front of several people.

        He, was Shen Ling's husband, Zhou Xian!

        He is also one of the several chief physicians of Ivan Chinese Hospital.

        Seeing the arrival of her husband, Shen Ling's face, the arrogance and pride, became even more intense.

        "Honey, you're done!"

        Zhou Xian nodded his head, and then looked at Shen Yumei and Lin Fan with confusion, asking.

        "These two are ......"

        He had been married to Shen Ling for only a year and had never met Shen Yumei.

        And hearing this!

        Cuiping, the second aunt, couldn't help but cover her mouth and laugh.

        "This is your aunt! That one, on the other hand, is Lin Fan, Bai Yi's husband!"

        Lin Fan?

        Zhou Xian was slightly stunned, naturally he had heard of Lin Fan and also knew about Bai Yi.

        As the hottest CEO of Jiang City, Bai Yi can be said to be a goddess in the hearts of countless men, which naturally includes him, Zhou Xian.

        And the more so, after hearing that Lin Fan is the husband of the goddess in his heart, his face, instantly darkened.

        "Oh? Are you Lin Fan? Unfortunately, Goddess Baii's vision doesn't seem too good!"

        Zhou Xian didn't shy away from it at all.

        And hearing this!

        The second aunt Cui Ping and Shen Ling, the mother and daughter next to her, burst out laughing.

        "Hahaha ...... second sister, did you see that? Even my son-in-law, the first time he met Lin Fan, he made such a comment. I don't know what kind of eyes your family has!"

        "Lin Fan, it looks like you're really not very popular with passersby! Hahaha ......"

        The mother and daughter laughed rampantly and arrogantly.

        This sentence also made Shen Yumei tremble with anger.

        She was just about to rage, but Lin Fan pulled her back.

        Lin Fan's face, without the slightest hint of anger, instead, with a smile hanging on the corner of his mouth, looked straight at Zhou Xian and asked.

        "Are you the chief physician here? What about your mother-in-law and wife, are they registered? Is there a line?"

        "And what qualifies them to be placed in an advanced care unit?"


        Lin Fan's words caused Zhou Xian's family to be stunned.

        They never expected that this shabby fellow would be so nosy.

        "Cut! None of your business!"

        Zhou Xian glanced at Lin Fan, and then said in a pompous voice.

        "Let me tell you, I'm the chief physician here, my mother-in-law and my wife, so naturally I don't have to wait in line to register like you!"

        "And let me tell you, not only do they not have to wait in line, the treatment is all free! I want to put them in the advanced care unit, so let's do it, and who are you to meddle in my business!"

        Zhou Xian's words were arrogant and rampant to the extreme.

        But this sentence made Lin Fan angry.

        He looked straight at Zhou Xian and smiled playfully, but with a stern smile.

        "It's not about me, but it's about my assets!"

        "I can tell you that as of today, you will be fired! Or rather, the medical community in Jiang City will be completely closed to you."

Chapter 190


        Lin Fan's words caused Zhou Xian's family to be slightly stunned.



        Hahaha ......

        The three members of Zhou Xian's family, as if they had heard the best joke, burst out laughing instantly.

        Zhou Xian even covered his stomach, laughed from ear to ear, pointed at Lin Fan and said.

        "Hahaha ...... fire me? Kill me? With you! Laughed my ass off, hahahaha ......"

        The second aunt Cuiping and Shen Ling, who were next to him, also looked at Lin Fan as if he were an idiot.


        Choo Hyun is one of the key players in this hospital!

        Who can fire him but the dean and a few others, let alone the medical community in Jiang City!

        This is just a dream come true.

        "Honey, let's not get involved with such inferior people! Let's go, let's get Mom medical attention!" At this moment, Shen Ling didn't bother to take care of Lin Fan and the two of them, and now pulled Zhou Xian and his second aunt Cuiping inside the hospital.

        And seeing this scene!

        The surrounding families who were seeing the patients, as well as one nurse, also pointed at Lin Fan and Shen Yumei and talked.

        "Did you hear that? This guy is so brazen to say that he fired Dr. Zhou!"

        "Yes, Dr. Zhou is already a chief physician at a young age and has a bright future ahead of him.

        "Alas ...... that Dr. Zhou, I heard that Jairus is extremely vengeful! I'm sure we'll make things difficult for them later!"


        The surrounding crowd, looking at Lin Fan and Shen Yumei, shook their heads incessantly.

        In their eyes, it was obvious that Lin Fan was outspoken and might even be retaliated against by Zhou Xian.



        Just at this moment, the sound of rapid footsteps actually came from upstairs.

        Then, in the startled eyes of everyone around, we saw a foreign doctor and an old Chinese medicine man, leading a host of physicians, doctors, etc., running down quickly.

        Their faces were filled with ecstasy and excitement.

        It was as if they were coming out to greet some great person!

        This ......

        The surrounding families, patients, and nurses were all stunned.

        They recognized that the two at the head were Mike and Gao Zhiyuan, the president and vice president of Ivanhoe Chinese Hospital.

        Behind them, most of the key medical and nursing staff of the hospital were included.

        The crowd could not even imagine what kind of people they were going to greet, which made all the bigwigs of the hospital show up.

        The crowd around them was in an uproar, shocked to the core.


        An even more incredible scene appeared.

        They saw that the big men were rushing towards Lin Fan and his family.

        Especially, when they arrived in front of Lin Fan!

        In front of everyone's incredulous eyes!


        All bowed, loudly and excitedly.

        "Welcome Director Lin to visit us!!!"

        When this sentence resounded in the hospital lobby, all the surrounding families, patients, nurses and other people were all struck by lightning, almost unable to believe their ears.

        Lin ...... Lin Dong?

        Everyone was completely confused as they looked at Lin Fan's shabby clothes and at the hospital bigwigs who were bowing and saluting him.

        It wasn't just them!

        At this moment, even Shen Yumei, who was beside him, was trembling.

        Looking at Lin Fan's eyes, it was as if he had seen a ghost.

        "Little ...... Little Fan, is this hospital really ...... yours?"

        Shen Yumei's voice was trembling.

        After all, the visual impact of the scene in front of her was too strong.

        And Lin Fan smiled slightly, shook his head and said.


        "To be precise, it's mine and Bai's!"