Today I Give Up Trying 1870 (End)

 These words immediately caused the nation to grieve, and everyone could not help but weep in front of their television sets in pain at the sight of Lin Fan's face as he prepared to die a heroic death in a generous manner.

        "Who will save my country's hero, where is the Chinese army!"

        "Why is he the only one fighting alone, where are the rest of the army seats?"

        "Why is this happening, why do we have to watch him die?


        Bang, bang, bang!

        And yet. Without waiting for them to think more, the moment of despair came as countless cannon muzzles fired in unison, and endless cannon fire was instantly engulfing Lin Fan.



        "Military seat!!!!"

        A hiss of grief and anger resounded wildly, and everyone's faces were tinged with pain.

        And at this moment, Bai Yi in front of the television set screamed out in misery directly after seeing this scene and fainted.

        The big picture had been decided!

        Lin Zuo of China, dead in battle!

        And it wasn't long after Lin Fan was bombarded by artillery fire that the Dragon Tiger Legion, the Northern Army, the other two major legions, came in late.

        However, everyone in the country did not feel grateful at this moment, but instead felt extremely angry.

        Why did they only come now?

        What was the point of coming now when people were already dead?

        And just as the scene was in chaos, an angler appeared out of nowhere in the middle of the field and came to a charred corpse.

        "Kid, I didn't say you could die!"

        With that, he picked up Lin Fan's corpse and slowly left towards the distance, disappearing in a cloud of dust before long.

        He was the man who had taken Lin Fan away more than ten years ago!

        Lin Fan's master, an old man of mysterious origins!

        A few days later, the dust had settled.

        News was broadcast that all the forces led by the Holy Church had been wiped out by the Four Legions, and Benjamin had been court-martialled and executed by firing squad in the next few days.

        He Lan Xuan and Xu Long Guan were stripped of their titles and sentenced to life imprisonment for disobeying orders.

        And the Lin Block died in battle and was buried with state honours, to the grief of the nation!


        And some years later, in a villa in a town in China, a family was sitting in front of the television watching the news.

        "This year is the day of Lin Zha's sacrifice again, five years ago today, Lin Zha gave his life to defend the country, his heroic deeds will be sung for centuries to come!"

        "Dad, in the future I, Lin Haotian, will be a great hero like Lin Zha!"

        A little five-year-old boy said with great enthusiasm.

        "Just you? Now you're still wetting your trousers!"

        The little girl next to him struck out.

        "Lin Chuyan, who are you saying is wetting their trousers?"

        "Just you just you, slightly slightly slightly, unashamed!


        Who would have thought that Bai Yi had given birth to a dragon and phoenix fetus.

        And the man in front of him, his face more mature and steely than five years ago, was now staring at his two children with a smile.

        "Stop it, or mum will get angry! After dinner later, I'll take you to the amusement park!"


        "Daddy's the best!"

        And at that moment!

        Bai Yi had already made the meal and was looking at her husband and children with a gentle face, while Shen Yumei and Bai Shan were also greeting them over with a kind face.


        There was no longer a Lin Zuo in this world, nor was there a King of Blood Hell!

        There was, only Lin Fan, the son-in-law of the Bai family at home!

        And in this place, no one knew them, and no one would ever bother them again.

        The whole world thought Lin Fan was dead!

        After dinner, Lin Fan and Bai Yi took their two children shopping, the couple snuggled together, their eyes full of tenderness as they looked at their bouncing pair of children.

        It was a warmth they had never experienced before!

        And at that moment!

        A mother and daughter passed by them, but the daughter was staring straight at Lin Fan, and then said to her own mother.

        "Look mum, he's the hero!"

        The grand finale!