Today I Give Up Trying 1869


        When the dragon heard this, he felt humiliated, and then roared sternly, stomping furiously on the earth and charging forward like a bull!

        "The help you've found, are you sure it's going to work?"

        Lin Hongtu asked, smiling at Benjamin.

        "If he can't even do it, then we can withdraw our troops!"

        Mr. Long, was the strongest man in Rice, if even he couldn't defeat Lin Fan, then they were actively going to lose this battle!

        Benjamin's face, with a confident smile on it!


        With every minute that passed, the smile on his face was becoming stiffer and more unnatural!

        An hour had passed!

        Lin Fan was still alive, while multiple wounds had appeared on the dragon's body!

        And by now, the dragon was already panting and looking at Lin Fan in disbelief.

        I couldn't believe that this guy was so resistant to beating, his body was simply made stronger by steel, what was going on?


        The dragon had an arm torn off in full view of everyone!

        Benjamin was desperate!

        "No way, this can't be! You... What kind of monster are you?"

        The dragon roared hysterically, the look in his eyes like he was looking at a demon.

        Damn it, he had never encountered such a terrifying opponent in his life!

        This guy was an insane killing machine, and he would never go down until he had failed to kill his opponent.

        Lin Fan was already covered in blood and bruised all over!

        But his eyes were still full of fighting spirit, and his gaze was like a dragon filled with a blazing killing spirit.

        "Mr. Long, that's all there is to it!"


        The dragon's face suddenly turned gloomy, completely furious, and roared chaotically as he killed again.

        And at this moment, seeing Lin Fan heavily wounded, Bai Yi was on the verge of fainting, those tears flowing down madly.

        "Bai Yi don't look, be careful of the child in your stomach."

        But Bai Yi shook her head stubbornly, she wanted to know if Lin Fan was dead or alive.


        In the highest institutions of China, all the top brass were paying close attention.

        "Are we, all of us, wrong?"

        An old man covered in medals asked.

        There was dead silence in the room, not a single person spoke, and all of them had a strong look of regret on their faces.

        Wrong, and very wrong!

        And then all eyes, looking towards the man sitting in the main seat, waited for his orders.

        That man took a deep breath and shouted :

        "Order He Lan Xuan and Xu Long Guan to go to support, mission objective:Save the national hero Lin Fan!"


        An old man, however, smiled bitterly and said :

        "Those two have lost contact half an hour ago."


        The crowd was in an uproar, the two military seats they trusted the most had blatantly disobeyed their orders, instead it was Lin Fan, whom they suspected to be scornful, who was fighting to the death for his country?

        "How dare you!!!"

        A roar of extreme anger resounded throughout the conference room.


        And at that moment, within the battlefield, it was nearing the end.

        Lin Fan stepped on the dragon's corpse under his feet, his form shaking.

        "Kill him! KILL!!!"

        Benjamin had seen that Lin Fan was at the end of his rope, and this was the best time to kill him.

        This scumbag had killed so many of his people and caused the strongest king of Rice, Dragon, to drink his hatred, he was bound to die when he returned to his country.

        But now, he wanted Lin Fan to be buried with him!

        And at this moment, looking at his grandson, how bitter was the smile on Lin Hongtu's face.

        At this time, he actually admired the man in front of him!

        If back then, you had not been abandoned by the Lin family, what heights would you be heading towards now?

        "My Lin family, I am not blessed!"

        With a long sigh, Lin Hongtu drank a bullet and killed himself, still dying without resting his eyes.

        For he knew that he had made an extremely wrong decision more than ten years ago, destroying the Lin family and a true king.

        And while facing those cannon muzzles, Lin Fan's face still wore a cold smile of disdain :

        "Lin Zuo of China, here today to guard the gates of the country! Those who trespass, kill without pardon!!!"