Today I Give Up Trying 1868

  And as their eyes plunged into the battlefield, they were horrified!

        For they saw that there was not a trace of fear in the eyes of everyone on Lin Fan's side, there was only endless hatred and killing in their eyes!

        A frenzied charge that defied death!

        As if they wanted to wipe out everything, everything!

        "How can this be?"

        Benjamin asked in disbelief, he had never seen such brave soldiers, as if they were eager to die.

        And at that moment, Lin Hongtu then laughed bitterly and said.

        "These are the Chinese soldiers, they are never afraid of death! Every single one of them is a dead soldier!"

        At these words!

        Benjamin immediately looked at Lin Hongtu angrily, and then gritted his teeth and said.

        "You knew this would happen, didn't you? You're setting me up!"

        This was a loss-making deal!

        Originally, he had thought that for a very small price, he would be able to take care of Lin Fan!

        But now, it seemed that Lin Fan's side would never give up until the last man was killed!

        And he might have to lose more than half of the million men he brought with him!

        So that would be a huge loss, and he would have to be sanctioned when he returned to China!

        But Lin Hongtu laughed insanely.

        "Mr Benjamin, I think you should know that there is no free lunch in this world!"

        "If you want something, you have to pay something, and as businessmen, we should calculate the gains and losses ourselves before we invest, shouldn't we?"


        Benjamin now had the urge to kill Lin Hongtu!

        And yet!

        Not only them, but also forces like Black September were confused at this point!

        What did they see?

        A tiny soldier, filling the cannon with his flesh to buy time for his brothers to attack!

        A crippled soldier, staggering forward with his gun to die even though he was obviously already seriously wounded!

        Another was dying, but still stabbed a man with his last breath!

        Who the hell are these people?

        A bunch of lunatics!

        A bunch of psychopaths!

        When he saw this, Benjamin realised that something was wrong!

        He turned his head to a man and pleaded.

        "Mr. Long, please do something to kill the King of Blood Hell!"

        "Otherwise, I'm afraid the damage to our Holy Church will be incalculable!"


        The hidden powerhouse of the Holy Church!

        And his strength is the absolute top!

        "Benjamin, this is what happens when you underestimate your opponent!"

        The man stepped out of the shadows!

        He was three metres tall!

        All over his body, his muscles were terrifying, like a demonic muscle man!

        The moment they saw him, all the people in front of the TV couldn't help but suck in a cold breath!

        Was this still a human being?

        "Mr. Long has taught us a lesson!"

        Benjamin lowered his head, not daring to retort.

        Although he was the leader of the Holy Church on the surface, he also relied entirely on this man for their Holy Church to be ranked second in the world.

        "King of Blood Hell, let me verify if you are the strongest in the world!"

        The dragon roared out and stomped the earth with fury!


        With a loud burst, the dragon instantly spanned dozens of metres away and headed straight for Lin Fan.

        This scene stunned many people!

        A jump of tens of metres?

        This was a fucking monster!

        "Something unbelievable is coming! You guys get out of the way!"

        Lin Fan's face sank as he warned the people around him.

        And then striding forward, he took the initiative and threw a fierce, furious punch!


        A terrifyingly strong wind tore through the earth, and Lin Fan was instantly blown away, spitting blood on the spot!


        The Blood Hell Mad God and the others had been stunned, it was the first time they had seen that Lin Fan had fallen short in a head-on collision!

        "King of Blood Hell, it's nothing more than that!"

        Long laughed contemptuously, the corners of his mouth glowing with a touch of contempt.



        Lin Fan, however, for some reason, burst out laughing madly:.

        "Ouch! It's been many years since I've been hurt this badly!"

        "This is the first time I've fought against a supreme power, Dragon! You've satisfied me!"