Today I Give Up Trying 1866

 And just as the plane was taking off, Lin Fan saw a figure rushing out not far away.

        Surprisingly, it was Li Kaoran, who cried out to Lin Fan with a sobbing voice, shouting

        "Lin Fan, if you can come back alive! I'll make you a wife, okay?"

        She already knew the dangers of Lin Fan's trip.

        And Lin Fan only smiled and waved his hand to say goodbye to her, but he didn't know if he heard what she said.

        On the side, Xu You Rong, however, said with resentment.

        "Miss Li, why do you look at such a thing and plan to be his second wife, don't you think it's a drop in price?"

        Obviously Xu You Rong was still indignant because of what happened before.


        But Li Kaoran gave her a direct slap and scolded her angrily, saying

        "What do you know? What the hell do you know? He's going to send himself to his death, for the sake of the country!"

        Xu You Rong was dumbfounded!

        Sending himself to his death?

        Lin Fan was taking this plane ride and was actually going to send him to his death?

        What the hell was going on!


        At that moment, all businesses in Jiangcheng were paralyzed!

        All the residents of Jiangcheng were fleeing like mad, fearing that if they delayed one step, they would be doomed.

        They all knew what was going to happen next!

        Not only the residents of River City, but everyone was now staring at the port of River City live and without interruption!

        Watching the hundreds and hundreds of super ships!

        Everyone's hearts were clenched together.

        And they all wondered, these foreign countries have gathered millions of people just to kill one person?

        Who was that person?

        And the Baiy family was waiting nervously for something in front of the television set.

        Just then!

        A helicopter descended from the sky and parked itself in front of the two armies, and then a man came down from the plane.

        The moment she saw him, Bai Yi felt dizzy!

        Lin Fan!

        The man that millions of foreign countries wanted to kill was actually him!

        And Shen Yumei and her husband had cried out at this time.

        So, Lin Fan was going to die today!

        No wonder they had felt that something was wrong with Lin Fan these past few days!

        It turned out that he had planned this all along, and that was why he had transferred all his possessions to Bai Yi today.

        The whole world was watching!

        And the moment Lin Fan stepped out of the helicopter, Li Kaoran and Xu You Rong were already sitting paralyzed on the ground, tears falling down like rain.

        And Lin Fan patted his neck and laughed with it:.

        "What a great head!"

        And then!

        He then stepped forward and looked angrily at the million men in front of him: "Today, the Chinese Lin Zaobao is a great man.

        "Today, the Lin Za of China! Here to guard the gates of the country, those who trespass will be killed without mercy!"

        These words shook people's hearts!

        Everyone in front of the television was overjoyed!

        Lin Zuo, the most mysterious Lin Zuo in China!

        He's here!

        "With Lin Zuo here, we're in safe hands!"

        "Hahahaha, we don't need to run, it's time for these idiots to run!"

        And at that moment!

        The trumpets blew!

        Countless military vehicles drove in frantically, lined up neatly!

        Battalions of trained military armour entered one after another!


        Ten thousand men!

        One hundred thousand men!

        And at that moment!

        Lin Hongtu stepped out from the prow of one of the boats, his gaze resentful as he fixed Lin Fan with the following stare.

        "I never thought that you would really dare to come!"

        "But at best, don't you have more than two hundred thousand men? Using two hundred thousand against a million, you're seeking your own death!"


        Upon hearing these words, the global audience was completely dumbfounded!

        Lin Fan had only brought 200,000 men?

        Is this insane?

        Facing five times the enemy's strength, this is simply a death wish!

        The fervour of the Chinese people that had just been ignited was instantly doused with a pot of cold water.


        Lin Fan, however, was indifferent, and a contemptuous sneer spread across the corners of his mouth.

        "If you're looking for death, then you'll have to try it to find out!"

        As soon as the words left his mouth, tremors rose in all directions!

        A team of people came running from afar!