Today I Give Up Trying 1865

 "And as soon as Mr. Lin's child is born, we will confer the rank of War God on his behalf!"


        As soon as he was born, he would become a War God?

        Bai Yi's family only felt five thunderstorms, the shock in their hearts was like waves of shock, one after another.

        "Who are you people?"

        Bai Yi looked at the other side warily, always feeling that these people were psychopaths.

        "I am a three-star battle general of the Dragon Tiger Legion, belonging to Mr. Lin's command!"

        Lin Fan?

        How could Lin Fan be related to the Dragon Tiger Legion?

        And at this time, White Tiger walked up.

        "Let me explain!"

        And then, Bai Hu was the one who said with a complicated expression.

        "Bai Yi, originally we didn't want to hide this from you, but it was Mr. Lin's intention that his true identity be the Lin Seat of China!"


        Shen Yumei and Bai Shan sat down on the ground in unison!

        Lin Fan, the Lin Seat of China?

        They suddenly remembered the news they had read a year ago!

        At that time, Shen Yumei had insulted Lin Fan, saying that his surname was Lin and yours was Lin, and that you were not even qualified to carry his shoes!

        But it turned out that Lin Fan was the Lin Zuo and the Universal Old Dong shown on the TV!

        It was so shocking!

        Shen Yumei felt like her head was going to explode!

        But Bai Yi was more upset than shocked at this time!

        Lin Fan had been hiding it from her before, so why did he choose this time to tell her, and to transfer all his inheritance to her, what was Lin Fan trying to do.

        And just at that moment, the Blood Lord came forward!

        And looking at the Blood Lord, Bai Yi instantly smiled sarcastically.

        "Mr. Ptarmigan, are you also going to tell me that Lin Fan is the King of Blood Hell?"

        Ptarmigan nodded with a bitter smile.

        "Miss Bai Yi, I know it will be hard for you to accept for a moment, but this is the truth, Mr. Lin Fan is much more outstanding than you think!"

        "Is that so?"

        Bai Yi laughed sarcastically, before asking rhetorically.

        "Why did he ask you all to come and tell me these things, where is Lin Fan person? Where is he?"


        The White Tiger and the Blood Lord, among others, all had hesitant expressions, not knowing how to explain.

        And seeing this, Bai Yi was even more certain that something must have happened to Lin Fan!

        "Get out of the way! I'm going to find him! I'm going to find Lin Fan!"

        Bai Yi cried and pushed the crowd away, she wanted to go to Lin Fan and ask him what was going on and why Lin Fan wouldn't tell her anything.

        But Bai Hu held Bai Yi back with one hand!

        With a pained expression, he said.

        "Sorry Bai Yi, we have orders to protect your safety, we can't let you leave here at this time!"

        "If you really want to see Lin Zuo then just sit on the sofa and watch the TV, it won't take long for him to appear on the TV!"


        And at this moment, Lin Fan was already sitting by the window of his private jet, looking out over the distant scenery.

        "King, the Dragon Tiger Legion has been restricted in strength and only given 50,000! Our Blood Prison brethren have also been restricted from entering the country, only 100,000 have come in so far! And on Ni Huang's side of the army seat, she has only been given 30,000 troops!"

        The Blood Hell Mad God's face was ugly as he said.

        "There are He Lan Xuan and Xu Long Guan playing tricks here! They are deliberately making things difficult for us! There's also an ambiguous attitude from above the temple!"

        Lin Fan, on the other hand, seemed to have predicted this and sneered.

        "180,000 against a million? Three thousand armors can swallow Wu, that's enough for me!"

        "But Xu Longguan and He Lanxuan's troops are in Jiangnan, yet they are retreating to the second line.

        "Is this really worth it for us?"

        The Blood Hell Mad Gods were furious!

        They had fought tooth and nail to defend Chinese territory, but they were being set upon!


        Lin Fan, however, smiled gently and spat out a rather philosophical sentence.

        "What is it worth to defend your country?"

        "It's all in the heart, it's in the deeds!"