Today I Give Up Trying 1864

 For the next three days, Lin Fan was all about accompanying Bai Yi's family and enjoying every minute of it.

        "Why are you so free all of a sudden?"

        Bai Yi joked in amusement, as Lin Fan had actually accompanied her every day for the past three days, and could be said to have never left her.

        This made Bai Yi feel incredible

        Because she knew that Lin Fan actually had a lot of things to keep him busy.

        And Lin Fan just laughed and casually found an excuse to put off.

        "I didn't have time before, but now that the Lin family's problems have been solved, I naturally thought of keeping you company."

        He knew that he had lied to Bai Yi too much, including his own identity, including what he had done in the past.

        But he had no regrets, and the only thing he felt guilty about was that he could only lie to Bai Yi for a while, but not for the rest of his life.

        On the morning of the third day, Lin Fan was all dressed up and ready to go!

        Bai Yi's family was sitting in front of the television, watching the latest news from Jiangcheng.

        "Oh my! Those foreign states have actually invaded en masse and gathered over a million people, this is a clear attempt to provoke China!"

        "It looks like we can't go back to Jiang City at this time, a huge riot will definitely be sparked there!"

        "How did this happen for good reason, those foreign countries have nothing better to do than to harass us?"

        "I heard that they are trying to kill a man and if they kill him, they will leave willingly!"

        "Who is it? So powerful that he can get millions of people to come together to kill him?"

        Listening to their chatter, Lin Fan only smiled bitterly.

        There was no telling how they would feel when they knew that those millions had come to kill him!

        But at this time, Lin Fan had no time to care.

        "Honey, where are you going?"

        Seeing Lin Fan dressed as if he was going out, Bai Yi suddenly asked in confusion.

        "Nothing, I'm going out to buy a pack of cigarettes."

        Lin Fan said with a smile, which was already very unnatural at this point.

        But luckily Bai Yi didn't notice and just gave an oh and went back to watching TV.

        The moment Lin Fan was about to close the door, he gave Bai Yi a reluctant glance before he finally closed the door.

        And just half an hour after Lin Fan left!

        The hotel door was knocked open!

        Dozens of people poured into the hotel.

        It made the entire presidential suite look a little crowded at once.

        "Who are you people? Who allowed you to come in?"

        Bai Yi said uneasily.

        "Miss Bai Yi, we are here on Mr. Lin's orders to do your property transfer!"


        Bai Yi froze, Lin Fan was going to transfer his property to her?

        "Little Fan just loves to fool around, how much property can he have?"

        Shen Yumei teased.

        The Global Bank executive then glanced at the report in his hand before saying.

        "So far, Mr. Lin Fan has one thousand three hundred and twenty billion dollars in cash alone, among which there are other assets such as jewellery and properties, adding up to a total of seven thousand eight hundred and forty billion dollars in total assets!"


        It was like a mute switch had been turned on in the whole room!

        All of Bai Yi's family was dumbfounded!

        Lin Fan, seven hundred and eighty-four billion dollars in assets?

        They weren't dreaming, were they?

        "Have you guys made a mistake?"

        Bai Yi was also dumbfounded, unable to believe that her husband, who had such a horrible inheritance to give her.

        "Miss Bai Yi, we're not mistaken! You probably don't know it yet, Mr. Lin, he's actually the chairman of the Universal Group!"


        Bai Yi's family, at once, was struck by electricity.

        They all shivered in unison.

        Their faces were filled with fear and disbelief!

        The Universal Group, a super group ranked in the top ten of the Global 500?

        And Lin Fan was the chairman?

        What a dream!

        They must be dreaming!

        However, before they could recover from that shock, someone from the Dragon Tiger Corps came forward again and said.

        "Miss Bai Yi, because of the recent complicated state of affairs in the country, we are under Mr. Lin's orders to ask your family to stay with the Dragon Tiger Legion for a while, and after the baby is safely born, you can decide to stay or go at your leisure!"