Today I Give Up Trying 1862

 "Lin Fan, we've gone wrong! We won't dare again, please let us go! We're your relatives!"

        Wang Yanli said with tears falling down like rain.

        "Yes Lin Fan, I... I'm your cousin, you can't kill me! Otherwise how will you explain to Bai Yi?"

        Wang Zhijun also howled with a snotty nose and tears, crying.

        "Please let me go, I won't dare to do it again, I'll delete those photos right away!"

        He didn't want to die!


        Lin Fan laughed at the other party's shamelessness!

        "This isn't how you guys acted when you were blackmailing and insulting me as a soft-boiled punk, right?"

        "I've given you all a chance, that five hundred million was my last mercy, but you all took my kindness for an ass's lungs, didn't you?"

        "You guys, it's useless if you don't die!"


        As soon as they heard these words, everyone realised that Lin Fan's killing intent had already been decided!

        No matter what they said at this time, they could not change his mind.

        Therefore, Wang Zhijun howled hysterically and miserably!

        "Don't kill me, please don't kill me! I won't dare again!"

        Instead, Lin Fan mercilessly ordered.

        "Here, lynch him!"


        With that!

        A group of military armors then pinned Wang Zhijun to the ground to death, and then the general took out his dagger and began to cut off pieces of flesh from Wang Zhijun's body.

        "Ahhhhh! It hurts! It hurts!!!"

        Wang Zhijun let out a pig-killing scream and struggled frantically:.

        "Dad, help me! Auntie save me!"

        And seeing this, Wang Youcai and Wang Yanli had already been scared out of their wits, not to mention saving him, they didn't even have the courage to give him one more look.

        At that moment!

        Xu You Rong was the one who arrived late, just in time to see Wang Zhijun being miserably abused by Lin Fan.

        She knew that it was already too late!

        "You Rong, save me!"

        Wang Yanli shouted miserably to Xu You Rong, knowing that only Xu You Rong could save her at this time!

        "I told you a long time ago, why don't you listen, why?"

        Xu You Rong roared hysterically.

        Save? How else could you save her now that the big picture had been decided?

        "You Rong, save your cousin, our family will do anything to repay you!"

        Wang Youcai pleaded to Xu Yourong, completely out of options at this time.

        He hadn't expected that this trash, Lin Fan, would become so ruthless!

        It was simply not something they could offend!

        Xu You Rong hesitated for a moment, but still decided to go forward.


        Before Xu You Rong could say anything, Lin Fan waved his hand.

        "If you're trying to plead for them, then there's no need to do so!"

        "I think I have, before, made it very clear to you!"

        A single sentence instantly put Xu You Rong in an extremely awkward situation!

        She was crying and wiping her tears, but at this time she did not know what to say or do.

        "Rather, I forgot about you, you old immortal."

        Lin Fan stared at Wang Youcai with cold eyes before speaking once again.

        "Shoot him!"


        A gunshot rang out, and Wang Youcai fell to the ground, dying of breath!

        There was a bullet hole in his eyebrow!


        Wang Yanli screamed heartbreakingly, already incontinent at this time.

        The scene before her was so horrific, her big brother had been killed like this?

        Then it would be her turn next!

        "I don't want to die, I don't want to die Ah!"

        Wang Yanli could no longer be arrogant and shouted as if she was crazy.

        Seeing this, Xu You Rong also panicked and fell on her buttocks in fear.

        She had never seen such a ruthless and merciless Lin Fan before.

        This scene had scared her silly!

        In the next instant, Xu You Rong thought of something and shouted at Lin Fan.

        "Lin Fan, you promised to spare my mother, you promised!"


        Lin Fan nodded his head, and then said.

        "Yes, I promised, so I won't kill her!"

        "Cut off one of her hands!"