Today I Give Up Trying 1860

 And then, Wang Yanli was following Wang Zhijun's footsteps and left at a fast pace.

        This made Xu You Rong so anxious that she hurriedly called a taxi to follow them.


        And after arriving at the scene, Lin Fan had been waiting for a long time .

        Seeing that Lin Fan had come so quickly, Wang Zhijun immediately sneered.

        "Coming so fast, you wimp shouldn't have been scared out of your wits already, right? Hahahaha!"

        Seeing that Lin Fan had come so quickly, he thought that Lin Fan was afraid.

        I just don't know why!

        Wang Yanli looked at Lin Fan at this moment, but she felt that something wasn't quite right.

        Especially the smile on his face, it was extremely ominous!

        The whole person gave off an eerie feeling.

        With just one glance, she felt a little uneasy!

        And at that moment, Lin Fan was staring straight at Wang Zhijun.

        "It seems that you all have taken my words to your ears, do I look that easy to bully?"

        "Not bad!"

        Wang Zhijun snorted coldly and said with extreme arrogance.

        "You're just easy to bully, you're just a piece of shit! If I tell you to pay, you have to pay!"

        "Are you satisfied with this answer?"

        Lin Fan let out a long sigh and shook his head helplessly.

        "Good words are hard to persuade damned ghosts! It was you guys who forced me to have no choice!"


        Wang Zhijun's face grew ugly as he impatiently said.

        "Have you finished your nonsense? I've got a date tonight, I don't have time for you, you piece of shit!"

        "I can't give you the money, but I can treat you to something to eat."

        Lin Fan's words changed and his whole face became dark and twisted.

        No money?

        And treat them to something to eat?

        Was this kid sick in the head?

        Did he think that he could buy them something to eat and get it over with?

        Wang Zhijun was furious as he shouted.

        "Dog, do you think I'm fucking joking with you? Do you believe that I'll go to your house and talk to your wife right now?"


        He didn't believe me!

        How could he come all this way today for nothing?

        He wouldn't stop until he got the money!

        Seeing Lin Fan's strange appearance, and listening to Xu You Rong's advice, Wang Yan Li's inner words of unease became even more intense.

        Lin Fan, he wouldn't really be desperate to kill someone, would he?

        If he could give a few hundred million dollars, then it wasn't impossible to spend some more money to buy a murderer!

        And at that moment!

        Lin Fan also said in a shocking manner.

        "Sorry, I have no intention of letting you leave today! To be precise, I have no intention of letting you all leave alive!"


        Wang Zhijun and the others' expressions instantly changed, this guy was serious?

        And then!

        Wang Zhijun then roared in disbelief and said.

        "You can try it, Lin Fan, don't blame me for not reminding you, we have long placed those photos in a specific mailbox, if we hadn't manipulated it, the mailbox would have immediately sent those photos to your wife!"

        Wang Zhijun had expected Lin Fan to be scared!

        But he was disappointed!

        Only to see Lin Fan's face smiling fiercely as he said.

        "Your email username is "Wang Zhijun is the most handsome", right? Why are you so self-absorbed? Why are you so self-absorbed?"


        Wang Zhijun was about to explode!

        He looked at Lin Fan with a ghostly look on his face.

        How did this guy know his email's username?

        What the hell is going on here?

        At this moment, Wang Yanli also sensed that something was wrong and grabbed Wang Zhijun's hand.

        "Zhijun, what he said can't be true, right?"

        Wang Zhijun could no longer speak, and his body was shivering all at once.

        While Lin Fan stared him down with a playful look as if he was a cat catching a mouse.

        "I've already had your email hacked, and have also deleted those photos!"

        "In other words, Wang Zhijun, you're done for!"


        Wang Zhijun and the other three were instantly weak in the knees!

        At this moment, they all realised that Lin Fan was for real!