Today I Give Up Trying 1859

 Wang Zhijun then cut out with disdain.

        "Wouldn't that have been the end of it? So much nonsense, you have to force us to scold people, what a bitch!"

        And then, Wang Zhijun hung up the phone and turned back to Wang Yanli and the two of them with a yay gesture.

        "Success is done, that kid will send us money tonight!"

        "This time, we'll be able to split more than three hundred million!"

        Wang Yanli said with joy.

        "Auntie, just over three hundred million and you're so happy, it's too little, isn't it? I'll have to ask that boy for more later!"

        Wang Youcai instantly glared at him in displeasure.

        "How dare you say that, you've squandered all your money in just one month, why did I give birth to such a sweeper like you?"

        "Do you really think that boy owns a bank? Sooner or later his money will run out, and when he has no more money to give, I'll see what you do!"

        Wang Yanli also said in a fake benevolent manner.

        "Yes, Zhijun, don't gamble anymore, keep your money for a small business or something, sooner or later that boy will be emptied by us."

        But Wang Zhijun didn't listen, he had already enjoyed the life of a man for a few days and now he was full of squandering!

        "Then we'll talk about it when the time comes, anyway, if I run out of money I'll ask that kid for it, will he dare not pay?"

        And then, Wang Zhijun was rubbing his hands together and laughing, saying.

        "All right, no more nonsense, let's pack up and wait for that kid to deliver the money!"

        He had a date with a starlet and was planning to go to a bar tonight!

        And he even boasted that he would pay for all the money spent in the bar tonight!

        Now he was just waiting for Lin Fan to send him the money!

        And at this time, Xu You Rong rushed over, panting, and grabbed Wang Yan Li's hand: "Mom, don't go!

        "Mom, don't go! I'm begging you, Lin Fan is not someone to be messed with, last time he gave the 500 million because he was so kind and didn't want to bother with you, but this time if you still blackmail him, he won't let you go!"

        Xu You Rong had known for a long time that Wang Yan Li and the others would not die, and early this morning Wang Yan Li had mysteriously gone out.

        At that time, Xu You Rong knew something was wrong.

        So she followed them and found out that they were planning to extort a sum from Lin Fan again.

        But Lin Fan had already warned him before, but now Wang Yanli was still acting like this, did he really think that Lin Fan had no temper?

        He was looking for death!

        Wang Yanli, however, shook off Xu You Rong's hand and cursed angrily, saying.

        "Go away, don't delay me from making my fortune! You don't want me to go outside to make money if you don't strive for it yourself?"

        Nowadays, Wang Yanli was also obsessed with money and couldn't listen to explanations.

        "He is obviously a thief and wants to buy us off with money!"

        Wang Zhijun, however, said sarcastically with disdain.

        "This money is clearly earned by us, what does it have to do with that trash?"

        "Wang Zhijun, shut up! You can die if you want, but don't drag my mother into it!"

        Xu You Rong shouted angrily at Wang Zhijun, who had caused all these things.

        "Mum, listen to me, Lin Fan, he's really not to be messed with, trust me! If you guys dare to blackmail him again, he'll really kill someone!"

        Lin Fan was absolutely true to his word!

        "Aigoo, I'm scared! That punk still kills people, don't laugh at me! If he had that much guts, he wouldn't have to be a son-in-law to someone!"

        Wang Zhijun said sarcastically with disdain, and then also looked at Xu You Rong: "Auntie, are you not going?

        "Auntie, are you not going, if you don't go, I'll split that billion with my father in half!"

        "No, no, no, I'll go!"

        When Wang Yanli heard this, she became anxious and quickly kicked Xu You Rong away, scolding her.

        "Get lost! If you spoil my good deed, I will definitely not spare you!"