Today I Give Up Trying 1857

 But there are things a man can do and things he can't do, and there are things he must do!

        And had to be done!

        When they returned home, Bai Yi's family was already waiting anxiously, and when they saw Lin Fan return, the family was overjoyed.

        "Little Fan, are you alright?"

        "Did that Lin surname give you a hard time?"

        Looking at their concerned expressions, Lin Fan couldn't help but feel his heart warming up, smiling as he shook his head.

        "Don't worry! I'm fine!"

        "There's no reason, that Lin doesn't seem like such a nice person, he was so angry just now that he wanted you dead, how could he let you back so easily?"

        Shen Yumei asked with a puzzled look on her face.

        "How can you talk like that, you have to expect something to happen to Little Fan?"

        Bai Shan counted off in no good humour, saying.

        "Isn't it better if people come back now?"

        "I... I didn't mean it like that, I just thought it was a bit strange."

        Shen Yumei said weakly, but didn't dare to ask any more questions.

        Lin Fan smiled and said.

        "Mom and Dad, it's alright, it's all settled, the Lin family will never come to harass us again!"

        Won't even come to harass us in the future?

        "Little Fan, what have you done?"

        Even Bai Shan was confused, Lin Fan had settled this?


        Lin Fan just smiled, but answered in a non-committal manner.

        "Let's talk about this later, I'm tired, so I'll rest first!"

        With that, he ignored the crowd's reaction and went straight back to his room.

        The Bai Yi family looked at each other, apparently all of them had also noticed the change in Lin Fan's mood.

        "It's all your fault, what are you asking blindly?"

        Shen Yumei glared at Bai Shan without good grace.

        "Didn't you ask too?"

        Bai Shan innocently retorted.

        "Little Fan must be too tired after what happened today, so he doesn't want to talk anymore, so we'd better leave him alone."

        "Let's talk about what's going on tomorrow!"

        Bai Yi thought for a moment, and then walked towards the room, it was when he saw Lin Fan lying on the bed, his eyes staring straight at the ceiling, not knowing what he was thinking about.

        "Honey, what's wrong with you?"

        Bai Yi slowly walked over, and then sat on the edge of Lin Fan's bed.

        "Nothing, I was just thinking, what should the child be called after we are born in the future?"

        Lin Fan answered the question with a smile, but the implication of that smile was rather forced.

        Bai Yi also did not expect Lin Fan to be dwelling on this, and then was moved to say.

        "It's time to think about it, the baby is still a few months away."

        "Do you think it's better for a girl to be called Lin Chuyan?"

        Lin Fan was stunned, and then savoured the name for a moment.

        "Chu Chu Yan, good name! For a girl, it'll be called Lin Chuyan!"

        "For a boy's name, it would have to be Lin Haotian!"


        Bai Yi laughed and said.

        "Wouldn't that be too arrogant?"

        "Of course not, my Lin Fan's son will not be arrogant with any name!"

        As the saying goes, a tiger's father doesn't have a dog's son, he was the King of Blood Prison, his son must also be a dragon among men!

        "You're so shameless!"

        Bai Yi joked with a laugh.


        Lin Fan burst out laughing before taking Bai Yi's hand.

        "Wife, if you have a daughter in the future, be nice to her, it's okay for a girl to be petulant, give her what she needs to spend so that she won't be easily abducted by those little bastards when she grows up."

        "If a boy is naughty, beat him up, don't give me face! Boys aren't afraid to be beaten up, and they'll learn to remember when they get beaten up more."

        Bai Yi giggled and smacked Lin Fan in the face.

        "What are you doing, why do you feel as if you are giving your last words? Besides, don't I still have you?"

        "If I can't teach, can't you help me?"