Today I Give Up Trying 1856

 Lin Fan sighed and said.

        "Do you think the higher ups don't know? They knew about Lin Hongtu's secret collusion with the Holy Church and what the Holy Church would do next, but they chose to watch from the sidelines and chose to turn a blind eye!"


        Ni Huang and Luo Lin's expressions changed and changed again.

        "That can't be, why did they do that?"

        Lin Fan was a military seat, what good would it do them to see Lin Fan die?

        "Because I have too much power, apart from being the Military Throne of China, I'm also the King of Blood Prison and the Chairman of the Global Bank."

        "No military seat is as much of a threat as me, have you heard of cutting Fan?"

        The two of them, Ni Huang, just couldn't say anything.

        Because Lin Fan's existence was already a threat to national security?


        They wanted to weaken Lin Fan's power and influence through internal conflict?

        Lin Fan smiled helplessly.

        "Matters in the temple are very complicated, and it's difficult to explain in a sentence or two."

        "Then what's the point of staying here, leave the country! The Lin family is almost finished anyway, your wish is already fulfilled!"

        Lorraine egged on.

        "Once you leave the country and return to Blood Prison, no one can do anything to you."


        Lin Fan, however, shook his head and laughed bitterly, saying.

        "I... Can't leave! Because I'm the military seat of China, it's my duty to defend the country, society and people!"

        "People have already treated you like that, why are you still stubborn, do you want to die?"

        Luo Lin said in exasperation, Lin Fan was determined to protect his country, but what did he get in return?

        It was suspicion!


        Luo Lin even felt unworthy for Lin Fan!

        "That's exactly why I have to stay here, I want them to know that I, Lin Fan... have never wanted to commit treason!"

        "I, Lin Fan, have always been the same, the military seat of China! For the people and the country!"

        Lin Fan laughed, at this time he had already made his plans, no matter what, he would stick to this land.

        There was absolutely no way he could leave!

        If he died, then let it be by death!

        "You, stupid!"

        Loreen was so angry that her body shivered, she was a woman and could not understand the so-called family sentiment, the horse and country.

        All she knew was that living was what mattered most.

        In particular, she only knew that she didn't want Lin Fan to die, the rest she couldn't care less about!

        On the other hand, on the side, Ni Huang, who had been silent, said with a gloomy face.

        "I won't let anything happen to you, absolutely not!"

        With that, she walked away without looking back!

        She was going to find out what was going on, and at the same time, she was going to make sure that she definitely wouldn't let Lin Fan get hurt at all.

        But Luo Lin refused to die and said.

        "Little Fan, you're coming with me! You've suffered enough over the years, don't lose your life for nothing because of it!"

        From being abandoned, to becoming the King of Blood Prison through life and death experiences, to being the son-in-law at his door, how much Lin Fan had suffered!

        But now, he was even thinking of martyrdom with his life?

        Foolish, this was too foolish!

        Luo Lin didn't want to stand by and watch Lin Fan go on being so wrong!

        She didn't want Lin Fan to die!

        It was time for this child, who had suffered all his life, to enjoy his happiness!

        Lin Fan then smiled bitterly and said.

        "If I leave, who will hold back the Holy Church? What about the innocent people of China? What about the military armour that died in battle because of me?"

        "Things started because of me, how can I just pat myself on the back and leave?"

        Knowing that she had no way to convince Lin Fan, Luo Lin was so angry that she stomped her foot: "You, you are unreasonable.

        "You, you're unbelievable! I don't care about you!"

        With that, Luo Lin got into the car in a fury!

        And at that moment!

        Lin Fan looked up to the sky and sighed, a bitter smile appearing at the corner of his mouth.

        "Country country country, only when there is a country can there be a family!"

        How could he cut off the homes of so many innocent people because of himself?

        Lin Fan wasn't sick in the head, how could he think of dying?