Today I Give Up Trying 1854

 He's only in his twenties!

        At the age of twenty-something, he has such a terrifying identity and background!

        What had he been going through in these ten years that he had developed to such a terrifying extent?

        Looking at that black Zun Guo decree!

        He Lan Xuan and Xu Long Guan had also been completely confused!

        It turned out that this man in front of them was the legendary Lin Zha!

        They had never known that Lin Zuo was so young, only in his twenties!

        It was as if they were dreaming!

        "My head is right here, if you dare! Feel free to take it!"

        Lin Fan's gaze was like that of a dragon, staring deadly at the two military thrones before him.

        Xu Longguan and He Lanxuan were instantly silent, their faces looking extraordinarily ugly.

        If they were to be asked to kill Lin Fan in public, they would never dare!

        This was because throughout history, killing a military captain was a crime of treason and was punishable by death!

        Even a supreme powerhouse like them could not bear the wrath from the head of state.

        This man in front of them, they could not kill!

        Nor could they kill it!

        "Today's matter, I, He Lan Xuan, take note of it!"

        He Lan Xuan roared in anger, before waving his big hand.

        "Let's go!"

        He Lan Xuan then took his men and left in anger!

        Xu Longguan also gave Lin Fan a deep look, and a strong hatred surfaced in his eyes.

        "Seat Lin, we will meet again in the mountains and waters!"

        Today, their two great military seats had lost face, so their hatred for Lin Fan was even stronger!

        If they couldn't kill Lin Fan, they feared that they wouldn't be able to rest easy for the rest of their lives!


        There were only Lin Fan and Ni Huang left in the scene, facing the huge Lin family!

        And at that moment!

        Lin Fan held up a finger and said to Lin Hongtu.

        "One month, one month's time, I want your Lin family, the family to be destroyed!"

        Since his identity had already been revealed, there was nothing to hide next.

        After Lin Fan and the others left, Lin Zhanxie jumped into Lin Hongtu's arms like a dog.

        "Dad, we're finished! We're really screwed this time!"

        "Now, what do we do?"

        The Lin Zuo!

        The one they had offended was the titular Lin Zuo, who else could save them now?

        In a month's time, the other side would have uprooted their Lin family!


        Lin Hongtu burst into wild laughter, shaking his head one after another.

        "Retribution! Retribution!"

        "It's my Lin family's eyes that have abandoned the true dragon! This is what we deserved!"

        Lin Hongtu regretted it!

        He really regretted it!

        If his death could have saved the situation, he would have killed himself on the spot.

        Unfortunately, it was too late!

        It was he who had killed his grandson and his brother, who had killed countless Lin family members, and who had destroyed hundreds of years of the Lin family's foundation.

        Even on his way to the Yellow Springs, he would not have the face to meet his ancestors.

        This was all his own fault!

        If they hadn't done such excessive things to Lin Fan in the first place, they wouldn't have ended up like this today, they deserved it!

        They were the ones who sought their own death!

        Seeing Lin Hongtu in this state, Lin Zhanxie knew that his old father, who had always been wise, had also completely messed up.

        There was nothing more he could do!

        What they would face next was Lin Fan's crazy revenge!

        "Dad, let's flee! Let's flee overseas and take that money, it's enough for us, father and son, to spend the rest of our lives."

        Lin Zhanxiang pleaded to Lin Hongtu, at this time he only wanted to escape, as far away as possible.

        Far away from this place of right and wrong.

        Away from that devil Lin Fan!



        Lin Hongtu, however, gave him a direct slap on the face before roaring angrily.

        "You want to run away when things go wrong, are you worthy to be called a member of the Lin family? How did the Lin family give birth to such a useless piece of shit like you!"

        "Our Lin family can die in battle, but we absolutely cannot run away from the battlefield!"