Today I Give Up Trying 1852

 Xu Longguan nodded.

        "Good, then let's do it together and kill this sinful beast!"

        And then, the two military seats walked over in unison, and at once the ground shook and the mountains shook, and the steady footsteps made the entire Lin family seem to sway.

        Lin Zhanxie and his son laughed, and Lin Zhanxie said with a smirk.

        "Lin Fan, are there any last words that you need me to pass on to your wife and children? I can help bring them to you!"


        Lin Fan did not even look at them, as if he had not heard them.

        And just then!

        Outside the door, a cold, harsh laugh sounded.

        "What's so lively that it has alerted the two great military thrones!"

        Hearing this familiar voice, both Xu Longguan and He Lanxuan shivered in unison.

        And then they looked back in unison in horror, and then they saw the face they least expected to see!

        Ni Huang!

        "Ni Huang?"

        The moment they saw Ni Huang, not to mention Xu Longguan and the two of them, even Lin Zhanxie was scared silly.

        There was a strong sense of shock and disbelief in those eyes!

        It seemed like they couldn't believe their eyes!

        Did the NeHuang army seat really come here?

        She had actually parachuted into this Lin family?

        This fellow, Lin Fan, was really so capable of alerting such a terrifying woman?

        He Lan Xuan and Xu Longguan's faces instantly turned unsightly!

        They had thought that Lin Fan was just pretending, but they hadn't expected that this fellow had actually called in the Ni Huang Military Seat!

        If things were to involve the army seat, it would be a big problem!

        Because if there was a clash, not just of individuals, but of an entire legion, the consequences would be unthinkable!

        They hadn't expected that Lin Fan was really that capable of calling in Ni Huang.

        And if Ni Huang intervened, they couldn't really kill her, could they?

        Killing a military captain for no reason would be a serious crime!

        Even for someone of their status, they would still be in grave danger!

        Lin Hongtu stepped forward incomparably nervously and asked Ni Huang with some unease.

        "Military Seat Ni Huang, I don't suppose you're here for this trash, are you?"

        How afraid he was that Ni Huang had really come for Lin Fan!

        That would be a nightmare for them!


        Ni Huang shook her head after giving Lin Fan a glance, before staring at Lin Hongtu with a deadly stare.

        "I just simply don't see your Lin family in a good light!"

        The first sentence still made Lin Hongtu's father and son breathe a sigh of relief, but the words that followed from Ni Huang made them cry in fear.

        The NeHuang military seat actually looked at their Lin family unfavourably?

        But they had never offended Military Commander Ni Huang before!

        In the end, this was not for Lin Fan?

        And when they heard Ni Huang's words, Xu Longguan and his duo's faces instantly turned not so nice.

        The duo said in a cold voice.

        "Military Seat Ni Huang, you're going to stand up for this brat?"

        The father and son of Lin Hongtu were also staring at Ni Huang with incomparable nervousness, their bodies trembling madly over it.

        If this was true, then it would undoubtedly be great bad news for them!


        Ni Huang, however, shook her head and said.

        "Don't worry, no matter how you guys clean him up, I will definitely not interfere!"

        With those words, the crowd was relieved!

        Yet they couldn't understand, since Ni Huang hadn't come for Lin Fan, then who had called her here?

        Xu Longguan, still uneasy, pursued the question.

        "Then I wonder what is the reason for Military Seat Ni Huang coming here on purpose?"

        The military commander was obviously guarding the border, and it would not be an exaggeration to describe her as being in charge of the day-to-day business.

        Ni Huang then smiled mysteriously.

        "I've come to see a good show!"

        A good show?

        Everyone was puzzled, sensing that there was a hidden agenda in Ni Huang's words.

        "What is it?"

        He Lan Xuan's face instantly sank, sensing that Ni Huang's arrival was not that simple.

        And then, Ni Huang's gaze was a flash of murderous intent.

        "Let's see how you die!"