Today I Give Up Trying 1849

 "You brainiac, do you know what kind of existence the chairman of Global Bank is? That is an existence that can dominate the economic system of a small or medium-sized country with a single word, and countless tycoons are just ponies under his command."

        "Who are you to dare compare yourself to such an existence?"

        They're all dying of joy!

        Wasn't this a fucking joke?

        Lin Fan, what kind of virtue was he capable of?

        At this time, they were all no longer nervous, as they all felt that Lin Fan was bragging.

        Although this guy didn't know from what source he had learned about their loan, he probably wanted to use it to blackmail them, right?

        But how could they easily believe Lin Fan's bullshit?

        This idiot, how dare he say he was the chairman of Global Bank?

        He was blowing it out of proportion!

        Did he really take them all for idiots?

        At this moment, both father and son were fully certain that Lin Fan must be faking it!


        Just then!


        Lin Hongtu's mobile phone suddenly rang.

        Lin Hongtu frowned, before lowering his head and picking up the phone.

        "Chairman, it's a big deal! The people from Universal Bank have come to our company and demanded that we repay the previous loan!"

        "And it's six hundred and seventy billion with interest!"


        Lin Hongtu's face instantly went black!

        It's only been a month, and Global Bank is already coming to our door to demand a debt?

        How could they ask for debts like this? Wasn't this a deliberate attempt to trap them?

        "Impossible! You must have made a mistake!"

        Lin Hongtu shouted angrily, unable to believe this was true.

        How could Universal Bank offend their Lin family for this amount of money?

        And with such a mess, who else would dare to seek loans from them in the future?

        This must be a mistake!

        "Chairman, it's true! They even brought the court with them, saying that if we don't pay back the money today, they'll just file a lawsuit against us!"


        They had signed an unlimited liability loan, and according to the law, Universal Bank could indeed demand that the Lin family repay all the loan and interest at any time and under any circumstances.

        But how could the Lin family have the money to pay them back now?

        This is simply killing them!

        "What have you done? You little brute, what exactly have you done?"

        Lin Hongtu roared at Lin Fan, he knew that all this must be related to Lin Fan, otherwise it wouldn't be so coincidental.

        "I told you a long time ago that I was the chairman of Universal Bank, and you still don't believe me?"

        Lin Fan sneered.

        At this time, Lin Zhanyang was looking at Lin Fan in shock, being completely frightened.

        This kid couldn't be telling the truth, could he?

        Then that meant that Lin Fan had deliberately set them up?

        First, he gave them the loan at usurious interest rates, and then he suddenly withdrew it so that the Lin family would never be able to turn over a new leaf?

        At these words!

        Xu Longguan and He Lan Xuan both couldn't help but frown, doubting the truthfulness of Lin Fan's words.

        This kid, could he have such a great background?

        If so, I'm afraid that it wouldn't be that easy to move him.

        "You bullshit! You don't even take a piss and look at your virtue, just a wild bastard like you, how can you be the chairman of Universal?"

        Lin Hongtu roared in anger, but didn't believe it at all.

        Lin Fan was too young!

        He was only in his early twenties!

        At such an age, he wanted to dominate a global top ten company?

        How could he do that?

        Even he didn't have the ability to do that!

        "He's not capable, but you are?"

        Just then, a cold voice suddenly came from outside the door.

        Lin Hongtu and Lin Zhanxie looked back at the same time, and then they saw a woman dressed in professional attire, striding in, with a touch of indifference on that face that rejected people.

        "Miss Luo Lin!"

        The moment they saw her, both Lin Hongtu's father and son were stunned.