Today I Give Up Trying 1848

 At those words!

        Lin Hongtu could only give up, and then was staring at Lin Fan indignantly.

        At this time, Lin Zhanxiang laughed.

        "Lin Fan, you can wait for half an hour, but I'm afraid your wife's family won't be able to wait for half an hour."

        Lin Fan's face sank and he looked at Lin Zhanxie in anger.

        "What did you do?"

        "Hahahaha! I didn't do anything, I just gave orders to my men to rape and kill your wife first!"

        Lin Zhanxie's face was hideous as he laughed out loud, as if he was looking forward to the scene of Lin Fan's annoyed anger.


        He had thought too much!

        Lin Fan, however, continued to look at ease, not caring at all: "I'm sorry.

        "Regrettably, your wishful thinking is going to come to naught!"


        At these words, Lin Zhanxie's expression suddenly changed and he said in disbelief.

        "What do you mean?"

        This guy knew that his wife and child were going to die, but he wasn't nervous at all?

        "Call your people and ask what the hell is going on!"

        Lin Fan sneered, he wanted to see if Lin Zhanxie could still laugh.

        How could Lin Fan be so stupid as to not arrange for someone to protect Bai Yi's family?


        Bai Yi could be surrounded by strict security, not even a fly could get half a step closer.

        Nowadays, apart from the Blood Prison, even the Dragon Tiger Legion was secretly protecting them, so who could hurt a hair on their heads?

        Lin Zhanxie's men would not even be able to get a step closer to them before they were killed on the spot!

        And then!

        Lin Zhanxie also became nervous and hurriedly took out his mobile phone to call his own men, but on the other end came a heartbreaking scream.

        "Young master, all the brothers are dead! That woman is surrounded by ambushes again!"

        "We're finished!"

        Beep beep beep...

        And then, the phone was forced to hang up, and the person on the other end was also unsure of his life or death.

        Lin Zhanxie was completely stunned!

        Lin Fan had actually set up an ambush before coming here!

        So that his men were all wiped out?

        How could this be!

        In order to deal with Lin Fan, he had arranged for some of his strongest men!

        "You set me up?"

        Lin Zhanxie gnashed his teeth in hatred, not expecting him to set him up before this punk died, which disgusted Lin Zhanxie.

        This damned bastard!

        "You have given me a great gift, then I have to give you a great gift too!"

        Lin Fan sneered, before staring straight at Lin Hongtu.

        "I remember I warned you that if you struck out at me, it would have to be a deadly strike, the kind that would leave me with no chance of turning around, but why didn't you listen?"

        At those words!

        Lin Zhanxie was so angry that he snorted coldly and said.

        "Little beast, you won't be able to enjoy yourself for long! When you die, your wife and children will still fall into my hands, won't they? It's just a matter of time!"

        "Do you think I'm going to be hurt by a few dead ants?"


        Lin Fan then laughed coldly for a few moments before speaking in an astonishing manner.

        "Then if the 500 billion that saved your Lin family's life is gone, will you be heartbroken?"


        In an instant!

        Lin Hongtu and Lin Zhanxie's hair stood on end!

        Incredulous, they looked at Lin Fan.

        This guy, how did he know that the Lin family had taken out a loan of 500 billion?

        This was something they hadn't even announced to the public, only their father and son and Global Bank knew about it.

        How did this guy know about it?

        At that moment!

        In their hearts, they had a bad feeling!

        "You... How did you know about this?"

        Lin Hongtu stared Lin Fan down with incomparable alarm.

        While Lin Fan looked as if he was making light of the situation.

        "Because the one who gave you the loan is me!"

        "By the way, I forgot to tell you that I am the chairman of Global Bank!"

        What the hell?

        Upon hearing this, both Lin Hongtu and Lin Zhanxie froze.

        And then!

        Poof! Hahahaha!

        The father and son burst into wild laughter.

        "You say you're the chairman of Global Bank? I think you've lost your mind, haven't you?"