Today I Give Up Trying 1846

 As soon as Lin Fan stepped into the Lin family, he felt a strong murderous aura from it!

        The Lin family was now under heavy guard!

        There were countless military vehicles parked outside the gate!

        Countless military armour with live ammunition surrounded the entire Lin family.

        But even the thousands of military armour outside together could not match the oppressive feeling of the two men inside the house!

        Inside the Lin family house!

        Sitting beside Lin Hongtu were Xu Longguan and He Lanxuan!

        Both of them were over half a hundred years old, but they were still hale and hearty, and a majestic might emerged from their bodies, just like two gigantic peaks standing on the spot!

        In particular, the moment Lin Fan stepped in, he felt that he was being stared at by two extremely sharp gazes!

        Those gazes were like two sharp blades that pierced through everything and wanted to tear life apart.

        What a powerful sense of oppression!

        Was this the might of the Jedi?

        Lin Fan secretly sighed in his heart!

        He smelt a familiar scent on these two old men in front of him, the scent of those who belonged to the supreme power!

        Xu Longguan opened his tiger eyes and stared straight at Lin Fan, the look in his eyes was quite astonishing.

        If it was an ordinary person who saw them, they would have been unable to withstand the might of their bodies and would have fallen to the ground in fear.

        But this kid in front of him, he was acting like he was fine?

        He was something!

        Xu Longguan and He Lanxuan quickly evaluated Lin Fan in their hearts!

        No wonder this brat dared not put the two great military seats in their eyes, it turned out that he had some discipline as well.

        "Lin Fan, why don't you kneel down?"

        Seeing Lin Fan appear, Lin Hongtu immediately shouted out!

        The joy could no longer be held down in those eyes.

        Because in his mind, it was time to finish with Lin Fan today.

        This time, with He Lan Xuan and Xu Long Guan in charge, they didn't believe that Lin Fan could still escape with his life!

        So what if he was a Grand Master?

        In front of the Jedi, they were still nothing more than ants that could be destroyed with the snap of a finger!

        And in the face of Lin Hongtu's rebuke, Lin Fan merely sneered.

        "To make me kneel, they are not qualified!"


        The crowd was in an uproar, all of them unable to believe their ears.

        Xu Longguan and He Lanxuan were not qualified to make Lin Fan kneel?

        Then who was qualified?

        Was this guy crazy?

        They had thought that Lin Fan would temper himself after seeing Xu Longguan and He Lanxuan, but they didn't expect this guy to be as arrogant as ever.


        He even dared to make a provocative remark!

        This was definitely too long for life.

        Lin Hongtu and Lin Zhanxie couldn't help but clap their hands and shout in approval, this didn't even require them to personally take action, Lin Fan had played himself to death?

        He had provoked the two military leaders before, and now he had humiliated them in public, even if the Great Luo Golden Immortal came down to earth, he wouldn't be able to save this idiot.

        "It's true that the young are fearsome!"

        Xu Longguan laughed coldly and said.

        "In China, you are the only one who dares to speak to us like that!"

        Obviously, the two military seats were already up in arms about killing Lin Fan!

        And He Lan Xuan was even more dry, throwing out a pistol to Lin Fan, before saying.

        "You kill yourself now, and I won't implicate your family!"

        This was a complete tone of command, as if Lin Fan just had to do what he said.

        And Lin Zhanxie and Lin Hongtu, father and son, also laughed wistfully.

        Because in their view, Lin Fan had no more choice.

        He could only commit suicide here as a thank you!

        Otherwise, not only would he have to die, but even his wife and children would have to escape death!


        Upon hearing He Lan Xuan's promise, a touch of ruthlessness surfaced in Lin Hongtu's eyes!

        In fact, the moment Lin Fan appeared here, he had already sent someone to assassinate Bai Yi's family

        He had already learned that Bai Yi was pregnant with Lin Fan's sinful seed, and after this incident with Lin Fan, he knew that he had to cut off the grass and eliminate the roots.

        Otherwise, the Lin family would probably have to face the same predicament as today!

        So Lin Fan had to die, and so did the bastard he had borne!