Today I Give Up Trying 1844

 "And to be able to sell all the Lin family's properties in all forms! That old fox Lin Hongtu still doesn't know that he has now fallen into our trap!"

        At this point in time, they could already be described as catching a turtle in a jar!

        Lin Hongtu had been completely trapped by them!

        And Lin Fan hadn't expected that Lin Hongtu would be so careless as to find the only bank to take out a loan from, and it was his Universal Bank.


        At the moment, it was estimated that Universal Bank was the only one in the world that would give them a loan.

        Given the Lin family's current situation, it could be described as adding insult to injury. It would be a great favour for other banks not to fall on their sword and seek to recover their loan at this time, so how could they possibly give them a new loan?

        The Lin family is also aware of this, which is why they have signed this unlimited liability loan, even if they know that it is an unequal treaty, they will not hesitate to do so.

        Because the Lin family today is in desperate need of a huge sum of money to help them turn their salty fortunes around!

        "Thank you, Auntie Lorraine!"

        Lin Fan said with seedy gratitude.

        "No, Little Fan, it should be us who should say thank you! It's all because of you that Universal Bank was able to make so much money at once, and the shareholders are so happy!"

        To be able to carve up a business empire as big as the Lin family's, the amount of money Universal Bank could make was simply unimaginable!

        All those shareholders, all of them would be unhappy?

        The shareholders of Universal Bank were all super tycoons, but even if they were like them, they were still salivating at the prospect of a business empire like the Lin family's!

        How could they not be excited when they could at least get a share of several hundred billion dollars each?

        "For this reason, those shareholders have all said that they will fully cooperate with you and try to bring down the Lin family in the shortest possible time!"

        Lin Fan then laughed and said without good humour.

        "Those old foxes, they are eager to divide up the Lin family, right?"

        Helping him was a lie, wanting to reap benefits quickly was the real thing!

        But Lin Fan didn't care, as long as he could help him eradicate the Lin family, even if he gave it up to those plutocrats Lin Fan didn't mind.

        After chatting with Luo Lin for a while longer, Lin Fan hung up the phone.

        He looked up at the pitch black sky and let out a long breath.

        "The Lin family, the final showdown, is finally coming!"

        "Mother, right away... Immediately I will be able to avenge you!"


        In the blink of an eye!

        A month had passed!

        During this time, the Lin family was surprisingly quiet and didn't look for trouble with Lin Fan again.

        The other two great military seats, for whatever reason, did not come looking for Lin Fan either, not knowing what kind of agreement they had reached with the Lin family.

        In this regard, Lin Fan was also quite wary!

        He knew that Lin Fan and the two great military thrones had delayed making their move, so they were definitely holding back a big move, and this move was definitely intended to bring him to his death!


        When Lin Hongtu and the others didn't know, Lin Fan was also quietly operating all the energy he could.

        All the shareholders of the Universal Bank, the Blood Prison, and the Dragon Tiger Army were all waiting for an opportunity to move!

        The entire imperial capital was in turmoil!

        Many forces have even moved to the imperial capital for fear of being implicated.

        Because they all knew that this was a sign that a big storm was about to come down, and a collision of that magnitude was not something they could participate in.


        Flee as far as you can!

        Or else!

        Or else they would be dead!

        And early one morning, Lin Fan received an unexpected guest!

        Lin Zhanyie!

        When he saw Lin Fan again, Lin Zhanxie's face was no longer filled with fear, but with endless mockery.

        It was like looking at a man who was about to die!

        "Lin Fan, come with me to the Lin family!"

        Lin Zhanyang smiled fiercely, today was Lin Fan's death day.

        "I have to take my wife to a maternity check-up, I'm not available!"

        Lin Fan refused with a cold face and a disdainful expression.