Today I Give Up Trying 1843

 After saying these words, Lin Fan left the place with a cold face, without looking back!

        At this moment, Xu You Rong was completely frozen in place!

        What did Lin Fan mean by that?

        What did Lin Fan mean by that? He was going to break with himself?

        To never see each other again?

        Hearing Lin Fan's heartless words, Xu You Rong's heart felt like a knife.

        It was all because of her that Lin Fan had become disgusted with her, right?

        It was no wonder, who let her stumble upon such a mother?

        To get involved with her was to get involved with her mother, and who could stand such a madwoman?

        Xu You Rong could totally understand Lin Fan's feelings!


        Xu You Rong sat down on her buttocks, her face completely white with despair and bitterness.

        At this point, she was already completely desperate!

        To her family, to her mother!

        And at that moment!

        Wang Yanli, Wang Zhijun and the others had already successfully cashed in the 500 million at Universal Bank, looking at the series of numbers in their respective mobile phones, they only felt that happiness had come too suddenly!

        "You stupid bastard, how come you only need five hundred million, that kid promised so crisply, he must have more than five hundred million on him!"

        Wang Youcai however cursed in anger, he had to ask Lin Fan for at least a billion!

        That way, each of the three of them would get a share of over three billion!

        "That's right, unenlightened thing! Who told you to be so quick with your mouth, how much money has this caused us to lose for nothing?"

        Wang Yanli was also whining on the side.

        These three were typically greedy snakes swallowing elephants, and now that they had already taken 500 million, they still didn't know how to be grateful, not to mention not knowing how to stop!

        "How do I know he's that rich?"

        Wang Zhijun also said innocently, before turning his words around and smiling wickedly.

        "What are you guys panicking about, there will be plenty of opportunities in the long run!"


        Wang Youcai and Wang Yanli both froze, not expecting Wang Zhijun to be so black-hearted!

        "You're planning to blackmail him again?"

        Wang Yanli asked, stunned.

        Wang Zhijun then laughed heatedly and badly, his face full of greed:

        "Of course, this is a fat cow, can I let him go so easily?"

        "With that secret of his, I'll eat him for life!"

        Wang Zhijun's meaning was obvious, that was to completely drain Lin Fan until he was drained!

        If Lin Fan didn't want to get a divorce, then he would have to give him money over and over again until he was satisfied!

        "You're still bad enough! You want that trash to have no peace for the rest of his life!"

        Wang Yanli laughed out loud, her heart also filled with greed, it would be nice to have a constant stream of money from that punk!

        "Hahahaha, it's a deal then! Once we've squandered all this money, then we'll go back to screwing that kid!"

        Wang Youcai also laughed out loud, this way they would be like having inexhaustible money, and the money in their hands could be squandered as much as they wanted without worrying about running out at all.

        Because when they ran out, Lin Fan, the God of Wealth, would still send them money to spend!


        Little did they know that they had underestimated Lin Fan, but overestimated themselves.

        It was their greed that led them step by step to the abyss of despair!

        The time of death is coming!


        And Lin Fan had only left the hotel for a short while when he received an unexpected phone call.

        "Auntie Lorraine, is something wrong?"

        "Little Fan, just now the Lin family approached Universal Bank for a 500 billion dollar loan, it seems they've really run out of ideas and are out of options!"


        The corner of Lin Fan's mouth instantly lifted up in a bizarre curve as he asked.

        "So, did you loan them the money?"


        At those words, there was a bright laugh from Luo Lin on the other end.

        "Of course, and it's an unlimited liability loan, which means we can ask them to return the principal whenever we want!"