Today I Give Up Trying 1840


        Wang Yanli's face turned green, Wang Zhijun was selling him out?

        "Wang Yanli you bitch, it's really you who's up to no good, I'll fight with you!"

        Shen Yumei roared angrily, and then directly picked up a quilt and smashed it towards Wang Yanli, followed by snapping it to pieces.

        Wang Yanli's scalp suddenly tingled, if she hadn't sensed something was wrong early on, she would have been blown off her head just now!

        Seeing Shen Yumei's murderous look, she dared not stay here any longer, and hurriedly grabbed the door and left.

        And seeing this, Wang Youcai also said in a stern voice.

        "Shen Yumei, you... How can you treat your family's life-saving benefactor like this, have you forgotten the kindness of the steamed bun at the beginning?"

        "Get lost! All of you, get lost!"

        But Shen Yumei had already lost her mind, she didn't even listen to Wang Youcai's words, she casually copied an ashtray and smashed it again.

        "Oh my god!"

        Wang Youcai shouted, grabbed Wang Zhijun and ran away as fast as he could.

        At this time, Li Kaoran took a step forward and said to Bai Yi in a lofty manner.

        "Bai Yi, give Lin Fan to me! You don't deserve him!"


        When Shen Yumei's family heard this, their lungs exploded!

        To be a mistress and still be so righteous, how shameless.

        How could there be such a person!

        Bai Yi immediately chided angrily, saying

        "On what grounds?"

        She and Lin Fan had been married for three years, why could Li Kaoran be so righteous as to ask him to step aside?

        Lin Fan was her husband, this woman had no right to dictate!


        Li Kaoran then laughed.

        "On what grounds? It's simple! If you don't know how to cherish someone, someone will naturally cherish them for you!"

        "Lin Fan is just a waste to you, but to me, he is a treasure! I can be obedient to him, I can do whatever I want!"

        "What's more, I can help him reach the top and make him a dragon among men, not just humiliate him and despise him like you do!"

        Li Kaoran's words were so breathtaking that Bai Yi was surprisingly unable to find a reason to refute them.

        It was only at this time that she realised that her husband was so outstanding that a woman as outstanding as Li Kaoran had gone out of her way to be a mistress to snatch him up.

        At this time!

        She was afraid!

        Afraid that Lin Fan would really get tired of her and throw himself into Li Kaoran's arms.

        "Husband! I'm pregnant with your child, you can't do this to me! Even if you don't do it for my sake, do it for the sake of the child, he needs a home!"

        Bai Yi said to Lin Fan in tears, her eyes filled with pleading.

        At this time, her pitiful look was as if she was about to break down in tears.

        And at this time, Shen Yumei also said with a guilty look on her face.

        "Little Fan, it's mum's fault! It's mum who misunderstood, you must not divorce Bai Yi, she can't leave you!"

        "She's pregnant with your child, you can't divorce her, or else the child won't have a father!"

        "Or else, mum will kneel down for you!"

        Shen Yumei cried and was about to kneel down for Lin Fan.

        But Lin Fan rushed up and then hurriedly helped Shen Yumei up: "Mom, what are you doing?

        "Mom, what are you doing?"

        Li Kaoran's face sank and he looked at Bai Yi angrily.

        "Bai Yi, using the child to play the emotion card is a bit too mean, isn't it?"

        "Shut up!!!"

        As soon as Li Kaoran's words left his mouth, there was an extremely angry roar!

        And it was then that Lin Fan stared Li Kaoran down with murderous fury: "You can go!

        "You can go now!"

        "Lin Fan, you..."

        Li Kaoran was frightened by Lin Fan's hideous appearance, which looked as if he was about to eat someone.

        It was terrifying to the extreme!

        "You're scaring my woman!"

        Lin Fan's voice was cold as if it was going to suffocate people.

        "That's why I can only ask you to leave!"


        Li Kaoran's actions had touched Lin Fan's bottom line.

        He had sworn that he would never let Bai Yi shed tears, but because of Li Kaoran's nonsense, he had made his woman so sad!

        This was something he could not accept!


        She was clearly taking out her anger for Lin Fan, but this guy was so ungrateful!

        After that, Li Kaoran was so angry that she stomped her foot, and then said angrily.

        "Bai Yi, I won't give up!"

        With that, Li Kaoran turned around and left in anger!

        Lin Fan wrapped Bai Yi in his arms and said in a soft voice.

        "Wife, don't worry! I will never leave you, nor will I leave our child!"

        Bai Yi then hugged Lin Fan tightly and cried out at the top of her voice.

        "With your words, that's enough!"

        As long as Lin Fan's heart belonged to her, even if more beautiful women came, she would not be afraid!


        However at this moment!

        Wang Yanli and the others had only just walked out of the hotel when Wang Yanli gave Wang Zhijun a direct backhand slap, directly knocking him to the ground.

        Wang Yanli shouted and cursed like a madwoman.

        "Wang Zhijun, you really have guts, you dare to set me up? You want that family to see me as a joke, right?"

        If Wang Zhijun hadn't turned against them in the middle, they would have swept Lin Fan out of the house.

        Wang Youcai also followed Wang Zhijun and angrily rebuked him, saying:

        "Wang Zhijun, what the hell are you doing? Why did you turn back midway? Have you lost your mind?"

        But Wang Zhijun covered his face and snorted:

        "I'm not stupid if you're stupid. I haven't even got the money yet, how can I sweep Lin Fan out of the house at this time? Have you forgotten our plan from the beginning?"


        Wang Youcai and Wang Yanli both froze, only then did they wake up like a dream.

        "You mean to say that you still want to blackmail Lin Fan ruthlessly once more?"

        "Or what?"

        Wang Zhijun skimmed his lips and said with a sinister smile :

        "If we just sweep him off his feet, wouldn't that be too cheap?"

        "We have to get some money out of him anyways, at least five hundred million!"


        Wang Youcai and Wang Yanli were completely shocked, five hundred million?

        Wang Zhijun was serious?

        They had never seen so much money in their lives!

        Wang Yanli snorted coldly and said with contempt :

        "That dead poor guy, can he have that much money? And you say you're not an idiot?"

        Wang Zhijun, however, did not think so and laughed:

        "If he doesn't have it, doesn't Bai Yi have it too?"

        "Can't you see how much Bai Yi cares about that punk? Not to mention the 500 million, she's willing to give even more!"

        At these words, both Wang Youcai's siblings were moved.

        "Bai Yi has a company as big as the New Bai's, it's not a breeze to get five hundred million?"

        "Auntie, if you really don't like that punk, just wait until we get our hands on the money and then we'll clean him up."

        Wang Zhijun said sinisterly.

        Wang Yanli nodded, looking as if she saw the money:

        "Yes, yes, you're right, we have to plunder some money from him and then kick him out of the Bai family, so that he's left with no money at all."

        "That's right!"

        Wang Zhijun laughed loudly :

        "Auntie, make a date with Lin Fan and Xu You Rong tonight, we're ready for a showdown."