Today I Give Up Trying 184-186

 Chapter 184


        The Bai Group held a press conference to announce that Bai Yi would continue to serve as president, and at the same time announced the dismissal of Zheng Xuechang and several other senior leaders.

        However, everyone in Jiang City was shocked.

        Just after this news was announced!

        The Tianlong Group, which originally wanted to block Bai, also held another press conference.

        "Out of respect and admiration for Ms. Baek, Sky Dragon Group announces the lifting of the blockade on the Baek Group! In addition, it will open up all sales channels under the Sky Dragon Group, free of charge, to the Bai Group!"

        "In addition, Tianlong Group will start a deep partnership with Bai Group!"


        The business community in the city of Jiang completely boiled over at the news!


        This name, like a comet, completely exploded the business circle of Jiang City.

        Not only that!

        The press conference at Sky Dragon Group, just ended!

        The four first-class business groups, Shanda, Hongda, Yong Sheng, and Changsheng, jointly held a press conference to also lift the blockade order against the Bai Group!

        More announcements!

        They will have a deeper support cooperation with the White Group for mutual benefit!


        Everyone in Jiang City can't imagine how charismatic Bai Yi is, and how the mere news of being the president brought the Bai Clan back to life in an instant, even with the support and cooperation of Tianlong, Shanda and other business predators.

        Not only that!

        With the support of Tian Long and Shanda, the rest of the major business groups in Jiang City also began to seek cooperation with the Bai Group by all means.

        Bai's Group became the hottest business group in Jiang City, and Bai Yi's reputation soared.

        And Bai Yi, even more soared in fame.


        As the network of Jiang City, the major postings and forums, someone released a video of all the Bai family executives, the black and white kneeling to a piece, begging Bai Yi to become president.


        Bai Yi instantly became a super-beautiful CEO of the hot Jiang City.

        The perfect goddess in the hearts of countless talented people in Jiang City.

        Just, maybe all the people of Jiang City didn't expect that!

        After Baiy's video, posted on the web!

        But it caught the attention of a woman!

        She is the national goddess of China, the hottest little diva in Asia - Ariel Zhang!

        Shannon Villa!

        This is one of the most luxurious villa complexes in China.

        The B2 building is the home of the national goddess Ariel Zhang.

        In one of the rooms, several network hackers were constantly refreshing the computer's pages, and their faces were overwhelmed with excitement, as if they had discovered some online treasure.


        Very quickly, the door slid open and a young girl, extremely beautiful, walked in.

        Her features were like a work of art carved by the Creator, and her beauty was breathtaking.

        The pair of pale, clear eyes, as if everything in the world, could hardly arouse her interest.

        But now!

        Her beautiful eyes were filled with anxiety, and just after she entered the room, she asked anxiously.

        "How's that? Did you find it?"

        Hear Ariel's question!

        Immediately a hacker stood up and said excitedly.

        "Miss Ariel, after we searched all over the internet, we finally found two videos with your benefactor's back, with a 90% coincidence! It should be him!"


        If an outsider heard this, everyone would be shocked.

        Ariel Zhang is known as the most talented superstar in Asia.

        And her benefactor, this is unimaginable.

        "Quick! Show it to me!"

        Ariel's little face was flushed with excitement, and her petite body was trembling slightly.

        And hearing these words!

        There was a hacker who opened a video right away.

        The video, a Chinese medicine treatment video, shows a man in a surgical gown and a mask, stabbing an old man's acupuncture point with a needle like lightning.


        When Ariel saw those eyes, she only felt her breath quicken.

        "Much like him! But why doesn't he look like one?"

        Hearing the question, the hacker, now clicked on the second video!

        This video is the exact image of all the White family members, falling to their knees and pleading with Baek.


        When Ariel saw, in the video, the face of Lin Fan next to Bai Yi!


        Her delicate body trembled, and a single big tear trickled down from her beautiful eyes.

        "Three ...... years! I've been looking for you for three whole years, and you ...... finally show up?"

Chapter 185

Shannon Villa!

        Inside a room, Ariel walked in, distraught.

        She seemed to have just cried, and there were tear tracks around the edges of her beautiful eyes.

        "So you've been married for the past three years. ......"

        A hint of bitterness appeared in the corner of Ariel Zhang's mouth.

        Three years!

        She searched for this man for three years.

        In the past three years, she has found hundreds of hackers, all over the Internet, searching for every bit of information about Lin Fan, and even every time there is a clue, she will travel thousands of miles to find out.

        Three years, seventy-two world tours, this is the career answer sheet for Ariel, the hottest little diva in Asia.

        But no one knows!

        In fact, every concert is about finding that person.

        She has been to faraway Africa, trekked in the icy north, and penetrated deep into the dangerous American rainforest.

        Every time there was a bit of information about that person, she would personally check it out.


        Ariel never dreamed that this man would always live in Warsaw and be the son-in-law of a small family.

        "Three years ago, I wonder if you still remember the Caribbean, the little girl you saved?"

        Ariel's gaze swept across the room.

        On the walls of the room, there was a sketch of a back portrait.

        Each one, surprisingly, was all of Lin Fan.

        Three years ago!

        At that time, Ariel was still the eldest daughter of a super family. Although her musical talent exceeded that of normal people, she was too playful and did not like to study at all.

        It's not just a matter of time, it's also a matter of time before you and your girlfriends go on a trip abroad.

        But no one expected.

        In their cruise ship, after the Caribbean Sea, a group of pirates appeared.

        These people, ferocious to the extreme, the cruise ship men, almost a massacre, will all the belongings and women, plundered to a pirate island.

        That was definitely the darkest scene Ariel had ever seen in her life.

        She has seen one woman after another around her, by those pirates wantonly play, humiliated to death.

        Even her best friend died tragically under the pirate's butcher's knife.

        And right on!

        When those pirates, the next one, were ready to abuse Zhang Ariel, she was completely desperate.

        She was ready to kill herself to preserve her virginity!

        And at that very moment!

        A man, as if he were a god, appeared in front of her.

        He was Lin Fan.

        The moment they saw Lin Fan appear, the pirates were like seeing a devil, kneeling and begging, and shouting at the top of their lungs.

        And just as Lin Fan coldly said a 'death'!

        All the pirates on the island were completely cornered, they raised their slaughter knives one by one, as if they were crazy, and rushed towards Lin Fan.

        Hundreds of people, attacking Lin Fan alone.

        However, Ariel witnessed with her own eyes a bloody scene that she could never forget.

        Kill! Kill! Kill!

        Lin Fan was like a devil reborn, and with every move that fell, a pirate's head flew up.

        One after another!

        The pirates' heads, like a broken watermelon, were thrown in the air, smashed, and thrown again.

        In less than half an hour!

        The entire pirate island has been completely covered with corpses and blood, like a bloody slaughterhouse.

        And that man is the terrifying Butcher of Hell!


        At that moment, Ariel not only did not feel the slightest bit of fear or dread, but was instead filled with boundless excitement and gratitude.

        She had been saved.

        She was one of the hundred women that Lin Fan had saved.

        When those women were sent away by Lin Fan on a cruise ship, Ariel didn't leave.

        She cried madly and buried her best friend's body properly.

        And at that time!

        She and the devilish man were the only ones left on the entire pirate island, except for the corpses of the pirates that littered the mountains.

Chapter 186

"Hello, my name is Ariel Zhang!"

        As if looking at her idol, Ariel introduced herself to Lin Fan.

        Lin Fan, on the other hand, smiled slightly.

        "Hello little girl, my name is Lin Fan!"

        It is a very important part of a person's life that he or she has the ability to make the best use of his or her time.

        After that, she and Lin [nameless novel] Fan became friends, especially when Lin Fan knew that she was studying music, Lin Fan gave her a sheet music.

        "I have to go! This sheet music will be a parting gift to you!"

        Before Lin Fan left, he slipped the sheet music to Ariel Zhang.

        The sheet music was a song that Lin Fan had written and composed when he had nothing else to do.

        At that time, Ariel didn't know the true value of the sheet music.

        She was just attracted by the scene outside the island.

        Wooooo ......

        She was shocked to see a huge warship-like ship docked in the harbor of the pirate island.

        Every single warship was blood red!

        As if it were a ship of death, it gives one an air of ferocity and terror.

        Not only that!

        There was a single banner flying over a group of more than a hundred huge warships, and on each banner, two words were written - Blood Hell!

        On top of the hull of each ship, there were more than a hundred men with boiling fury.

        The lean muscles and strong flesh, the determined faces, made this combined team of thousands of men, like an invincible division, gave people a sense of rivaling the world.


        The moment Lin Fan's figure appeared in the port, Ariel was horrified.

        Ariel was even more horrified to see the thousands of terrifying and powerful people, bowing in homage to Lin Fan, each one of them shouting with great fervor.




        Every time Ariel recalled the scene, she still felt her blood boiling, and she could truly feel that Lin Fan was like a true idol of the gods in the hearts of the thousand strong Blood Prisoners, so majestic and tall.

        Lin Fan walked away, drifting away with a hundred Blood Prison warships.

        Before he left!

        Instead, he arranged for a Blood Prison warship to escort Ariel to the nearest port in a sea country.

        Zhang Ariel remembered!

        When the Blood Prison warship just appeared in the port, all the inhabitants of the port stirred.

        They either worshipped or prayed to the Blood Prison Warship.

        It was as if the Blood Prison Warship was their guardian.


        Ariel successfully returned to China from the sea, and her family continued to arrange for her to attend the Conservatory of Music for further studies.

        But every day, she couldn't forget Lin Fan's figure.

        That man, although he only appeared in her world for a few hours, completely changed her life.

        She studied music hard, carefully studying the sheet music Lin Fan had left for her.


        She was shocked to discover that the score, whether it was a piano piece or a song, was a classic among classics.

        She even once sang a song from the score in an empty music room.

        It was filmed by her classmates and posted on the Internet.

        It was an instant hit!

        And the song she sang was even astonished by one of the biggest names in the music industry.

        From there, she went on to become a star!

        It can be said that now Ariel Zhang's classic masterpieces are all songs from Lin Fan's musical score.

        It was Lin Fan who saved her, and Lin Fan who made her!

        "I'm going to take a trip to Jiang City, and I'm going to ...... see you again!"

        Ariel looked at the sketch of Lin Fan's back and found it hard to be calm for a long time.