Today I Give Up Trying 1837

 Wang Yanli touched up her mobile phone and dialed Shen Yumei's number.

        Once the call was answered, Wang Yanli couldn't wait to speak up.

        "Yumei ah, I'll tell you a bombshell."

        Shen Yumei had a lot of opinions about Wang Yanli's family now, so when she heard this, her tone instantly became less friendly: "What explosive news to tell me?"

        Wang Youcai put on a deep face and said in a low tone.

        "Yumei ah, I'm afraid this news won't make you happy, maybe you'll even be so angry that you'll thunder, you should be prepared for the thought."

        "You tell me, what big storm have I never seen? It's fine." Shen Yumei frowned and said calmly.

        In fact, she was already drumming in her heart, not knowing what kind of bad news Wang Yanli would bring her.

        "That waste of a son-in-law of yours, that soul Lin Fan has cheated on her." Wang Youcai said loudly from the side.

        "What?!" Shen Yumei on the other end of the phone directly exploded and asked loudly.

        "What did you say, who cheated on you, say it again."

        Wang Yanli repeated, "I mean that dead trash Lin Fan, that guy cheated on you and betrayed your family Bai Yi!"

        "That's not possible! You're talking nonsense!"

        Shen Yumei roared in anger.

        "My family Lin Fan is so well behaved and has never done anything wrong to Bai Yi, don't believe what you say!"

        She didn't believe it at all, Lin Fan hadn't cheated for so many years, so how could he have cheated when he had a good day?

        It must be Wang Yanli and her family who were trying to make mischief and destroy their family!

        "Yumei, what I said is true! The three of us saw it with our own eyes! He and that woman were all hugging and kissing each other, just come over if you don't believe me!"

        At the other end, Shen Yumei sat helplessly on the ground, her whole face already deadly grey.

        "What's wrong?"

        Bai Shan, who was at the side, asked in disbelief.

        "Lin Fan, he, cheated on me!"

        Shen Yumei lost her voice and cried out in pain after saying these words.

        It was as if she saw a beautiful family that was about to be shattered.


        Bai Shan was also instantly shocked and asked incredulously.

        "Who did you hear that from? It's not like you don't know who Xiao Fan is, there's no way he would do such a thing."

        Shen Yumei immediately snorted coldly and said.

        "Wang Yanli and the others all saw it and are now stepping over there, asking us to hurry over and catch the rape, how can this be false?"

        Bai Shan was suddenly speechless, not knowing what to say.

        "Lin Fan! You're too disappointing!"

        Shen Yumei cursed loudly and said angrily, "What did Bai Yi ever do to him, he even cheated on my daughter without telling me!"

        "That's right, Yumei!" When Wang Yanli saw that Shen Yumei was angry, she knew that Lin Fan was finished and said with a sneer.

        "What qualifications does that guy have? He's still fooling around, cheating on his wife, and picking up other women, he's just a dog in your Bai family!"

        "Damn Lin Fan, even if he had a change of heart, it wouldn't be his turn! It can only be right for our family Bai Yi to dump him, ditch him and go find a handsome groom with lots of money!"

        Seeing that she had successfully angered Shen Yumei with the news she had informed, Wang Yanli snickered with glee and asked, "Yumei, what are you going to do with that dead trash Lin Fan?"

        "He must not be spared lightly, if this is true, I... I'll let Bai Yi divorce him and make him clean out of the house!"

        Shen Yumei said gamely, obviously already faint with anger as well.

        "Yes, yes, that's what we should do." Wang Yanli said with excitement, sitting up straight.

        "Damned trash, he dares to bring shame to your Bai family's face and make Bai Yi suffer humiliation, he must be dealt with ruthlessly and then kicked out of the Bai family!"

        In the next instant, Shen Yumei was asking anxiously, "Don't understand, since you know about Lin Fan's cheating, then tell me, what is the name of the woman Lin Fan is fooling around with and where does her family live."

        With a frown, she asked, "What do you want?"

        Shen Yumei said angrily, "That bitch is fooling around with Lin Fan and making my daughter unable to lift her head, I can't let her go. I have to go to her house and make a scene!"

        Shen Yumei was angry with Lin Fan, but hated that fox spirit who had destroyed her daughter's family even more.

        In her opinion Lin Fan was a good boy, she would never cheat on her own, so it must have been that fox spirit who had seduced Lin Fan, and that was what had led to such a situation.

        At the same time, Li Kaoran dragged Lin Fan downstairs.

        All the way down, Lin Fan was forced to stumble and fall as he walked.

        No matter what he said, Li Kaoran never let go of his hand. She walked in front, and Lin Fan had to walk in an exaggerated bowed position.

        Naturally, when he encountered people, he would attract strange stares.

        Lin Fan explained with a cheeky smile, "I can't help it, who made us look handsome, I don't want to follow, it's not possible."

        Downstairs, Li Kaoran tugged Lin Fan to the front of the big car before letting go.

        Only then was Lin Fan able to straighten his body, rubbing his waist with his hands and complaining.

        "Big Miss, you, is this considered abuse? My old waist... I'm so tired!"

        Li Kaoran said coldly as she tried desperately to hold back her laughter.

        "I've come to ask you out for a leisurely trip, to be tougher and make you more submissive so that you won't meet resistance, and you still don't thank me?"

        Lin Fan laughed bitterly, "But, but this is too overbearing of you, isn't it? How can I say that I am still a big man, you are dragging me along with this hand, making me feel like a dog being led along. What's wrong with my brain if I thank you?"

        Li Kaoran snorted out a laugh and said, "Okay, okay, I didn't think it through and I'm sorry to you. Let's go, get in the car, I'll take you out for a dash."

        Before, Li Kaoran did not know much about Lin Fan.

        She only knew that Lin Fan had a masterful hand in medicine, and that her master and many seniors had high hopes for Lin Fan.

        As a member of a medical family, Li Kaoran naturally had a great passion for the revitalisation of Chinese medicine, otherwise she would not have agreed to the "bad idea" of her master and many seniors.

        But from what she had just seen of Wang Youcai and the others, she could tell how humble Lin Fan's position in the Bai family was, and she felt sympathy for him.

        Lin Fan asked, "Miss Li, you're not really taking me shopping, are you? If that's really the case, I, I'd better not go, you know my daughter-in-law is the president of Jiang's enterprise, it wouldn't be good if she knew about it."

        Li Kaoran said with a big grin as she glared her eyes out.

        "What are you afraid of? I'm just asking you out for a break as a friend. If it were me, I would have gotten depressed and jumped off a building."

        Lin Fan's heart was touched by his words, he did not expect that this seemingly cold and arrogant Miss Ye was still quite kind at heart.

        Lin Fan smiled and said, "It's alright, I'm strong in resisting stress. Besides, I still have my daughter-in-law. As long as my daughter-in-law treats me well, everyone else is indifferent."