Today I Give Up Trying 1836

 Li Kaoran stood up on the ground and "snapped", waved his hand and slapped Wang Yanli, asking with a sneer.

        "Asking me to forgive you, right?"

        She was slapped, but Wang Yanli didn't dare to complain, because she knew she couldn't afford to mess with this little girl in front of her, so she nodded her head and said.

        "Yes, yes, I beg your forgiveness, it was my mistake."

        This is a master of bullying and fearing!

        Li Kaoran took another step forward, waved his hand and slapped Wang Yanli again, leaned in and asked with a smile.

        "I didn't hear you, what did you just say?"

        Wang Yanli thought better of it, not to mention two more slaps, or a solid beating, and had to endure it, as long as Li Kaoran could take his anger off.

        He nodded and smiled and said, "Miss Li, what I said was, sincerely and heartily, I ask for your forgiveness."

        Li Kaoran lifted her leg and kicked over, instantly sending Wang Yanli sprawling on her back.

        "Oh, what a joke!" Li Kaoran pointed his finger at Wang Yanli who was lying on the ground and rebuked.

        "You just called me a mistress, a mistress who was adopted by Lin Fan, where's your arrogance?

        Wang Yanli got up with a grunt and fell to her knees in front of Li Kaoran, slapping herself with both hands alternately, saying as she did so: "I was wrong.

        "I was wrong, I was really wrong, I shouldn't have talked nonsense. I deserve to die, please forgive me, Miss Li!"

        Lin Fan, who was pretending to have pity, said.

        "Miss Li, I think you should forgive them, they are after all my daughter-in-law's relatives, so even if you give me face."

        Wang Youcai and Wang Yanli looked at Li Xiangran with bitter faces and begged.

        Li Kaoran gave a "cut" and nodded his head, saying.

        "I can forgive you, but first promise me one thing."

        "You say, as long as I can do it, I will promise!"

        Wang Yanli said.

        Li Kaoran grabbed Lin Fan's collar and dragged him to her face, pointing her finger at him.

        "Your daughter is the supervisor, right? Then tell her that this employee, whenever I need him, even if it's during office hours and I call or come to him, will have to give me a good release."

        Wang Yanli immediately nodded her head and agreed, "No problem, I will definitely tell my daughter that whenever you come to Lin Fan or call him, she will absolutely make sure that she will not stop you."

        Wang Yanli was so disgusted!

        Originally, she wanted to sweep Lin Fan off his feet, but now it seemed that she was afraid that it wouldn't work.

        Not only did she fail to fire Lin Fan, but she was also forced to agree to the other party's request, which would make this guy Lin Fan a free soldier in Washington Pharmaceuticals.

        But if he didn't agree, even if he moved Xu You Rong out, there was nothing he could do to take the other person, Miss Li.

        "Good, good, as long as you need it, Lin Fan can go anytime." Wang Yanli promised.

        "Count on your good sense!" Li Kaoran smiled faintly, "Lin Fan, let's go."

        Li Kaoran reached out and grabbed Lin Fan's tie, turned around and put the tie on her shoulder, dragging Lin Fan outside.

        Lin Fan stumbled as he was dragged, struggling to put distance between himself and Li Kaoran's body.

        Only after watching the two of them walk out of Huafu Pharmaceuticals did Wang Yanli stand up, her cheeks burning with pain and her knees aching a little.

        Next to her, Wang Zhijun immediately yelled up in an insensitive manner.

        "Ah, aunt, your face is swollen!"

        Wang Yanli glared at Wang Zhijun and scolded, "I know, I don't need you to tell me!"

        Wang Youcai then came forward and said in a skeptical tone.

        "That guy Lin Fan, is he lucky, why is the Miss Li family also chasing after him?"

        Upon hearing this, Wang Zhijun was immediately angry and said with extreme jealousy.

        "I'm much better than him, but I don't even have a woman to fall for him, but that guy has a beautiful woman chasing after him."

        "But I think it's just that Miss Li is just trying to be fresh for a while, and after playing around for a while, maybe she'll dump that punk Lin Fan."

        "Well, it's possible." Wang Youcai nodded and said.

        "Missy of a rich family is just like those rich gentry, they have capital and want to change men, it's just a matter of words."

        "I don't care if he's lucky, he made me get humiliated by Li Kaoran, I want him to die a good death!" Wang Yanli chided loudly in annoyance.

        "Damn it, dead trash Lin Fan, I definitely won't let you go!"