Today I Give Up Trying 1835

 Without waiting for Lin Fan's reaction, Li Kaoran's eyebrows rose and she kicked out directly, aiming at Wang Zhijun's crotch, causing Wang Zhijun to cry out in dismay and stumble over his flesh, falling to the ground.

        But Li Kaoran still looked as if his anger was still lingering, pointing his right index finger angrily at Wang Youcai and angrily rebuking him, saying.

        "Did you grow up eating faeces? What does it matter to you if I'm Lin Fan's mistress? I'm telling you, I just like Lin Fan, what do you want?"

        Looking at Li Kaoran's angrily scolding Wang Zhijun's cool look, Lin Fan couldn't help but say in his heart, this girl is sassy enough, I like it!

        But when he thought that Wang Zhijun and the others still had evidence of his "cheating" in their hands, Lin Fan helplessly stepped forward to stop Li Kaoran.

        "Come on! Stop it, you go first, don't make it worse ......"

        Li Kaoran was happy, but he was in trouble next!

        Wang Zhijun was knocked down by a little bitch like Li Kaoran, his face was immediately embarrassed, he walked straight towards Lin Fan and shouted curses.

        "Damn it, Lin Fan, you piece of shit, you dare to instigate a mistress to make a move on me, see if I don't beat you up today!"

        With that, he was about to swing his fist at Lin Fan.

        With a bang, before Wang Zhijun could strike, his wrist was grabbed by Li Kaoran who was on the side.

        Wang Zhijun glared and cursed.

        "Stinking bitch, let go. If you don't let go, I'll beat you up too!"

        Lin Fan was also busy advising.

        "Miss, don't be impulsive! If he's crippled, I won't be able to give you a good account!"

        But before he could say anything, there were several crunching sounds, and Wang Zhijun received a few slaps on the face from Li Huaran.

        Only then did Li Kaoran release Wang Zhijun's wrist, straighten his clothes and say lightly.

        "I hate it when people call me a bitch, it's become a reflex. When I hear someone call me a bitch, I'll definitely slap them a few times."

        These loud slaps from her stunned everyone present, including Lin Fan and Wang Zhijun, who looked at the big beauty in front of them in a daze.

        Violence, really violence!

        How could such a handsome and slim beauty hit someone with her hands?

        Many people, however, secretly looked at Li Kaoran with admiring eyes.

        Even if a beautiful woman used violence, it was still violence of beauty.

        Wang Zhijun felt his face rise up in hot pain and cursed in anger.

        "Damn it, dare to hit me, stinking bitch, you seek death!"

        Then, he swung his fist at Li Kaoran.

        But before he could hit him, Li Kaoran lifted her leg and kicked him in the small of the back.

        "Ouch!" Wang Zhijun cried out in pain, bending over and clutching his stomach.

        Li Kaoran then swung a fist, hitting Wang Zhijun on the chin, and in one fell swoop lifted Wang Zhijun to the ground.

        Wang Zhijun struggled to get up, but no longer dared to charge forward, instead he turned to Wang Yanli and begged for help.

        "Auntie, help me!"

        "Damn it, you dare to beat up my people in my Huafu Pharmaceutical, my daughter is in charge! You bitch, and Lin Fan, you piece of shit, you wait for me!"

        Then, she yelled out at the top of her lungs.

        "Murder! Quickly, call security, don't let this pair escape!"

        In a flash!

        Seven or eight security guards gathered in the scene!

        Lin Fan pretended to complain and said to Li Kaoran.

        "Miss, I told you not to be impulsive, but if you do this, we'll be in trouble, and we won't even be able to wash our hands in the Yellow River!"

        It was over!

        However, Lin Fan didn't know that Li Kaoran had done it on purpose!

        Li Kaoran sneered, "Oh, what's the point of calling security, I think he should call the police, so that you and I will be arrested by the law enforcement officers, or at least put in detention or something."

        A word woke up the dreamer, Wang Yanli nodded her head repeatedly and said loudly.

        "Yes, yes, I'll call the police right away, just tell the law enforcement officers, Lin Fan you piece of shit, colluding with this dead woman and disrupting the normal operation of the company, you guys wait for me!"

        He fumbled with his mobile phone and was about to dial the police.

        "Is that so?" Li Kaoran sneered and said.

        "Then by the way, you tell the law enforcement officers that Li Kaoran, the disciple of Medicine Elder, is spilling his guts in Huafu Pharmaceutical, and by the way, let's also play with my master, that old man, and arrest him together, so that the law enforcement officers don't have to make one more trip."

        Wang Yanli just finished dialing the police, as soon as she heard this, she instantly froze there, looking at Li Kaoran with extreme horror.

        "You, you said, who is your master?" Wang Youcai also stuttered and asked.

        He felt that his tongue was not working for a while.

        Li Kaoran smiled faintly and said aloud in one word.

        "Ye, Yun, Shan, my master is Pill Elder, did you hear me?"

        Wang Yan Liding and the others were instantly creeped out, obviously shocked by Li Kaoran's self-reported family name.

        That woman was actually the eldest lady of the Li family, no wonder she was so arrogant.

        Not to mention them, even Xu You Rong, the supervisor, would probably not dare to be reckless in front of Miss Ye.

        It looked like Wang Zhijun had received this beating for nothing.

        Wang Youcai immediately whispered to Wang Yanli and reminded her.

        "Yanli, she, she said that her master was Medicine Elder, what should we do?"

        Wang Yanli's head was buzzing, how did she know what to do?

        What the hell was going on here?

        How could she have run into Pill Master's disciple, Li Huoran?

        Did Lin Fan know some kind of magic?

        He was getting help one after another, and this time he had even made a direct connection with Pill Elder, the great warrior of China!

        Wang Yanli's mind was racing, thinking about how to deal with this situation.

        At this moment, the sound of the alarm operator asking questions came from his mobile phone.

        "Hello, how are you, may I ask what help you need?"

        Wang Yanli hurriedly said into the phone, "No, nothing much, I accidentally dialed the wrong number just now."

        After saying that, he hung up the phone and walked slowly and stiffly towards Li Kaoran.

        Outside the office door, four security guards armed with electric batons and shields burst in with a loud bang.

        "What's the trouble?"

        Wang Yanli was so frightened that she almost wet her trousers. If they rushed up to the office regardless, they would be finished if they hit Miss Li with a baton.

        Whether the three of them would live to see tomorrow was unknown!

        "No, no," Wang Yanli rushed up and stopped the four security guards, "It's all a misunderstanding, it's all a misunderstanding, this is Miss Li Kaoran of Mr. Pill Elder, she's here to see Lin Fan about something, you guys go back to your posts."

        Old Master Pill's reputation was well known throughout China, especially in Huafu Pharmaceutical, so how could the four security guards not have heard of it?

        Once they heard that the opposite party was the Miss Li family, the four security guards broke out in a cold sweat and secretly cried out in agony, almost causing a big trouble.

        The guards hurriedly bowed to Li Kaoran and apologised, then hurriedly turned and fled as if to leave.

        Only then did Wang Youcai and Wang Yanli turn around and walk close to Li Kaoran, smiling with them and bowing repeatedly.

        "Miss Li, sorry, sorry, I didn't know it was you and rushed you, please forgive me."