Today I Give Up Trying 1833

 On Monday morning, at the entrance to the headquarters of Huafu Pharmaceuticals.

        Wang Youcai, Wang Yanli and the others came to the door at six o'clock, they just wanted to make things difficult for Lin Fan again when he arrived for work.

        Five minutes before the start of work, Lin Fan arrived at the entrance.

        He was just about to enter Huafu Pharmaceutical when he was stopped by Wang Youcai's family.

        Wang Youcai swept him a condescending glance.

        "Lin Fan, why the hell did you just arrive? Do you have any sense of time?"

        Lin Fan took his mobile phone and swept a glance, saying back.

        "Minister, I'm not late, there's still three or four minutes to go before I get to the point."

        "If I say you're late, you're late!"

        Wang Youcai glared his eyes and snorted coldly.

        "You're really an idle worker, with a work ethic like yours, you'll never amount to anything in life! I don't know why Bai Yi let you work in the capital, can't you see that all your colleagues have arrived early, how can you carry out your work if you drag your feet like this?"

        Lin Fan froze, looking at Wang Youcai with a look of idiocy.

        "Fine, I'm late! But... None of your business!"

        He was the chairman of Huafu Pharmaceutical, he could come at whatever time he wanted, so who were these idiots to meddle?


        Wang Youcai was furious enough.

        And Wang Yanli, who was at the side, also hurriedly helped out and roared.

        "My family Xu You Rong is the head of this Huafu Pharmaceutical, what if you neglect your work like this, what if you drag her down with you?"

        "Even if you don't fight for yourself, don't drag others down!"

        This time, Lin Fan could see that the other party was here to pick a fight, right?

        It seemed that he was holding back a stomach of bad water and intended to splash it on himself.

        "Is that so? Then what do you guys think I should do?"

        Wang Yanli originally thought that by deliberately picking a fight like this, Lin Fan would get angry, but Lin Fan simply didn't take his move.

        Seeing that he couldn't achieve his goal, Wang Yanli yelled again.

        "If you don't, you can quit and leave today, or I'll have Xu You Rong fire you! It's your choice!"

        Anyway, Wang Yanli would never let Lin Fan stay with Xu You Rong again, this trash had no good intentions, even if he had already harmed Bai Yi, he still dared to hit on her daughter's idea.

        She would never let Lin Fan get what he wanted!

        The commotion over here also caused the other colleagues of Huafu Pharmaceutical to murmur, all looking at Lin Fan with an air of gloating.

        Lin Fan still did not get angry, but sneered and said.

        "Whether to fire me or not, I'm only afraid that it's not up to you guys, right?"

        After saying that, he directly crossed over Wang Youcai and the others and walked straight towards Huafu Pharmaceutical.

        Wang Youcai, who had been holding his anger, was on fire when he saw Lin Fan's attitude.

        "Lin Fan, don't give up your face! I'll give you one last chance to resign and get out now, or I'll make you eat your words!"

        As long as Lin Fan, a deadbeat, remained at Huafu Pharmaceuticals, he, Wang Yanli, would not be able to live in peace!

        However, Lin Fan turned a blind eye to their threats and walked straight into Huafu Pharmaceuticals with giant strides.

        Three jumping clowns were not worth his care.

        "Giving face to shame, it seems we can only resort to a desperate move!"

        Wang Youcai coldly snorted, a touch of ill-will surfacing in his eyes.

        However, just at that moment!

        Instead, they suddenly heard, from beyond that gate, a woman's delicate shout.

        "May I ask if Lin Fan is here?"

        The person who came was no other than Li Kaoran!

        And the moment Wang Zhijun saw Li Kaoran, his eyes went straight!

        What a beautiful woman, he had never seen such a beautiful woman in his life!

        The tall, handsome looking girl was looking around.

        The girl was wearing a tight black dress and trousers, with shoulder-length hair, a pair of sunglasses on her forehead, and a pair of phoenix eyes that seemed to have blue waves.

        And then, Wang Zhijun and the other three were puzzled!

        Who was this beautiful woman?

        What was she doing here looking for Lin Fan?

        And Lin Fan, who was about to enter Huafu Pharmaceutical, also heard someone shouting at him, so he turned his head in surprise to look at the entrance to the office area, and recognising it was Li Kaoran of the Medicine Elder, he walked over with a smile.

        "Miss Li, is there something wrong?" Lin Fan asked as he walked up to Li Kaoran.

        Li Kaoran grimaced, "Of course there's something, why are you here if you don't have anything to do?"

        Lin Fan knew that this big lady was not very easy to deal with, so he smiled and said.

        "What's the matter, please speak, I'm all ears."

        At this moment, Wang Youcai and the other three were staring closely at the two of them.

        Especially Wang Zhijun!

        Seeing that Li Kaoran was actually flirting with Lin Fan, he was instantly jealous.

        That bastard, what a lucky break, beautiful women all liked to stick to him.

        "I knew he was a bad seed, flirting with flowers everywhere, he and this woman must be in a bad relationship!" Wang Yanli said with extreme malice.

        This strange beautiful woman came looking for Lin Fan out of the blue, naturally whetting everyone's appetite for gossip at once.

        "It's really strange, that trash is so charming? That a big beautiful woman came looking for him?"

        "If Bai Yi found out about this, she would still repudiate him with a divorce certificate?"

        If Bai Yi found out about this, he would have divorced him with a divorce certificate." "You can't really judge a man by his appearance, how can a son-in-law who can't hold his head up in the Bai family have a beautiful woman chasing after him?"

        The three of them were talking about it.

        Wang Zhijun also took out his mobile phone and secretly filmed it, if he could capture evidence of Lin Fan's guilt, then he would be able to blackmail Lin Fan again.

        Li Kaoran did not answer Lin Fan immediately, but went straight to the less crowded underground car park, while looking around, as if he was a thief.

        Lin Fan had no choice but to follow in the same footsteps.

        Seeing this, Wang Yanli and the others were even more certain that this woman and Lin Fan had an unusual relationship.

        "Look you guys, this pair of dogs are sneaking around, something is definitely up!"

        Wang Yanli snorted coldly, before turning her head to Wang Zhijun and ordering.

        "Zhijun, hurry up and film it, I want that boy to eat his words!"

        Wang Zhijun laughed and said with a treacherous smile.

        "It's being filmed! Auntie, don't worry, I won't miss the main event, let's follow it!"

        "Are you looking for me for something?"

        Lin Fan was getting more and more confused as to what this woman wanted.

        This coming to him without giving a reason, this was very much out of line with Li Kaoran's windy and fiery character.

        Sensing Lin Fan's puzzled gaze, Li Kaoran was also shy, how could she say such a thing as being a mistress to Lin Fan?

        Wasn't grandpa trying to make things difficult for her?

        "That... Lin Fan, you're married, right?"

        Li Kaoran asked somewhat timidly.

        "Aren't you talking nonsense? You've already met my wife, why are you asking such a question?"

        Lin Fan was a little dumbfounded, what did this woman want?

        "Then you... Do you mind having an extra wife?"

        After saying this, Li Kaoran's face was already as red as a monkey's butt.