Today I Give Up Trying 1831

 Pill Elder slowly stood up and went over to the recliner to sit down, and when he picked up the teacup to drink, he found it empty.

        "You child, quickly pour tea for Master." Pill Elder snapped.

        "Fine, fine, I'll pour you tea, petty as it is." Li Kaoran smiled and walked over, pouring tea as he said, "Master, you should be relieved this time, your Lin Fan is unharmed."

        Pill Elder let out a long breath.

        "There is just one more thing that gives me no peace of mind. Lin Fan has always refused to come out of the mountain, not wanting to add fuel to the fire for the revitalisation of my Chinese medicine."

        In the current situation of the medical profession, many Western medical practitioners are strongly advocating that Western medicine can completely unify the medical profession, and some are constantly deriding the fact that the practice of Chinese medicine has no scientific basis and should be abandoned by the times.

        The Chinese medical profession itself is lacking in many areas, and many of its medical skills have either been lost or have no successors, making it look like an old man in his twilight years.

        As for the general public, if they seek medical treatment, more often than not they go straight to Western medicine, which shows the crisis state of Chinese medicine.

        "Master, as I see it, that guy Lin Fan might want to settle the Lin family before considering these issues."

        "After all, now that the Lin family is targeting him at every turn, even if he has the will to revitalise Chinese medicine, he still has more heart than strength."

        Elder Medicine pondered for a moment, before snapping his hand.

        "You have a point, then you can't blame Lin Fan for this, perhaps I wasn't sincere enough to impress him."

        "At this time, all of us Chinese doctors should have stood with him and made common cause with him."

        "But instead, we only thought of asking Lin Fan to do something for us TCM practitioners, and didn't think of what we could do for him."

        "Isn't that right?"

        Li Kaoran, with a smile on his face, said.

        "In my opinion, we should just join forces and target the Lin family together, and clean up the Lin family, then doesn't Lin Fan owe us a huge favour? When the time comes to ask for his help, will he still have the guts to refuse?"

        "Makes sense!"

        The master and disciple agreed at once, and Pill Elder immediately ordered.

        "Then you will pass on my orders, from now on, the Chinese medicine community and the Lin family, go to war once and for all!"


        Only when Elder Pill finished speaking did he finally remember something and twisted his head to look at Li Kaoran.

        Smilingly, he said.

        "I remember that in the past, you always seemed to look at Lin Fan unfavourably, right, why are you so kind today, taking the initiative to speak up for him?"

        "Which... Where?"

        Li Kaoran was made to feel weak by his master's look and stammered, "Master, why are you looking at me? I'm doing this for you, you and the elders value and love him so much, so I naturally have to look out for him."

        "Girl, have you forgotten something?"

        "Forgotten what?"

        "Think again about what you have promised before."

        "No ah, what did I promise?"

        A sly smile flashed across the corner of Medicine Elder's mouth.

        "Girl, have you forgotten that you once promised me and those elders that you would go and take the initiative to approach Lin Fan, try to be his girlfriend, and then persuade him to revitalise Chinese medicine?"

        When Master said this, Li Kaoran was both ashamed and annoyed, and her pretty face couldn't help but turn scarlet.

        Immediately, she said in shame.

        "I did promise you guys. But that guy looks like an old-fashioned man who doesn't care about salt and oil, so I'm afraid I can't. ...... Besides, isn't he the son-in-law of the Bai family? I'll be poked and prodded for destroying other people's families."

        Pill Elder, however, grabbed Li Kaoran's hand and advised bitterly.

        "Lin Fan is gifted and intelligent, how could he be that kind of curmudgeon? The so-called Bai family's superfluous son-in-law, but those people in the Bai family don't even treat Lin Fan like a human being."

        "But what does this have to do with me? No matter how much they drip, it's still family." Li Kaoran said.

        "The Bai family is cold and heartless, Lin Fan must be lonely and needs someone to warm him up."