Today I Give Up Trying 1830

 With a few steps, Li Kaoran rushed to the balcony and stood in front of his master, Elder Pill.

        "Master, it's not good, something has happened to Lin Fan!"

        Elder Pill suddenly sat up and asked anxiously, "You mean something has happened to Lin Fan? What happened to him? A car accident, or an illness?!"

        "No, no, neither." Li Kaoran shook his head repeatedly, grabbed the teacup on the side table, and gulped down a few sips of tea.

        Pill Elder said angrily, "What half-hearted words are you saying, you girl, making an old man like me anxious and angry, tell me quickly, what is going on?!"

        He was anxious to know what had happened to Lin Fan so that he could decide what methods to use to help Lin Fan, the divine doctor he held in high regard.

        Li Kaoran, however, pulled over a chair without haste and sat backwards on it, clasping both hands on the backrest and looking at his master with a smile.

        "Master, I see that this disciple of mine is not even as important as that so-called divine doctor Lin in your mind, isn't that so?"

        "Stinky girl, don't compare yourself to Lin Fan."

        Elder Pill reached out and poked Li Huoran's head.

        "Not to mention that you don't have that qualification, even I, a bad old man, don't have that qualification to compare myself to God Lin Fan, where the hope of Chinese medicine lies."

        "Cut it out, what's the big deal, you just know how to stick a silver needle or something." Li Kaoran said with a disdainful roll of his eyes.

        Pill Elder anxiously slapped Li Kaoran's hand with his hand.

        "Aiya, you kid, hurry up and tell me, what's wrong with Lin Fan?"

        Li Kaoran replied, "Your Lin Fan has been complained about and has been arrested by the law enforcement officers for questioning."

        The medicine elder stood up and walked back and forth on the balcony in anger.

        "The law enforcement team went out to arrest someone, needless to say, it must be someone from the Lin family." Elder Pill said, indignantly

        "Lin Fan is the leading practitioner of my TCM, the hope for the revitalisation of my TCM! Even other disciplines should respect him, but instead he is being backstabbed and complained about, the Lin family is trying to destroy my hope for China!"

        "Shameful, really shameful, this is a disgrace to the medical profession! This is a disgrace to the Chinese medical profession!"

        "We definitely won't let this go!"

        Li Kaoran reached out and tugged at his master, Elder Pill, and helped him to sit down on the sofa.

        "Aiya Master, just sit down peacefully, you are walking back and forth, my eyes are getting dizzy."

        Still restless, Elder Medicine said.

        "No, I must join forces with famous people in the industry to appeal to the top and ask them to let Lin Fan out. If they don't, we'll go back to meet with the Lord of the Country!"

        Li Kaoran winked with a sneer on the corner of her mouth.

        "Master, if you go to meet the Lord of the State, what if he doesn't give you old men and women face either?"

        "Impossible! The State Lord is deeply righteous, how could he be as ratty as the Lin family, no matter what I must save Mr. Lin Fan out!"

        Elder Medicine said in an emotional voice.

        "Even if it means risking my old life, I won't hesitate to do so."

        "Giggle." Li Kaoran couldn't help but laugh out loud and said.

        "Master, don't get excited, Lin Fan is fine!"

        Then, Li Kaoran told the whole story of how Huo Dongying had reported Lin Fan and how Lin Fan was soon released by the law enforcement team afterwards.

        Only then did Elder Pill relax, but then he slammed the arm of the sofa hard and cursed.

        "What kind of a thing is that Huo Dongying? Thinking that he's the young proprietor of the Huo family and has the backing of the Lin family, he dares to act recklessly? How dare he frame Lin Fan! I think he's looking for death!"

        Li Kaoran similarly cursed.

        "Isn't that right, that Huo Yingdong is quite a bad person, he is not capable of chasing the woman he wants, so he harbors a grudge against Lin Fan and takes revenge on him."

        Pill Elder snorted coldly and said.

        "You pass my orders down, use every means to clean up the Huo family, my chairman of Huafu Pharmaceuticals can't let someone bully him for nothing! The Huo family has created sins, to have raised such a trash thing of a son, he must be severely punished!"