Today I Give Up Trying 1829

 Lin Zhanyang said angrily.

        Zhang Jianjun sneered back and said.

        "So what if it is? Also, I have to inform you in passing that all your Lin family's connections are currently severed on the imperial capital side, and no one will forgive offending that mysterious and extremely mysterious Mr. Lin for your sake."

        Overseas sales channels were chopped.

        Mainland connections disrupted.

        The Lin family's back is against the wall.

        Is this really happening?

        Lin Zhanxie's mind was dizzy as he forced himself to stand firm.

        Seeing Lin Zhanxie's appearance, Zhang Jianjun burst out laughing and said loudly.

        "I can tell you that just because of your Lin family's foolish actions, which offended Mr. Lin to the extent that it has affected all walks of life, the higher ups are already extremely displeased with you!"

        "Your Lin family, is now a pariah, it's only a matter of time before you are abandoned!"

        As a government official, Zhang Jianjun's words would naturally not be false!

        "Hahahaha, hahahaha,"

        Lin Zhanxie laughed loudly on his back, shedding tears as he laughed, and said in a maniacal manner.

        "I have been a member of the Lin family for hundreds of years, but in the end, I have fallen into the hands of a wild child raised by my own family. Hahahaha!"

        He frantically tore the official document in his hand to shreds and waved his hand, throwing Zhang Jianjun a faceful of shredded paper.

        Zhang Jianjun was just about to open his mouth to scream and curse, but he was grabbed by Lin Zhanyang's collar again.

        "Liars, you're all liars, you're all big liars!" Lin Zhanyang shouted with bloodshot eyes.

        Zhang Jianjun pushed him hard and pushed him to the ground, cursing indignantly.

        "Oh, it's useless to be annoyed, your Lin family initiative is going to have to break up your family! Get lost, trash!"

        Lin Zhanxie got up from the ground and was about to charge again when Zhang Jianjun swung his hand and punched him in the right eye socket, before falling to the ground with a miserable cry and a thud.

        As Zhang Jianjun tidied up his clothes, which had been scratched by Lin Zhanyang, he pressed the pager on his desk and said.

        "Security, come to my office and throw this madman out!"

        Soon, four security guards rushed in from outside the office, some tugging on his arms and some lifting his legs, and set up Lin Zhanyang and headed outside.

        Lin Zhanxie struggled viciously and cursed.

        "Zhang Jianjun, you son of a bitch, you must have taken a favour from that Lin Fan guy, I want to sue you, sue you!"

        Zhang Jianjun ordered loudly.

        "Security guards, shut him up!"

        The four security guards threw Lin Zhanxie onto the floor of the corridor and held him down with force.

        One of the guards then pulled out a taser and stabbed Lin Zhanyang in the armpit.

        Lin Zhanxie's whole body shook violently like sieve chaff.

        However, Lin was still quite strong and shivering, and he was still shouting.

        The guard sneered and stabbed him again with the electric shock stick.

        This time, Lin shuddered violently and his whole face became distorted, unable to care about cursing anymore.

        He was taken out by the four guards and thrown like rubbish on the road outside Huafu Pharmaceuticals.


        Late afternoon, on the balcony of a villa.

        Elder Pill was lying in a rocking chair with his eyes closed, but his mind was still thinking about things.

        Lin Fan, as the direct disciple of the divine doctor Liang Wang Sun, had refused to sit in on consultations and lectures.

        He and a number of old friends in the field had gone out of their way to force their beloved disciple, Li Kaoran, to get close to Lin Fan, trying to get him to agree to come out in exchange for Li Kaoran being Lin Fan's girlfriend.

        However, the situation was not what they had hoped for, even though they had put their own faces on the line, and even though they had asked Li Xiaoran to try to get close to Lin Fan, so far, nothing had worked.

        Thinking of this, Pill Elder slowly opened his eyes and let out a long sigh.

        Suddenly, Li Kaoran's eager call rang out from within the living room.

        "Master, where are you, old man?"

        Hearing Li Kaoran's fiery-like shout, Pill Elder's brow furrowed and he responded in no good humour.

        "I'm on the balcony, what's a girl doing shouting?"