Today I Give Up Trying 1828

Faced with the combined crusade of the Lin family as well as the two great military seats, there were no more than a palmful of people in the whole of China who could resist.

        But Zhang Jianjun still chose to stand on Lin Fan's side, was this insane?

        Zhang Jianjun raised his right index finger and shook it.

        "Lin Zhanxie, you don't need to get so excited either. I think your Lin family should review your own actions, instead of just blaming others."

        "After all, it was you who did such an outrageous thing to Mr. Lin in the first place, if I were you, I would have tried my best to beg for his forgiveness instead of making a fool of myself!"


        Lin Zhanyang said indignantly.

        "How much damage that wild bastard has caused our family, and you're asking us to beg for his forgiveness? Are you out of your mind? This is impossible! And my Lin family is not at fault in any way!"


        And then, Zhang Jianjun was waving his hand, impatiently saying.

        "Then there is nothing more to say, I am now officially informing you that from now on, your Lin family and I, Zhang Jianjun, have no half-assed connection."

        "You can die if you want, don't drag me along!"

        "You! How dare you!"

        Lin Zhanxie almost couldn't believe what he heard, gritting his teeth and roaring angrily.

        "Zhang Jianjun, you, if you have the guts, repeat what you just said, I didn't hear you clearly."

        "I'm telling you, if you help Lin Fan then you'll be an enemy to the two great army seats, and I hope you'll bear the consequences yourself!"

        "Oh, threatening me? You're still a bit young!"

        Zhang Jianjun picked up a piece of official paper on his desk and flicked it with his finger.

        "This is a copy of the special order just forwarded from the top, Mr. Lin Zhanxie take a look at it, from now on, Mr. Lin is the chief executive officer of the Chinese pharmaceutical industry, which means that the entire Chinese pharmaceutical industry is now under his sole control."

        Lin Zhanxie grabbed the paper and looked at it carefully and eagerly.

        On the official document, it was clearly written "With immediate effect, Mr. Lin Fan is appointed as the first executive officer of the Chinese medicine industry", and it was stamped with the seal of the relevant organization.

        "Why? This is why!"

        Lin Zhanyang shouted with a red face, unable to believe his eyes.

        "That guy is obviously a loser, how can he be qualified to be given such a position! There's been a mistake, you must have made a mistake! I don't believe it!"

        Zhang Jianjun smiled coldly and looked at him as if he were an idiot: "Lin Zhanyang, you're saying that he's a loser?

        "Lin Zhanxie, what you said is useless, the fault of your Lin family is that you are too uncaring! You said that you had to mess with a seemingly useless mysterious figure, Lin Fan, whose fear is definitely beyond your imagination, and he is definitely not something you can afford to mess with!"

        "You, how do you know he can't be messed with?" Lin Zhanxie asked hesitantly, looking at Zhang Jianjun in horror.

        "Could it be that you know what identity background he has?"

        However, Zhang Jianjun laughed coldly and said.

        "Some people, he doesn't need any background. Because he himself, is the biggest background."

        Lin Zhanxie was still incredulous and pursued the question.

        "Zhang Jianjun, what the hell is going on here? Tell me, where exactly is that guy stronger than my Lin family, he's just a waste next year, a wasted son-in-law who joined the family!"

        Zhang Jianjun sized up Lin Zhanxie as if he was looking at a super sand sculpture.

        "That's just what you see on the surface, Mr. Lin's tentacles of power are able to extend to places that you and I can't even see. Your Lin family has offended Lin Fan and is destined for only two paths, either you get his forgiveness or you die!"

        Zhang Jianjun shrugged his shoulders and said with a smile on his face.

        "It can't be helped, I don't want to be buried with your Lin family, so I can only choose to be loyal to Mr. Lin!"

        "That is to say, you have betrayed my Lin family for the sake of profit?!"