Today I Give Up Trying 1826

  "Mom, can you cut the crap? That's Bai Yi's husband after all, don't you think this is too much?"

        Xu You Rong accused angrily.

        "I just want Bai Yi to die, what's so good about that loser, won't I just introduce her to a rich and handsome man later?"

        Wang Yanli cut out, looking as if she was full of care.

        "A loser? Do you know who he is? He's the famous Dr. Lin, you look down on him? He even despises you!"

        Xu You Rong hissed in fury, Wang Yan Li was simply blind and ratty!


        Being humiliated by Xu You Rong like this, Wang Yan Li was instantly on fire:.

        "You dead girl, how do you talk to your mother, do you still have me as an elder in your eyes?"

        "How long have you been hanging out with Lin Fan and you've become so insolent, you're so close to the vermilion and the ink, I think it's better if that kid dies, so as not to bring you down!"


        Xu You Rong was so angry at Wang Yan Li's words that she couldn't even say anything.

        Her body was trembling over it.

        "And ah, you said that kid is the divine doctor Lin, only you would believe his bullshit, right?"

        Wang Yanli laughed sarcastically, looking as if she didn't believe it at all:

        "I even said that I was Lin Zuo!"

        And then, Wang Yanli was looking at Bai Yi with a sneer.

        "O Bai Yi, I advise you to hurry up and prepare the afterlife for that trash, because it won't be long before you'll have to be a widow, hahaha!"

        At those words!

        All the people in the room turned pale and stared at Wang Yanli with an angry gaze.

        This woman, she was just too much!

        Instead of showing any mercy now that things had come to this point, she was even sneering and ridiculing?

        This made the Bai Yi family, more and more hostile to Wang Yanli!

        "I'm just afraid that I'll have to let you down!"


        And it was when everyone looked back in confusion that they saw Lin Fan standing in the doorway with a smirk.

        "Lin Fan?"

        Bai Yi and Xu You Rong were both beaming with joy and rushed up with quick steps.

        "Are you alright?"

        The two asked again in unison.

        After asking, Bai Yi looked at Xu You Rong in dismay, a hint of hostility surfacing in her eyes once again.

        Xu You Rong also lowered her head sheepishly, knowing that she had overreacted.

        Wang Yanli, on the other hand, looked as if she had seen a ghost.

        Incredibly frightened, she looked at Lin Fan :

        "Are you ...... you okay?"

        How did this guy come back?

        Hadn't he been arrested?

        How did Huo Dongying let this abomination out?

        He had clearly even offended the Lin family?

        Lin Fan also laughed and asked rhetorically :

        "What, did it disappoint you?"

        Wang Yanli's face instantly sank as she said angrily:

        "Heh, even if you got lucky and escaped, but you can avoid the first day of the month but not the fifteenth, you still have to be finished!"

        "After offending the Lin family, you are destined to be close to death."

        That's the Lin family, who can save the people the Lin family wants to kill?

        No one had ever been able to survive from the hands of the Lin Family!

        And yet Lin Fan smiled contemptuously :

        "That won't be a bother for you".

        Wang Yanli also felt bored and said in annoyance:

        "Xu You Rong, come with me now"!

        But Xu You Rong didn't listen at all and said with a cold face.

        "Mom, go away! I won't be reduced to your money-making tool!"

        She had already decided that she could not go on like this.

        Her own mother was a vampire, this time she could push herself into the fire for money, who could guarantee what she would do next time?

        Xu You Rong had never thought that her mother would turn out to be the most dangerous person.


        Wang Yanli was instantly on fire and went up and gave Xu You Rong a slap on the face, before cursing angrily and furiously.

        "You b*tch, I raised you so much, and you talk to me like this? Do you still have me as your mother in your eyes?"