Today I Give Up Trying 1824


        Upon hearing this, Lin Zhanxie was completely confused!

        "Dad, what are you talking about, didn't we win the battle today? How could it be over?"

        And it was Lin Hongtu on the other end who said in a deep voice.

        "We just received news that all of our Lin family's goods exported by sea have all been looted by pirates, a conservative estimate is that we lost over 200 billion!"

        "And that's not all, our partners have also been implicated, so they've all broken off their cooperation with us!"

        "In other words, all the business networks we've built up overseas over the centuries were all cut off a few hours ago!"

        "Even if we snatch the entire Jiangnan now, it won't make up for our losses!"


        The mobile phone in Lin Zhanxie's hand fell straight to the ground, his face flooded with a thick sense of dismay.

        Lin Fan, to have such great ability?

        Was he dreaming?

        On the other hand, Li Yutang had also heard the conversation between Lin Zhanxie and Lin Hongtu clearly, and his face was also filled with astonishment!

        Lin Fan had directly cut off the Lin family's export channels, how the hell was that possible?

        How could he be capable of such a thing?

        "Dad, what the hell is going on here, how could that guy be so capable?"

        Lin Zhanyang also hurriedly asked, while pushing the woman beside him away, he was no longer in the mood to play with women.

        At that end, Lin Hongtu snorted coldly.

        "That wild bastard you gave birth to, I don't know what method he used to get Blackfoot to step in and blockade all the seas and snipe all merchant ships related to our Lin family?"


        Both Liyu Tang and Lin Zhanxie were already stunned.


        How could the world's infamous pirate king help that trash Lin Fan?

        You know, that guy didn't even have the countries in his sights, and the only one he was loyal to and obeyed was the King of the Dark World...

        The Dark Lord!

        What method did that guy use to get Blackfoot to work for him of his own accord?

        Could he also be related to the King of Blood Hell?

        Thinking of this possibility, both Li Yu Tang and Lin Zhan Epigram could not help but shiver madly.

        "Dad, what the hell is going on here, wasn't that wild bastard arrested? It's logical that he shouldn't be able to come out until tomorrow, how could he have contacted Blackfoot?"

        And yet!

        Lin Hongtu on the other end then said in a deep voice.

        "Because someone fished him out!"


        Lin Zhanyie was furious and shouted.

        "Who is it? Who dares to be so daring, how dare they fish out the man that my Lin family wants to arrest?"

        At this time, Lin Hongtu said in a shocking manner.

        "The one who fished for that wild seed is Lin Zuo!"


        Liyu Tang and Lin Zhanyie's brains felt like they were going to explode and they were completely confused!

        Lin Zuo, it was Lin Zuo?

        This... How could this be!

        Not only did that guy know the Dark Lord, he was also related to Lin Zuo?

        They weren't dreaming, were they?


        The wine cup in Li Yu Tang's hand fell straight to the ground, and a thick fear surfaced on his face.

        He, after all, had underestimated that brat!

        "This can't be, Dad, you must have made a mistake! This can't be!"

        Lin Zhanyie was a little hysterical, unable to figure out how the Lin Zha, who their Lin family had been struggling to work with for so long, could be involved with Lin Fan.

        "Cut the crap and hurry back!"

        The Lin Hongtu on the other end coldly finished these words and was just hanging up the phone.


        And at this moment!

        In the middle of the hotel, Xu You Rong did not speak, but leaned on Bai Yi's shoulder and sobbed in a low voice.

        Because Xu You Rong felt that it was all her fault.

        If she hadn't asked Lin Fan to act as his boyfriend, Lin Fan wouldn't have offended Huo Dongying, and even more so, he wouldn't have been arrested.

        "It's okay, it's okay, Lin Fan he'll be fine?"

        Bai Yi patted Xu You Rong's back with her hand, in fact, her heart was also very upset.