Today I Give Up Trying 1823

 In the evening, in a private room of a KTV.

        Lin Zhanxie was drinking and singing with some friends.

        They were singing and moving their hands while holding two sultry women in their arms, and from time to time, they let out a burst of laughter.

        It was just that every time Lin Zhanxiang laughed, he had to curse in passing.

        "Damn it, dead wild bastard Lin Fan, the whole of Jiang City has been wiped out by us, this time you're still not finished!"

        After Lin Fan was taken away by the law enforcement officers, their Lin family had annexed the New Bai Clan in the shortest possible time, as well as appropriated all the forces of the four major families in Jiangnan, and Jiangnan and Jiang City were now in their pocket.

        And at this moment, Lin Zhanxie and Li Yu Tang were sitting together, drinking and talking while discussing how to deal with Lin Fan.

        "Mr. Lin, you said you wanted to make Lin Fan look good, how do you plan to do that?"

        Li Yutang asked tentatively.

        As a fierce general under He Lan Xuan's command, he was in a bad mood after suffering such a big loss under Lin Fan's hands, he knew well that He Lan Xuan's status was special, and it was not even convenient for him to do anything on a regular basis, so it was naturally the best thing to be able to leave it to the Lin family to settle!

        But after being humiliated and beaten up by Lin Fan like that, how could he, who was so well-bred and had such a high opinion of himself, put up with it?

        That's why he put himself down and came to drink with this idiot Lin Zhanxie in the middle of the night, because he wanted to use the huge power of the Lin family to take care of Lin Fan!

        He wanted to put on a good show before He Lan Xuan's return to China, to get back on the field and not let He Lan Xuan down on him.

        Lin Zhanyie drained his glass of beer and put it down with a loud bang on the coffee table.

        "Damn it, I'll kill that bastard if I don't get through to him!"

        Lin Zhanxie said viciously, his eyes revealing a strong hatred.

        Li Yu Tang frowned and stared at him with some suspicion, did this punk really have a solution?

        At that moment, he picked up the wine bottle, respectfully poured wine for Lin Zhanxie, and then asked.

        "Mr. Lin, do you really have a way to deal with Lin Fan? Do you know that he is the Lin Patriarch, and didn't he also make your Lin family suffer a big loss not long ago?"

        Lin Zhanxiang grunted and sneered, tapped his chest and asked rhetorically.

        "Li Yutang, are you not believing that I, Lin Zhanxie, have such energy? I tell you, in less than three days, I will make that wild bastard Lin Fan disappear from this world, forever!"

        Li Yu Tang's heart stole joy, it looked like the Lin family had been completely enraged.

        One could even say that they had lost their minds and gone mad!

        What awaited Lin Fan that way would surely be the Lin family's insane revenge!

        Li Yu Tang raised his glass of wine and flattered.

        "Mr. Lin, I know you must have a solution, with such a powerful business empire behind you, it must be easy to get rid of a Lin Fan. Come on, I'll drink to you!"

        Lin Zhanyang smiled, lifted his glass of wine and drank it all in one go, before boasting.

        "This is all necessary drops, even if that wild bastard Lin Fan has a powerful backstage, it is still no match for the hundred years of heritage of my Lin family tree."

        As he said that, he reached out and gave a fierce grasp in front of the demonic woman beside him.

        The voluptuous woman deliberately gave an exaggerated "ah" and punched Lin Zhanyang's body several times with her fists clenched, pouting.

        "Nasty, Young Master Lin, don't you know how to be merciful? Why do you use such a strong hand, it hurts me so much."

        Lin Zhanxiang and Li Yutang laughed lewdly at the same time.


        At that moment, Lin Zhanxie's phone rang, and Lin Hongtu's furious voice came from the other end.

        "Where are you?"

        Lin Zhanxie burped and said with a carefree voice.

        "Dad, I'm out celebrating with Li Yu Tang, I took down the Lin family today and snatched away Lin Fan's stronghold, doesn't it deserve a celebration?"

        With that, he even gave a fierce nibble on the beautiful girl's face next to him.


        Lin Hongtu, who heard this, had his lungs explode with anger!

        "Our Lin family is almost finished and you're still in the mood to drink flower wine, how did I give birth to such an indisputable thing like you?"