Today I Give Up Trying 1822

 Chen cursed, "What's going on? It's that Huo Dongying guy who's too arrogant, he's messed with the wrong people."

        "Are you saying that Mr. Lin Fan has a very powerful background? It can't be that even you have to be afraid of him. ......"

        Chen Bureau instantly sneered and said.

        "I'm afraid of him? I'm afraid that even the Lin family has to be afraid of him!"


        The captain was directly scared silly, the Lin family, which was as powerful as the sun and had supreme authority, would fear this man in front of him?

        "Chief, is what you say true?"

        Bureau Chief Chen snorted coldly, his face ugly as he said.

        "Can't you see that the Dragon Tiger Legion has personally come to retrieve someone? Grandma, this time I really let that old fox Lin Hongtu give a hard time!"

        "A match between them is not something that little people like us can get involved in!"


        The captain cursed in a low voice.

        "That turtle grandson of Lin Hongtu, isn't this a trap for us! Fortunately, the Dragon Tiger War God arrived just in time, or else we would really have stirred up a big mess."

        The captain's clothes were almost drenched in cold sweat at this point, and he finally knew why Lin Fan had been so confident in the car earlier.

        He didn't think of a small man like himself at all!

        If he had really fired his gun, he was afraid that the consequences would be more than he could bear.

        Wiping a handful of cold sweat from his forehead, he said with a pale face.

        "I'm afraid we'll have to go around if we meet this man again!"

        "It's not just us!"

        Bureau Chen sneered.

        "I'm afraid that even the Lin family is in a state of anxiety! Who do you think was responsible for the dramatic change in the Lin family some time ago? But you must keep this matter a secret, don't say anything about it casually."

        "Yes, yes, yes, I will definitely keep it a secret and definitely not say anything about it."


        In the taxi, Lin Fan took out his phone and dialed a mysterious number.

        "Hey, advance the layout as soon as possible!"

        "Copy that."

        The other party answered.

        Hanging up this call, Lin Fan dialed another number.


        Galileo Strait, in the ancient palace.

        Here, lived the infamous King of Thieves, Blackfoot!

        The candle flames wavered as Blackfoot sat on a throne made of skulls.

        Blackfoot tilted his neck to finish his glass, placed it on the table in front of him and took the white towel handed to him by his attendant.

        He wiped the blood from the glass that was left on the side of his mouth and casually threw the blood-stained white towel into the bin to the side.

        At that moment, his mobile phone rang, and Blackfoot picked it up from the desk to see the number, immediately becoming respectful as he picked up the phone.

        "Blackfoot! The King, is calling you!"

        The voice of the Blood Hell Mad God came out of the phone.

        "Blackfoot is always at the King's disposal!"

        Blackfoot stood up with a scuffle and said with some panic.

        In the eyes of outsiders, he was the murderous, infamous King of Thieves!

        But in the eyes of that man, he was just a mole!

        A cricket that could be trampled to death at any time!

        "There's a new mission, so remember it clearly!"

        The Blood Hell Mad God said aloud.

        "Chinese Lin family, all related merchant ships, including their partners' merchant ships, I don't care what method you use, use the shortest time to loot them all, I want the Lin family to completely cut off their connection with overseas!"

        Blackfoot immediately said angrily.

        "Mad God, has the Lin family rushed the King, should I send someone to get rid of him?"

        "Do your part, as for the rest, don't worry about it! The king has his own plans!"

        The Blood Hell Mad God said coldly.

        "If you fail to complete the mission, Blackfoot, I don't need to tell you, I think you should also know the consequences!"

        Blackfoot winced, no longer daring to speak out, and nodded his head in agreement.

        "Yes, I understand your intentions, I'll arrange for the ships to go to sea immediately and I'll complete the mission! I will not let the King down!"