Today I Give Up Trying 1820

 After saying that, Huo Dongying laughed uncontrollably and wildly.

        It seemed to him that there was no way Lin Fan could escape this time.

        Even if he couldn't get rid of Lin Fan, it would be enough to ruin his reputation, and he would be able to easily hold his beauty and tumble and pin her in bed with Xu You Rong.

        Bureau Chen likewise laughed coldly, looking at Lin Fan with contempt in a victorious stance.

        "Heh, is that so?"

        Lin Fan simply smiled lightly and said.

        "Then I hope you remember to wait a little while and still laugh!"

        "Giving shame!"

        Bureau Chen violently slapped the table hard and roared through gritted teeth.

        "Lin Fan, don't waste time on me, Zuo is very busy, if you don't admit to breaking the law again, you will be made to look good immediately!"

        "Whose good looks are you asking for?" Suddenly a voice rang out from outside the door.

        Immediately afterwards, a middle-aged man pushed the door in.

        Bureau Chen looked over, and upon seeing the visitor, he was so scared that his legs went limp and he almost pissed himself in fear. 

        "Dragon... Dragon and Tiger War Gods, what brings you here?"

        These two fierce generals under Lin Zuo's command had actually appeared in his place at the same time?

        Bureau Chen was somewhat disturbed, a thick look of dismay flooding that face!

        He realised that something was wrong!

        And Huo Dongying was also dumbfounded and nervous after seeing and learning the identity of the Dragon and Tiger War God.

        Even if he was an idiot, he knew that the appearance of these two in front of him was too fishy!

        They, couldn't be here to fish for Lin Fan, could they?

        Who knew!

        The Dragon Tiger War God gave Bureau Chen a cold look and said in a cold voice.

        "Bureau Chen, make amends to Mr. Lin Fan and apologise, immediately, right away!"

        Bureau Chen and Huo Dongying and the others had a violent thud in their hearts, the Dragon and Tiger War God was really here to fish for this kid?

        They had to know that this was an arrest plan led by the Lin family, requesting Bureau Chen to review the case of "Lin Fan illegally practicing medicine and causing serious injuries".

        Is this a case of the Dragon Tiger War God going out of his way to contradict the Lin family?

        Bureau Chen stammered and said.

        "Dragon Tiger War God, arresting this kid is an order from the Lin family, look..."


        The Dragon Tiger War God waved his hand and slapped Bureau Chen with a loud slap, then angrily reprimanded.

        "The Lin family, what a piece of shit! I told you to let them go!"

        Bureau Chen was directly dumbfounded by the slap and could not come back to his senses for a long time.

        Only after he reacted did he realise that what Lin Fan had said was true.

        He, himself, had really offended someone he shouldn't have offended!

        Damn the Lin family, had they really used him as cannon fodder?

        How dare they provoke such a terrifying existence for him!

        That was the Dragon Tiger Legion!

        With their ability, they would dare to bury him alive!

        It's over!

        This was the end!

        Bureau Chen hurriedly panicked, and then quickly ran towards Lin Fan, smiling and saying.

        "Aiya, Mr. Lin Fan, I'm really sorry, I didn't know your noble status before, that's why there was such a misunderstanding."

        "It's not as simple as a misunderstanding, is it?"

        Lin Fan said coldly.

        "You have personally admitted to taking orders from the Lin family, so you don't remember so quickly?"


        Bureau Chen's expression instantly became extremely embarrassed as he compensated with a smile and said.

        "Mr. Lin, since you also know about it, you should understand that I was only instructed by someone, it's really because the Lin family is so powerful that I don't dare to offend them!"

        Bureau Chen's cold sweat was coming down, if the other party didn't forgive him, then his position as Director would be considered to be his head today.

        "Mr. Lin Fan, please believe us, this matter really has nothing to do with me, I was forced to do it!"

        Bureau Chief Chen hurriedly explained, afraid that Lin Fan would misunderstand.

        Lin Fan smiled and glanced at Huo Dongying, who was still fuming, and asked.

        "Bureau Chen, if you say it was a misunderstanding, then what about this young master Huo who reported me?"

        Bureau Chen scrambled and waved his hands, saying.

        "He, he is a lackey of the Lin family, they are leading all this, it has nothing to do with me, if Mr. Lin wants to pursue this, then just pursue him!"