Today I Give Up Trying 1816

 It turned out that last night, the Lin family's door-to-door visit was to instigate Huo Dongying to report Lin Fan to the law enforcement team for practicing medicine without a license and causing serious injuries.

        Wanting to get Lin Fan to the number for three to five days, which was enough for them to do a lot of things.

        "A doctor is also worthy of fighting with the Lin family? You don't know the power of the Lin family, do you? I'll let you learn the lesson today."

        Lin Fan, however, replied with a snort, "What's wrong with the Lin family? Do they have an extra head or two extra hands? Do you think that just because you're with them, you can ignore me? Huo Dongying, I think it's really you, isn't it?"

        Zhao Liangyu patted Huo Dongying on the shoulder, "Young Master Huo, you tell him who I am."

        And when Wang Yanli heard that Lin Fan had dared to offend the Lin family, she was all completely frozen, had this kid eaten the heart of a bear and the guts of a leopard?

        At that moment, Wang Yanli laughed wistfully, this kid even dared to offend the Lin family, is he still a dead end?

        "Lin Fan, what are they going to do to you?" Xu Dexiang asked worriedly.

        Lin Fan laughed: "It's alright, they're probably fed up and came to pick a fight on purpose."

        Xu You Rong pointed his finger at Huo Dongying and scolded.

        "Huo Dongying, I've really looked away, you're a scum, after losing yesterday you even cheated and came back to cause trouble. In order to frame Lin Fan, you went out of your way to collude with the Lin family to plant evidence against Lin Fan!"

        Huo Dongying smiled faintly, "The conscience of heaven and earth, You Rong, I am deeply infatuated with you, and what I did was for your own good!"

        Wang Yanli also helped out, "You can't blame Young Master Huo. He's rich and powerful, and he's true to you, so how can he lose out to Lin Fan? I think it's better for you to leave it alone and leave it to them."

        Xu You Rong twisted her face to the side, she didn't even bother to pay attention to her own mother at this point.

        At this moment, the law enforcement officer also brutally urged.

        "Don't nag, Lin Fan, please come back to the bureau with us immediately to be investigated!"

        Huo Dongying sneered from the side, "It's not just the illegal practice of medicine, there's also the issue of assaulting someone with your hands, you piece of shit, don't even think about denying it!"

        "What, do you regret it now? You should have expected this day when you, a broken doctor, dared to provoke me in the first place. Go away, if you don't, these two law enforcement gentlemen will cooperate to take you away!"

        Using the Lin family's influence in the imperial capital, did Huo Dongying think that cleaning up Lin Fan would not be a trivial matter at hand.

        Xu You Rong stepped in front of Lin Fan and said sternly to the police officers present.

        "You are not allowed to do anything nonsense! Even if Lin Fan is practicing medicine without a license, that's still saving patients' lives. Besides, we didn't even make a profit from this, it was just a warm-hearted rescue between friends."

        Huo Dongying bristled at Wang Yanli:

        "Auntie, you see, if she is so obsessed, I'm afraid that even if I put in more energy and emotion, it won't help."

        Wang Yanli glared, "Xu Yourong, get your ass back here!"

        Xu You Rong said loudly, "No! Mum, why are you following me?"

        "You dead girl, this trash Lin Fan is in big trouble and you're still stuck with him, get back!" Wang Yanli scolded.

        Then, she reached out and dragged Xu You Rong by the arm, and dragged her towards the inside of the living room, while calling out to Xu Dexiang who was standing by the side to help.

        Lin Fan sneered and looked at Huo Dongying :

        "Are you sure you want to do this? I'll say it up front, if you regret it then, it will be too late."

        Huo Dongying laughed contemptuously, "Oh, you dare to threaten me when you're already dead? I'm telling you, if you mess with me this time, it's your bad luck, so you can go to jail."

        "You won't be out of jail for another 20 to 30 years, you piece of shit! When the time comes, out of old friendship, I will allow You Rong to take our two children and visit you, you punk."