Today I Give Up Trying 1815

 Xu You Rong slanted a glance at the somewhat hysterical Wang Yan Li, also feeling an unprecedented sense of disappointment and shame:

        "I'm so disappointed in you! I don't have a mother like you! I won't go back to this family either!"

        Such a family could not give her warmth, and even tried to hurt her by all means.

        After saying these words, Xu You Rong was crying and walking towards the door, wanting to leave this place that had made her lose face.

        "Damn girl, what are you doing? Come back to me, do you hear me?"

        Wang Yanli shouted even more hysterically.

        After the nightmare of that night, Xu You Rong already felt that there was a deep rift between her and Wang Yan Li.

        And today, Wang Yanli's performance was the last straw that broke the camel's back.

        Seeing that Xu You Rong had dared to disobey, Wang Yan Li roared in anger and frustration.

        "Xu Dexiang, your dead girl is running away from home, do you care, you dead man?!"

        Xu Dexiang glared viciously at Wang Yanli and yelled.

        "Good for you! I'm tired of staying here, I'm leaving home too!"

        "No! I won't allow it!"

        Wang Yanli rushed towards Xu Yourong and the two of them, trying to stop them.

        At that moment, Xu You Rong opened the door to her room, only to find several uniformed strangers standing outside the door, including two policemen.

        The man standing at the front asked, "Excuse me, is there a man named Lin Fan here?"

        Lin Fan nodded, "I am Lin Fan, what can I do for you?"

        The man immediately took out a document with an official seal from his briefcase and showed it to Lin Fan and Xu You Rong.

        "We are from the Imperial Capital Medical Board, someone has reported that you are practicing medicine without a license and have deliberately injured someone. Please come back with us and be investigated."

        Wang Yanli stood to the side and waved her hands repeatedly, saying.

        "This person has nothing to do with our family, this waste's family is over there, don't implicate us."

        Suddenly someone shouted from the side, "No way, auntie."

        Immediately afterwards, Huo Dongying stood up beside the HA staff with a playful smile.

        "Oh, it's Dongying, are you hurt?" Wang Yanli immediately asked with a smile on her face, "Didn't you say that this punk Lin Fan had injured your friends? How are they, are they alright?"

        Huo Dongying frowned, "Auntie, I have a sincere heart for You Rong and hope to win her heart soon, but she is as cold as ice towards me. Those few friends of mine were all badly injured by Lin Fan, their injuries are serious!"

        Xu You Rong angrily accused, "Huo Dongying, don't be pretentious over here, didn't your friends have to beat up Lin Fan and their kung fu was not good enough to get injured by Lin Fan?!"

        "Yes, You Rong, I'm doing this for your own good!" Huo Dongying still had a pleasant look on his face

        "Why did I come over with my friends to deal with this punk Lin Fan? Wasn't it because I wanted to get rid of him sooner so that I could rescue you from the depths of the fire?"

        And when he saw Huo Dongying appear, Lin Fan's brow deepened!

        How did Huo Dongying have the audacity to come after himself one after another?

        When he saw these policemen, Lin Fan suddenly thought of something and his eyes were filled with a cold aura!

        "Huo Dongying, are you looking for death? How dare you meddle in my fight with the Lin family?"

        The Lin family wanted to use Xu Dexiang to hold him back and throw him into jail, even if it was only for a day or two it would be enough to free up the Lin family to do whatever they wanted.

        But Lin Fan hadn't expected Xu Dexiang to be so death-seeking, to dare to interfere in the struggle between him and the Lin family.

        This was undoubtedly seeking death!

        Xu Dexiang then laughed coldly and said :

        Blame it on the fact that you don't know how to live or die, you dare to offend even the Lin family! Lin Fan, you have a bad fate, even the heavens are on my side, hahaha!

        With the Lin family backing him up, why would he need to be afraid of a punk like Lin Fan?