Today I Give Up Trying 1814

 And then, she was glaring angrily at Bai Shan and the others.

        "Don't think I don't know what you are thinking, you are just jealous of our family You Rong marrying well, so you are deliberately causing mischief and letting this trash make trouble, I won't let you get what you want!"

        At those words!

        Bai Shan and the others all shook their heads, helpless to the extreme.

        And Xu Dexiang was also so angry that he stomped his feet, for his wife's temper, Xu Dexiang had not suffered a lot since he was young.

        Wang Yanli's spirited character came up and said to hit him, he was really helpless, only to bow his head to be beaten.

        He was so angry that he pointed his finger at Wang Yanli, unable to say a complete word.

        "You... You're just being unreasonable!"

        Wang Yanli rushed over and raised her palm in a gesture to hit.

        "Hey, I'm giving you face, aren't I? I am being unreasonable, what can you do?"

        "I... I don't care about you!"

        Xu Deciang stomped his feet with hatred, turned around and walked over to the sofa, sitting down on his butt and sulking over there.

        Lin Fan, however, grinned and said to Xu Dexiang.

        "Auntie, you don't need to get angry with her, old people at her age do tend to get angry, after all, they have also reached the age of menopause. I'm a junior, I'll be sympathetic to Mum."

        The so-called menopause syndrome should be the way Wang Yanli behaved.

        What Lin Fan meant by his words was that Wang Yanli was manic during menopause.

        He was also sympathising with his father-in-law for putting up with Wang Yanli's verbal abuse and violence for so many years.

        Even if Wang Yanli was not much educated, she heard the difference.

        "You damned trash, you're saying that I'm old and useless, aren't you? You are cursing me to die quickly!"

        With that, she raised her palm and rushed towards Lin Fan once again.

        Lin Fan looked coldly at Wang Yanli, who was rushing closer, and didn't dodge.

        "Hey, you dead trash, how dare you glare at me!" Wang Yanli said angrily, "I'll fucking beat you to death!"

        She swung her hand down hard, but just as she was about to hit Lin Fan, her wrist was grabbed by someone.

        Wang Yanli turned her head and saw that it was her daughter Xu You Rong, so she scolded him, "Damn girl, give me a break!

        "Damn girl, let go of me, see if I don't beat him to death today!"

        "Mom, that's enough!" With tears in her eyes, Xu You Rong angrily shook off Wang Yan Li's hand, "What did Lin Fan ever do to you? You've humiliated and beaten him every now and then before, but he put up with it, why are you still doing this?"

        "He hasn't offended you, so why do you have to be so aggressive?"

        "Who says he hasn't offended me? Doesn't driving away my two future sons-in-law count?"

        Wang Yanli's neck snapped up and she said angrily.

        "What? Now I don't count in this family? I'm going to teach him a lesson, so that he will never dare to meddle in things again!!!"

        "Lin Fan saved Grandma, yet you accuse him like this, do you have any conscience left? Do you want people to say that we are ungrateful?"

        "That was an elixir worth several hundred million dollars, he gave it just as he said, don't you feel a loss of heart?"

        Xu You Rong questioned.

        This instantly poked Wang Yanli's sore spot.

        Immediately, Wang Yanli's voice lowered a lot and she played it safe.

        "He is the son-in-law of the Bai family, the Bai family owes our family for saving their lives, isn't it right to spend some money on us? Who is he to claim credit?"

        Xu You Rong said loudly in anger, "Didn't you want to beat Lin Fan, then you should pay him back for his medicine! That way you can beat him up if we're both clear."

        Wang Yanli instantly became annoyed and said.

        "I just won't return it, it's not like that medicine was given to me, it's none of my business!"

        Xu Dexiang, who was sitting on the sofa, could not stand up and pointed his finger at his wife.

        "Wang Yanli, are you still a human being, you can even say such things?"