Today I Give Up Trying 1813

 Wang Yanli gritted her teeth and said.

        "Forget it, let's talk about it later! Anyway, it's not a matter of minutes to deal with a soft-earned white boy like Lin Fan, there's no need to rush!"


        At night, Lin Fan dialed a mysterious number in his room.

        In the darkened space, his eyes flickered with a sharp gaze like flames.

        A respectful voice came from the other end of the line.

        "King, may I ask what your orders are?"

        Lin Fan asked, "How is the matter I asked you to plan for going ahead now?"

        "We have just mapped out all the circumstances of the Lin family, whether or not to make a move and in what manner, we still have to ask the king to make a decision."

        The Blood Hell Mad God returned over the phone.

        "Tell me, how much would it cost to wipe out the Lin family."

        Lin Fan asked.

        The other party immediately made a presentation to Lin Fan over the phone.

        The Lin family had assets of over a trillion, owned several subsidiaries, and was involved in many industries such as real estate, manufacturing, entertainment, and catering, and had grown exceptionally strong in recent years, even though they had been badly wounded before, it wasn't too easy to take them down directly and in name only.

        "Hehe, worthy of being the most prestigious business empire in China!"

        Lin Fan laughed.

        "Looks like things are getting more and more interesting!"

        The Blood Hell Mad God on the other end of the phone then said grimly.

        "King, you are the king of the underworld who commands thousands of demons, no one can provoke you. With just one order from you, my subordinates will definitely rack their brains and make them disappear from this world!"

        A wicked smile hung on the corner of Lin Fan's mouth.

        "Then, let's begin!"

        The next day, Lin Fan and Bai Yi were awakened by a fierce argument.

        When the two walked out of their room, they saw Wang Yanli shouting a rebuke in the hotel living room.

        "Bai Shan, I'm telling you, even if you happened to save the old lady's life, you can't get cocky in our Xu family! We don't eat your shit, sweeper! I'll remember you for the rest of my life for causing my family to miss out on a golden son-in-law!"

        Then came the calm and defensive voice of Bai Shan.

        "Cousin, I'm Grandma's nephew, it's my duty as a junior to save her, what's so arrogant about that?"

        "Still pretending to be arrogant? How many good deeds have you spoiled for us by conniving at that punk in your family, and yesterday you let him instigate You Rong to act as a shield for him, injuring Young Master Huo's friends!"

        "That boy Huo Dongying gathered four people to attack me, do I have to be honestly injured or even killed by them for you to be happy? Besides, I didn't ask You Rong to act as any kind of shield."

        Lin Fan sneered as he walked down the stairs, looking coldly at the other party.

        "Rubbish, you've finally come down, even if you spoiled me once, you still want to spoil me a second time, I think you want to make our family You Rong unable to get married! I'll beat you to death, you piece of shit!"

        Wang Yanli shouted and was about to go forward to teach Lin Fan a lesson.

        Immediately afterwards, there was a crunching sound.

        Wang Yanli's face received a heavy slap from Lin Fan.

        "You... You punk, how dare you hit me?"

        Wang Yanli was dumbfounded and looked like she couldn't believe it, this trash who was he to hit himself, he was an elder!

        And the Bai family, they clearly still owed their family for saving their lives!

        Xu You Rong's heart tightened and he was so angry at his mother's bad behaviour that he hurriedly got up and dressed.

        In the living room, Xu Dexiang said angrily.

        "Yanli, what are you doing?! Lin Fan saved mother's life, even if you are not grateful, why do you come here early in the morning to cause trouble, and insult and beat him up, you are so unbecoming!"

        Wang Yanli crossed her waist with one hand and pointed at Xu Dexiang's nose with the other, lecturing him.

        "Shut up, you old fart! I beat him up because he asked for it. He's a loser, and even if he's a loser, he's still ruining our business.