Today I Give Up Trying 1811

 "Hahahaha, how fucking funny, that guy can still pretend, is he here to make up the numbers?"

        "He's just a fancy pillow, he looks good on the outside, but he's just a straw man on the inside."

        "Damn, look at his accomplices, they can't even stand him, they're tripping him up, hahaha!"

        Being laughed at by the crowd, Huo Dongying was furious and annoyed, and raised his leg to kick at Lin Fan.

        The boxer also swung his fist at Lin Fan at the same time.

        The two men were attacking left and right, if it were anyone else, even a real expert would have been hit by at least one of them.

        Lin Fan, however, disappeared with a swish like a phantom.

        Huo Dongying and the boxing expert only felt a blur before their eyes as the target of their attack was instantly out of sight, and the two almost collided with each other.

        The boxing expert cursed, "Damn it, where did that kid run off to?"

        Huo Dongying snapped and noticed that Lin Fan was standing behind the boxer with a smile on his face, so he anxiously warned in a loud voice.

        "You, behind you!"

        Before the words left his mouth, Lin Fan threw a punch that hit the boxer squarely in the temple.

        The tall boxer spun around and fell to the ground with a thud, completely out of action.

        The ground was smashed and a cloud of dust and smoke flew up.

        Behind the dust and smoke, Lin Fan stood like a god of war, hooking his finger at Huo Dongying and smiling coldly.

        "Young Master Huo, it's your turn!"

        Just a flash of blood-red flame flashed in his eyes, sending shivers down the spine of Huo Dongying on the opposite side.

        Huo Dongying could no longer be bothered to pry the corner, bending down to help the boxer up and into the limousine.

        Martial arts master Ma Baoyuan followed suit and got into the sedan.

        Huo Dongying drove the limousine and fled in a huff.

        "Hey, Young Master Huo, are you just going to run away?" Lin Fan stood there and shouted.

        Seeing him fight four people by himself, the many onlookers cast surprised glances.

        Xu You Rong was busy running over, taking Lin Fan's hand and inspecting him up and down.

        "Lin Fan, are you alright, are you injured?"

        Lin Fan smiled and waved his hand, "You think Grand Masters are made of clay, how can they be injured that easily?"

        Xu You Rong looked around at the crowd of eaters still pointing at them, so he whispered to Lin Fan.

        "Lin Fan, why do you need to get angry with an idiot again? Doesn't that tarnish your status as a Grand Master?"

        Lin Fan, on the other hand, gave Xu You Rong a look and laughed, saying.

        "If I don't do this, Huo Dongying will continue to pester you! You can only beat him into fear and submission!"

        At those words!

        Xu You Rong was first stunned, and then a strong feeling of emotion surged in his heart.


        After returning to his villa, Huo Dongying was so angry that he smashed several imported glasses one after another.

        The four invited experts were sitting on the sofa opposite, looking at Huo Dongying with a resentful expression.

        The family's nanny came into the living room with trepidation and cleaned up the broken glass.

        Huo Dongying lifted another glass and was about to slam it on the floor.

        The babysitter warned in a low voice.

        "Young Master Huo, those glasses are very expensive, they were all brought back from Europe by a friend of Madame's, one is worth twenty euros ......"

        If so many cups were broken without stopping them, if the master found out, the nanny would have to be criticized along with him.

        "Damn it, this young master can break them if he wants to!" Huo Dongying cursed, "You're in charge of me as a nanny, I'm going to break it!"

        With that, he raised the glass high in the air, but when he thought he would be scolded by his own old man, he sat down on the sofa with a helpless bum.

        He threw it away and the glass clattered onto the coffee table.

        The nanny hurriedly grabbed it with a few steps and reached out to hold it up.

        Huo Dongying cursed reluctantly, "That Lin Fan is not only a divine doctor, but also so difficult to deal with.

        Ma Baoyuan huffed and blamed the boxer on the side.

        "I just don't get it, we were all hired by Young Master Huo to deal with that punk Lin Fan, how can you take on me?!"