Today I Give Up Trying 181-183

 Chapter 181

Dragon Group!

        It's never ending!

        After hearing the last senior official's words, Zheng Xuechang only felt a darkness before his eyes and almost fainted from shock.

        If the Shanda Group and the other four first-class business powers blocked the Bai Clan, then they would still have a chance of survival.

        However, if it was a giant force like the Tianlong Group, then there was only one outcome that awaited Bai's group.

        It will be annihilated in minutes!

        "How ...... How did this happen? It's obvious that those big bosses are sending orders to our Bai Group. How can they all turn against each other and become enemies?"

        Zheng Xuechang's eyelids jumped wildly, and he couldn't even imagine what had happened.

        It wasn't just him!

        Bai Yi was even more horrified as she covered her small mouth, her beautiful eyes flickering with intense horror and incredulity.

        "How did Lin Fan he ...... know about it?"

        At this moment, Bai Yi kept recalling that on this road, Lin Fan had said more than once that the destruction of the Bai Clan was imminent.

        Originally, in her eyes, Lin Fan's words were simply a joke.

        But now ......

        It happened!

        And in a way that no one could believe, it really and truly pushed the Bai Group to the end of the line.

        That's not all!

        Bai Yi still remembered that Lin Fan had said one more thing.

        That was 'The Bai family will come and kneel and beg you to become president'!

        "This ...... This can't be true too, right? No way, how is this ...... possible!"

        Bai Yi's eyelids jumped more than wildly, and at this moment looked at her husband as if she was looking at a monster, filled with incredulity.

        And just at that moment!


        Only the buzzing of an engine resounded, and then the people saw that from the east side of the road, there was a luxury car, galloping away.

        As many as twenty to thirty cars, forming a luxury convoy.

        In particular, as if there was something urgent about this convoy, every single one of them was driving very fast.

        "It's the Bai family's car!"

        After seeing the twenty or thirty luxury cars, Zheng Xuechang suddenly saw hope and got up from the ground, while shouting to the security guards.

        "What are you waiting for! It's the president, open the door! Quick ......"

        The security guards didn't dare to slow down and quickly opened the door.

        Zheng Xuechang, with a group of top executives, quickly greeted them and went out.


        The sound of brakes suddenly rang out.

        The crowd saw the Bai family's limousine stop at the entrance, the doors opened, and one familiar figure after another walked down from the limousine.

        "The eldest is here! And the president!"

        Zheng Xuechang's heart was overjoyed.

        Not only did he see Bai Hai, the eldest son, but he also saw the new president, Bai Yan, as well as one senior member of the Bai family after another.

        It was as if the core of the Bai family had arrived in full force.

        That was not all.

        When the door of the last limousine opened and an old figure, walking down from the car, Zheng Xuechang and all the top executives, were all energized.

        "It's the old man! My God, I can't believe I've roused the old man!"

        Think about it!

        Zheng Xuechang and the others hurried towards the old man and Bai Hai to meet them.

        "Old Master! Grandpa! President!"

        Zheng Xuechang greeted the three respectfully.


        It was as if the three old men didn't see them at all. They didn't even answer a word, but walked straight past them.

        The three old men didn't even see them, but walked straight past them.

        The smiles on the faces of Zheng Xuechang and others instantly froze.

        That was not all.

        What made him even more unbelievable, happened.

        But he saw that the Bai family executives, who were usually incomparably arrogant and proud, were now running towards Bai Yi like panicked rabbits, one after another with white faces.

        Until they ran in front of Lin Fan!



        One by one, they kneeled down.

Chapter 182

"Lin Fan, please, please save the Bai family!"

        When this one top-level voice rang out in despair and despair!


        Zheng Xuechang and the others, as well as the onlookers, including even Bai Yi, all had their eyes almost dropped in shock.


        Zheng Xuechang and the others could hardly believe their eyes.

        They all knew that in normal days, these Bai family executives were all above the law and looked down on everyone, and the one they looked down on the most was Lin Fan.

        But now ......

        They, the powerful bigwigs, are actually kneeling and begging to Lin Fan, the door-to-door son-in-law, how is this ...... possible!


        Let Lin Fan save the Bai family?

        This is even more like the Arabian Nights.

        Under Zheng Xuechang's incredulous gaze, he even saw the eldest Bai Hai and the president Bai Yan, one on the left and one on the right, supporting the old master, also walked in front of Lin Fan.

        "Lin Fan, we may have been wrong before, but this time, you must help the Bai family!" The face of Bai Hai, the eldest son, also had a strong pleading meaning.

        As for Bai Yan, even though she hated Lin Fan in her heart, she couldn't care less now that the Bai family's life and death were at stake.

        "Lin Fan, if only you can save the Bai family! Then, the grudge between you and our family will be wiped out, and I, Bai Yan, promise that I will never bother you again!"

        Wow ......

        Zheng Xuechang and the others could not imagine that even the eldest son, Bai Hai, and the president, Bai Yan, were asking for Lin Fan.


        As if struck by lightning, Zheng Xuechang was completely dumbfounded.

        In particular, when he saw the old master's shifty face and hesitated for a moment before opening his mouth, he was completely scared out of his wits.

        "Lin Fan, no matter what, you also belong to the Bai family, my old man hopes that you can step in and persuade Xu Tianlong and Yang Jinshui and others to revoke their blockade of our Bai family!"


        The old man's words made Bai Yi, Zheng Xuechang and others not believe their ears.

        Lin Fan was able to persuade big shots like Xu Tianlong and Yang Jinshui?

        How is this ...... possible?

        How could a person like Xu Tianlong be accessible to an insect like Lin Fan?

        Yang Jinshui, on the other hand, has a grudge against Lin Fan for the destruction of his son!

        This was even more unbelievable.

        Bai Yi looked at Lin Fan dumbfoundedly. At this moment, in her eyes, her husband seemed more and more mysterious.

        He could predict the crisis of the Bai family, and was more able to predict that the Bai family would ask for help?

        This is simply something only a god could do.


        At this moment, Lin Fan did not admit or deny, instead, his eyes swept coldly over every Bai family member before he said.

        "I'm sorry, but I think you're asking the wrong person!"

        Wrong person?

        This sentence caused everyone in the Bai family to be slightly stunned.

        And when they saw Bai Yi beside Lin Fan, many Bai family executives instantly understood what Lin Fan meant.


        The senior members of the Bai family actually turned around and knelt down in front of Bai Yi, begging.

        "Baijia, it was my fault as an elder before! You are the right person for the CEO! I beg you, please continue to be the president of our group!"

        "Yes Baiy, we are family, and as long as you are willing to continue as president, we will listen to anything you say from now on!"


        The eyes of many executives, looking at Bai Yi, were filled with pleading.


        Before Bai Yi could reply in panic, Lin Feng's eyes were cold.

        "Looks like you guys still don't have a long memory!"

        "I told you that when you next beg for my wife, I want all of you, except the old man, to be on your knees at ......!"

Chapter 183

Everyone ...... will be on their knees!

        Lin Fan's words are overbearing and arrogant!

        And after hearing that!

        The faces of the old master, the eldest Bai Hai, and the president Bai Yan were instantly hard to see, and their minds could not help but recall Lin Fan's words as he left the Bai family.

        The next time you beg for my wife, I want you all ...... on your knees!''

        At that time, almost everyone thought that Lin Fan's words were idiotic and foolish.

        But who would have thought that, in just an hour, his words would come true?

        Could it be ...... that he had anticipated everything?

        Think of the possibilities!

        Whether it was the old master, or every Bai family member around, they all had a thoughtful and frightening feeling.

        If Lin Fan had expected this from the very beginning, then this kind of mind, this kind of tactic, simply reached an extremely frightening level.

        "Master, for the sake of the family, for all of us, you should also kneel down quickly!"

        "Bai Yan, what are you waiting for! Didn't you hear what Lin Fan said?"

        "Get down on your knees, it was all your stupid idea! Otherwise, how could we have ended up in this situation!"


        At this moment, seeing that Bai Hai and Bai Yan were still confused, the surrounding Bai family executives, all of them spoke up.

        Or complained!

        Or persuasion!

        But every one of them meant for Bai Hai and Bai Yan to kneel down and plead with Bai Yi.

        Hearing these words, Bai Hai and Bai Yan's faces were so gloomy that they almost dripped water.

        They had never dreamed.

        One day, they would be folded in the hands of this little son-in-law.

        "Alas ...... Boss, Bai Yan! You guys do what Lin Fan says!" The old man's face was full of complications.

        And when they heard him speak, there was nothing they could do.

        Even Bai Hai and Bai Yan, who were so reluctant, could do nothing about it.



        The two could only kneel in front of Baek and plead.

        "Bai Yi, before it was uncle's eyes but no pearls, now uncle knows that he was wrong and begs you to take the position of president of our Bai Group! Please!"

        "Cousin, I was wrong, I'm not capable of being president, the position is still yours, please say yes!"


        At this moment, Zheng Xuechang only felt his heart thumping wildly, almost reaching his throat.

        There were dozens of people, all Bai Clan executives, all kneeling and pleading.

        This kind of scene was the first time he had ever seen in his life.

        "I'm ...... I'm fucking done ......"

        What makes Zheng Xuechang even more remorseful is that he had humiliated Bai Yi and completely torn his face, and he had fully anticipated his pathetic end.

        "Uncle! Bai Yan! And uncles, you ...... have to get up! I can't afford it!"

        Bai Yi panicked at this moment.

        After all, many of those kneeling in front of her were her elders, so how could she bear it.


        Even if she tried to persuade them, Bai Hai and the others would kneel down one by one.

        In this scene, Bai Yi could only say with a hard scalp.

        "Yes! I promise you, get up now!"


        Hoo ......

        Hearing this, Bai Hai and all the others were relieved, but they still didn't stand up, instead, they all looked at Lin Fan.

        They had done what they needed to do, so they wanted to know how Lin Fan was going to persuade Xu Tianlong and the other big shots.

        "Don't worry! As long as you keep Baek as president, you will be in the media! Then those people of Xu Tianlong will naturally know what they should do!"

        Lin Fan's words were plain and indifferent.

        Everyone was stunned when they heard these words.

        Is ...... that simple?

        In the heart of every Bai family member, although it still felt unbelievable, they could only harden their hearts and trust Lin Fan.


        Right at this moment, Lin Fan's eyes turned to look at Zheng Xuechang and the others.

        Lin Fan's eyes turned to look at Zheng Xuechang and the others, and the corner of his mouth showed a wry curvature.

        "But before we can solve the crisis in the White House, we need to take care of some wolves first!"


        This sentence, like a thunderbolt, struck the hearts of Zheng Xuechang and those executives, causing them to instantly turn pale and fall to the ground.

        It's over!

        They're totally screwed!