Today I Give Up Trying 1809

 Huo Dongying also arrogantly yelled, "Don't worry, You Rong, I'll get rid of this punk Lin Fan today, and I'll be by your side wholeheartedly from now on."

        The four brawny men in his limousine were not vegetarians, and should be more than enough to deal with Lin Fan, a Langzhong.

        Xu You Rong was so nervous that he tugged hard on Lin Fan's arm, trying to get him out of the place.

        As he tugged, Xu You Rong said, "Lin Fan, let's go, let's not fight here, let's go back upstairs and see how grandma is doing."

        "Grandma is fine now, why don't you go upstairs first, I'll go up after I finish here." Lin Fan smiled and said back.

        It just didn't matter how much force the woman used, Lin Fan stood there steadily motionless.

        From Huo Dongying's point of view, Xu You Rong's hands were clasped around Lin Fan's arms, and her whole body was pressed against Lin Fan's.

        The exquisite curves of her body, which fitted perfectly with Lin Fan, made Huo Dongying become more and more indignant.

        He pointed his finger at Lin Fan and cursed, "Lin Fan, you soul! If you're a man, come over here!"

        At that moment, hearing the sound of the argument, several residents gathered nearby to watch.

        An older man then asked the middle-aged woman beside him.

        "What's going on here? Is it a youngster's fight?"

        The middle-aged woman whispered, "Brother, it doesn't look like jealousy, it looks like they are here to pick a corner.

        "That poor man is afraid he's finished, he definitely won't be able to keep such a beautiful wife."

        Not only a few of them were talking nearby, there were also numerous neighbours watching and talking in the distance.

        Only in the next instant, Lin Fan took a direct step and strutted towards Huo Dongying.

        Once he saw that he had enraged Lin Fan, Huo Dongying immediately retreated to his car, stood to the side of the door and flicked the window glass with his finger.

        "Brothers, come out to work!"

        As soon as the door of the car opened, four big men emerged from the car.

        The four big men were stout and had vicious eyes, and they were all kung fu masters at first glance.

        They were the ones that Huo Dongying had specially spent a lot of money to hire from the martial arts school to help out, among them were two sparring masters, one martial arts master, and another boxing master.

        "Hehe," said Lin Fan with a sneer, "It seems that Young Master Huo has prepared for this, and invited four helpers over, it's not like you're going to fight me, but rather like you're going to give me a group fight."

        He knew this guy wouldn't be that honest, so he started playing dirty tricks!

        Huo Dongying glanced at Lin Fan with contempt.

        "Lin Fan, do you trash think this young master is stupid? It would be beneath my status as the group's young proprietor for me to fight you."

        Xu You Rong, who was standing at the back watching, in turn breathed a sigh of relief, it looked like Huo Dongying's life would not be in danger if he did not get directly involved.

        Don't look at the four big men, but in front of Lin Fan, they were just like ants, they could just be killed.

        When the neighbours nearby saw this, they hastened to hide in the distance.

        They were afraid that if they fought, they would be hurt by mistake.

        The chubby middle-aged woman said, "Tsk, they have brought helpers with them.

        The man sighed again, "Alas, his wife has been cuckolded, and then he has a rich young man who has brought someone to pry him out of the corner, this young man is really unlucky."

        The rest of the onlookers were also talking from afar.

        "Look, it's good to be rich. The rich kid came to steal the young man's daughter-in-law, and he didn't even have to do it himself, someone else did it for him."

        "I think that young man is going to get beaten up today, how can he fight against someone without money or power?"

        "Oh, I think that rich boy is quite handsome, if I were a few years younger, I would have chased him."

        "Come on, he's a rich guy, he can look at someone like you, look how beautiful that woman is, we can't catch up with her beauty."