Today I Give Up Trying 1808

 Xu You Rong burst into a cold sweat and hurriedly explained what had happened to Bai Yi.

        Within a short time, Lin Fan walked out of the door of the building and towards Huo Dongying.

        Following behind Lin Fan was a flustered Xu Yourong.

        As he walked, Xu You Rong advised, "Lin Fan, don't be impulsive, I won't contact him again, don't be impulsive!"

        Although Xu You Rong had not seen the end of the incident last night, she had already learned from the rumours that Li Yinsheng, who had almost ruined her, had evaporated into thin air.

        Without much thought, Xu You Rong could probably guess that it was Lin Fan who had done it.

        She was not fearing for Lin Fan's life, she was fearing for Huo Dongying.

        With an iron face, Lin Fan walked to stand in front of Huo Dongying.

        "Huo Dongying, I'm coming down, tell me, how do you want to break it up? I'll play along with whatever you want."

        Joking aside, would he, the Demon Emperor, have the slightest bit of cowardice in front of a dude like Huo Dongying?

        The moment Huo Dongying saw Lin Fan, he was completely paralyzed with fear.

        Wasn't this the fucking divine Doctor Lin?

        Could it be that he was the one who had just spoken to him?

        Damn it, he hadn't broken up with Xu You Rong? Then why did Wang Yanli call him, was she trying to trap him?

        "You, you didn't break up with Xu You Rong?"

        Huo Dongying asked with extreme unease, about to pee in fear at this time.

        "Do you need to care?"

        Lin Fan sneered.

        "You... Don't go too far, I know you have a wife here, so you still dare to fool around outside, how dare you, do you still want to be shameless, do you believe I'll tell your wife?"

        Huo Dongying was extremely nervous and took two steps back.

        "How dare you! If you have the guts, then fight me for real, don't play those tricks!"

        Lin Fan laughed badly, seemingly intending to tease this idiot.

        When he heard this, Xu You Rong rolled his eyes, "Don't play tricks? You're a Grand Master, bullying an ordinary person, you're the one with the most fancy intent, right?

        Wang Yanli glanced at Xu Yourong and straightened her back, pretending to be tough and saying.

        "Yes, but if you can, you don't retaliate against me afterwards!"

        Lin Fan nodded.

        "No problem, the person who loses today leaves Xu You Rong and is not allowed to harass her forever!"

        "Lin Fan, can't you really see that there's still some backbone. Today, do you want to act like a man in front of Xu You Rong? That's fine, I promise you!"

        Huo Dongying sneered, as long as Lin Fan didn't retaliate against him, then everything was fine.

        "Oh, Huo Dongying, does a hot-blooded young man like me still need to pretend?" Lin Fan shot back, "If I'm not even considered a man, a dude like you can't even mention the word man."

        "Damn it, this young master would like to see how much hot blood you have in this punk!" Huo Dongying cursed through clenched teeth.

        Xu You Rong hurriedly stood in front of Lin Fan and said helplessly.

        "Huo Dongying, Lin Fan is not very good-tempered these days, so you'd better go back first, don't make a nuisance of yourself."

        Her original intention was to persuade Huo Dongying to calm down and not really fight with Lin Fan.

        But what she didn't expect was that it was fine if she didn't persuade him, but when she did, it made Huo Dongying even more jealous and almost burst into flames on the spot.

        Huo Dongying used as many tricks and spent as much money as he could before he gradually approached Xu You Rong's side.

        He was about to get his hands on her, but then Xu You Rong acted as a shield for Lin Fan in front of him.

        Huo Dongying pointed his finger at Lin Fan and scolded, "Lin Fan, you punk, what kind of man are you if you let a woman stand in the way?"

        Asking for trouble?

        Lin Fan was only good at medicine, he might not be a match for himself in a fight.

        After all, he was a black belt in karate!

        Lin Fan tugged Xu You Rong aside with his hand and smiled as he advised.

        "It's alright, You Rong. This is a matter between us men, you, a woman, should not get involved here."